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Tommy had a Merry Christmas

by Yasir Hayat

Christmas time is finally here, and Tommy will make it the most merry he has had. Christmas is a time for the family, lets join Tommy as he celebrates Christmas with his family and loved ones. Tommy sees the world in a unique, follow Tommy as he learns lessons in this world.

HOLIDAY Ultimate Collection: 400+ Christmas Novels, Stories, Poems, Carols & Legends (Illustrated Edition): The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Carol, Silent … Little Women, The Tale of Peter Rabbitâ?¦

by Louis Stevenson

This meticulously edited and unique Christmas collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:
The Gift of the Magi (O. Henry)
The Holy Night (Selma Lagerlöf)
A Merry Christmas & Other Christmas Stories (Louisa May Alcott)
A Letter from Santa Claus (Mark Twain)
Silent Night
The Night After Christmas
The Child Born at Bethlehem
The Adoration of the Shepherds
The Visit of the Wise Men
As Joseph Was A-Walking
The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter)
Where Love Is, God Is (Leo Tolstoy)
The Three Kings (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
A Christmas Carol (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (L. Frank Baum)
Christmas At Sea (Robert Louis Stevenson)
The Savior Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman (Emily Dickinson)
The Heavenly Christmas Tree (Fyodor Dostoevsky)
The Little City of Hope (F. Marion Crawford)
The First Christmas Of New England (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
Christmas in the Olden Time (Walter Scott)
Christmas In India (Rudyard Kipling)
A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Wonderful Wizard of OZ (L. Frank Baum)
Ring Out, Wild Bells (Alfred Lord Tennyson)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hodgson Burnett)
Black Beauty (Anna Sewell)
The Christmas Child (Hesba Stretton)
Granny’s Wonderful Chair (Frances Browne)
The Romance of a Christmas Card (Kate Douglas Wiggin)
Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame)
The Wonderful Life – Story of the life and death of our Lord (Hesba Stretton)
The Christmas Angel (A. Brown)
Christmas at Thompson Hall (Anthony Trollope)
Christmas Every Day (William Dean Howells)
The Lost Word (Henry van Dyke)
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (E. T. A. Hoffmann)
The Little Match Girl
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Mother Holle
The Star Talers

Riverboat: A Very Special Ant (Riverboat Series Picture Books Book 3)

by Ingo Blum

Be Special. Be Yourself.

Titus the badger, Finn the falcon, and Shylow the fox are as different as three friends can be. But they all share the same love of sailing. One day they are dumbfounded when they stop their boat for a picnic – and their food appears to walk away on its own!

The problem is solved as they realize that the culprits are tiny ants, and after some royal interference by the queen of the ants a compromise is reached. However, Wendy, one of the ants, is unhappy with her ant-like existence and wants to be different. Everything seems boring to her. Then Finn has an idea. However, he does not know what the outcome will be.

Discover what happens when Wendy valiantly tries to assert her individuality.

A Very Special Ant is a children’s picture book beautifully illustrated by Tanya Maneki. If you and your children like courageous animals, funny encounters, and “special” creativity, then you’ll both love this charming story.

Buy A Very Special Ant to set sail for another fun-filled tale of friendship, creativity and adventure today!

Also available as coloring book and in bilingual English-German.

Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Honeybee A Love Story at the End of Time : Second Revised Edition

by Pauline Schneider

This is the Second Revised Edition of Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Honeybee: A Love Story at the End of Time. A much improved version.
It tells the story of a ladybug and a honeybee who find each other after losing their entire families to the poisonous fogs the humans are spraying. The unlikely duo pursues a safe haven from the poisonous fog and are aided by lightning bugs, a mysterious dragonfly, and even cockroaches along the adventure of a lifetime. They encounter doubting ticks, denying termites, and a slug desperately resigned to his fate along their way, but they never give up in their seemingly hopeless quest.

The Eternal Peach: Children’s books | Kids books | Kids Stories | Kids Kindle Books | kids Learning Books | Kids books | kindle kids books free | kids kindle books free | Moral Stories

by Kristy Sabic

The Eternal Peach is a magical tale of a girl named Ali May who has a true heart for giving.

Stowaway Adventures: Sea Stars in Seattle

by Amily Grayson

Stowaway Sea Stars exploring the world on ocean going ships until one day they happen upon a float plane that lifts them into the air and they discover a whole new world out of the sea to explore. Making in onto the side of a family car they embark on a voyage of discovery that takes them where now other sea star has traveled.


by Haya Evelyne Berkowitz

– Ouille ! J’ai des sangsues qui montent sur ma tête. On est foutu. Guidoooo !- Sois courageux, me crie Guido, le secours va bientôt arriver.- Qu’est-ce qu’on aura gagné. On a même pas rencontré Satona.Un serpent à trois têtes saute sur Guido. Il hurle de peur. Moi je suis complètement en choc. C’est à peine si j’y vois. Je souffre déjà tant avec ces sangsues.- Je ne peux plus respirer, j’étouffe, au secours ! crie Guido.Je vois Guido perdre sa respiration. Mon sang n’a fait qu’un tour. Je dois le sauver. J’essaye de dégager le serpent en le prenant en main au milieu de son corps pour ne pas me faire piquer. Il est vraiment collé à ses cheveux comme une chauve-souris. Je tire, je tire, mais le serpent reste collé. On dirait un morceau de caoutchouc, scellé sur sa tête.Et tout d’un coup on entend un rire de malade mental qui fait échos dans tout le tunnel et dans notre trou.- Ah ! Vous pensiez ne pas avoir encore rencontré Satona, eh bien, vous vous trompiez ! J’étais avec vous depuis votre rentrée dans mon tunnel. Ne croyez pas que vous vous en sortirez vivants. Vous êtes perdus !

Terminus II (Control): A Terminus Series Novel

by Stephen Donald Huff

After the apocalyptic Terminus Signal induces worldwide slaughter, a death-weary band of survivors attempts to rebuild their ravaged civilization amid an alien wilderness that overflows with bizarre savagery. Although copious quantities of drugs and alcohol disappear inside the Village each night, these tormented holdouts struggle with unquiet consciences that are hopelessly infected by endless black thoughts. For, having survived the ultimate act of genocidal self-destruction, each one of them bear their memories and scars – and the guilt of countless wicked, homicidal crimes – with the dull patience of penitent felons facing inevitable gallows.

Enter Deacon, an exotically handsome desert scavenger and harbinger of bloody doom. Like a sable crow alighting atop a decayed carcass, this rover appears in the Village during late fall with strange tales of enslaved children, alien invasions, and disturbing rumors of new aberrations now freshly emerging from the California desert. Though he resists Deacon’s enticement, the Scientist cannot bear to separate from the Girl, who has righteously determined to accompany this empathetic newcomer on his suicidal journey to the vast saltpan of Badwater Basin. During their struggle to survive this latest attempt at redeeming human civilization, these hapless human beings will uncover many unsettling truths about the past, present and future of their species. Most startling of all, they will discover why their thoughts are not their own when influenced by the piper’s song of yet another broadcast Terminus Signal.



Table of Contents :

The Bobbsey Twins
The Bobbsey Twins in the Country
The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore
The Bobbsey Twins at School
The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat
The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook
The Bobbsey Twins at Home
The Bobbsey Twins in a Great City
The Bobbsey Twins in Washington
The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West
The Moving Picture Girls
The Story of a Stuffed Elephant
The Story of a Nodding Donkey
Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford’s

Más allá del tiempo (Spanish Edition)

by Manuel Tristante

Dicen que el tiempo cambia las cosas, pero, a veces, en realidad, somos nosotros mismos los que debemos cambiarlas. Desde tiempos inmemoriales, los Erbani han viajado por el mundo bajo una gran responsabilidad, ayudándonos a ver las cosas de forma distinta. Arthas, la maestra relojera, ha terminado el último Megidonómetro del Tiempo y Azim, su Guardián, será el encargado de llevarlo hasta Gary.El tiempo no puede borrar sus problemas mágicamente, pero Gary sabe que sí puede utilizarlo a su favor. En Hy Tairngire, la isla prometida, encontrará la amistad de Tim y descubrirá todo cuanto necesite para lograrlo.

Irish Fairy Tales (Feathers Classics)

by James Stephens

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

The lore of ancient Ireland comes to life in this collection of classic folk tales retold for modern readers.


Together with my family

by Vayla Laylatov

“Together With My Family” tells a story about different types of families, especially non-traditional families. This book also contains 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac which are useful for children to learn about the Chinese New Year.

The Christmas Toy Box

by Lorayne Miller

This is a story about a Victorian toy box that fills itself up with toys on Christmas Eve.

El mago y el aprendiz (Spanish Edition)

by Leonardo Enrique Santacana Rivero

¿Existe la magia? ¿Dónde termina la fantasía y comienza la realidad? Son preguntas que Cristian nunca pensó hasta el día del cumpleaños de su pequeño hermano Carlitos, cuando se topo con el gran mago Tony. Un ser que se ganaba la vida haciendo trucos de magia en fiestas infantiles ¿O realmente no eran trucos?

El mago y el aprendiz es una historia en donde cualquiera podría ser el héroe o el villano. Dependerá del punto de vista de cada quien y de lo que puedan sacrificar, porque después de todo ¿Qué serias capaz de arriesgar para proteger lo que más amas? Y si el costo fuera tu propia vida ¿Aún así lo harías? Este tipo de preguntas y decisiones son las que personajes como Cristian, Sujin(El mago Tony), Sanx Sa, Tania y muchos otros personajes se harán durante toda la historia, cuando cada uno de ellos deba arriesgarse para lograr lo que considera correcto, aunque no siempre lo correcto es lo bueno, y a veces, no eres tu el que toma la decisión sino que el universo la toma por ti.

Un relato lleno de fantasía, magia, paisajes y seres extraordinarios, rodean la intrigante búsqueda de un artefacto con el poder de cambiar todo lo que conocemos hasta ahora. Hay que darse prisa pues hay seres malignos que también lo buscan y ellos no dudaran en usarlo para lograr sus propósitos.

Tinsel’s First Christmas

by Deanna Sharelle Terry

Start a fun and meaningful Christmas tradition with your family by learning about the symbols of Christmas with the adorable kitten, Tinsel! Using this beautifully illustrated book and your own ornaments at home, your kids will have a blast finding out what each symbol represents in a way they will never forget. Tinsel’s First Christmas is sure to be a hit with your family for years!

The Moana Drawing Book for Kids: Learn How to Draw Characters from Moana with the Easy and Fun Step-by-Step Guide

by Raphael Marino

Children do not become artists overnight. There are a number of different things which help them improve their drawing skills. Without practice, they will not improve. Without dedication, their technique will not develop. And without a simple, step-by-step guide like this one, which is designed to make drawing fun, they will not be passionate.

One important thing to remember is that no child will create perfect sketches. When we are younger, it is in our nature to be messy and to experiment as we learn. This means that as a parent or guardian, teaching your children to draw requires a lot of patience.

It is likely that your children will want to produce quality drawings straight away and may become frustrated when they cannot do this as well as you can. This is why having a guide such as this one is so important. It teaches kids that learning to draw does not happen at once – much like drawing itself, it is a gradual build up to a final result.

Therefore, the instructions in this book will not only teach children important skills and techniques – it will allow them to have fun whilst they learn, so much so that they will improve without really noticing that they are practicing!

Christmas Stories

by Charles Dickens

This book, newly updated, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!
This book contains the complete novels of Charles Dickens in the chronological order of their original publication.

– A Christmas Carol
– The Chimes – The Cricket on the Hearth
– The Battle of Life
– The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain The Christmas Stories:
– A Christmas Tree
– What Christmas is as we Grow Older
– The Poor Relation’s Story
– The Child’s Story
– The Schoolboy’s Story
– Nobody’s Story
– The Seven Poor Travellers
– The Holly-Tree
– Wreck of the Golden Mary
– The Perils of Certain English Prisoners
– Going into Society
– A Message From the Sea
– Tom Tiddler’s Ground
– Somebody’s Luggage
– Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings
– Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy
– Doctor Marigold
– Mugby Junction
– No Thoroughfare

Astraethea (Book #1) (The Astraethean Saga)

by Skye Yvonne

A Warrior in love with her Queen.

A Queen who would die for her love.

After an interstellar war that lasted for over a century, the Astraethean Galaxy is in ruins. Their Queen, nineteen-year-old Selene Fae, has been left to pick up the pieces. Her parents had ended the bloodshed, but with their deaths came the shattering of their universal alliance, the only thing preventing another war.

Calysta Riyara is a rebel who doesn’t follow protocol, consequences be damned. A legendary warrior from Siatera, all Caly wants is to be free. But with her father grooming her to take his place as the Commander of her homeworld’s army, freedom is not within her reach. Her only taste of a life without war comes from visiting her Queen.

When a new enemy threatens to invade their galaxy, Caly and Selene soon find themselves on the same side of a new war.

The Humans of Earth will fight for a place to call home. After 200 years on a spaceship, they’ve set their sights on Astraethea.

Christmas Trees

by Lorayne Miller

This is a picture book for beginning readers. The spirit of Christmas is seen in each page. This book will put a smile on your face.

A Reversible Santa Claus (Feathers Classics)

by Meredith Nicholson

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

A humorous and exciting story of a burglar who reformed on Christmas Eve and returned the things he had stolen, told in Mr. Nicholson’s best vein.

The Christmas Tree

by Kathy Donaghy

No tree on Christmas Eve
then a miracle happens

The Best Present I Ever Had

by William F. Polden Sr.

This is a Christmas Family Story. Good clean read. Character’s include:
Brenda Sue And her loving family, Pegasus, Santa Clause, one of Santa’s elf’s, and Tommy, who just once wants normal.
One pure hearted girl has been choosen to deliver 5 late presents for Santa. It is up to Pegasus to aquire her mothers permisson, fly her to the North Pole as well as fly her around the globe to deliver them all and get her home safely. All goes well as she get’s to meet Santa and he teaches her how to ‘wish’ the presents into each home as the journey soon takes to the sky. At the last house, she spies the crippled child she to wish a bike with no training wheels too. She decides to keep his present and give him the wish he deserves instead, wishing his legs to grow straight. What happened? Read and enjoy the ride.

Earth A Changing Ecology: Pollution and Population

by Miracle Emmanuel

Product Description

The book ” Earth a changing ecology” helps us know that since our emergence as a species, the only home mankind has known is earth. We have transformed this abode from a place in which we were mere parricipants to one that we now overrun, abuse, and, to some extent, control. We live every where. We distort geographic features, change weather patterns, and leave our mark across the entire planet.
In the past, this dominance has been a sign of strength, a symbol of expanding human capability. Now, however, it has become a curse. We must finally begin to restrain ourselves or else face the consequences of an uninhabitable planet, one doomed through man’s relentless exploitation of nature’s most valuable resources. Over the next few decades, we will have to confront the damage we have wrought over several centuries. The question remains whether or not we can correct our past mistakes, or at least slow the pace of destruction.

Inside the book

The book gives a clear anwsers to question like; The essential difference between the traditional model of population growth as an economic stimulus and the traditional biological model of population growth as a threat to regional and/or global carrying capacities.
How environmental deterioration and over-population are related. Does the decrease in the ability of the environment to produce food naturally result in a decrease in the rate of population growth? Why or why not?
Why some social scientists believe that carrying capacity is an inadequate concept for the understanding of human population growth. Are there relationships between development or population control plans based on the carrying capacity and the relative inadequacy of those plans.
And so on……


This book is a sobering look at what can happen, and one wonders how future volumes of this book will present the world? The book gives a blueprint of past and present, as we anticipate the future. (Sharon)
Earth a changing ecology is an engaging coffee table book that could easily be updated every five or 10 years with new photos comparing the drastic and dramatic changes our planet continues to experience. (Christina Magazine)
Earth a changing ecology is an interesting and often beautiful look at our planet, warts and all. Recommended for all residents of said planet. (David Norse Jnr)
This book is an eye-opener for detractors of pollution and population. It is definitely a book that environmentalists lobbying our federal and provincial governments may want to purchase and present to their favorite politicians with the appropriate dedication inscribed on the inside cover. (Allison)
It will absorb and surprise you in unexpected ways..a thought-provoking view of human kind’s best achievements and worst mistakes. (Sunset Magazine)

The Snake Who Wanted to Be a Horse: A Children’s Picture Book on Goal Setting and Perseverance (Wantstobe)

by Valerie Harmon

#1 Best Seller in TWO Categories and rated 4.6 STARS!
Snake has a tender belly that hurts when he crawls. He asks Horse how to become a horse, thinking it will solve his problems. On Horse’s advice, Snake attempts to eat grass, neigh and “walk,” and he pushes through this suffering even when friends make fun of him. This is not a typical “Be content with who you are” book, but rather “Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more.” Which is why in the end (don’t spoil the surprise for your child!) Snake turns into a SNORSE! A metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things.

Add to your cart and teach children about goal setting and overcoming obstacles, while laughing at the imaginative ending! Winner of a 2015 Family Choice Award, the animated enhanced version is available now.

More Wantstobe Books:
The Elephant Who Wanted to Be a Bee
The Alligator Who Wanted to Be a Dog
The Peacock Who Wanted to Be a Pig
The Chipmunk Who Wanted to Be a Bear
The T-Rex Who Wanted to Be a Long Neck
The Crab Who Wanted to Be a Dolphin
The Leopard Who Wanted to Be a Monkey
The Hare Who Wanted to Be a Falcon
The Spider Who Wanted to Be a Cricket

New Word A Day For Kids: Computer Terms (Vocabulary Cartoons Book 1)

by Elliot Carruthers

Improve your computer vocabulary with a word a day! 365 words in a calendar format help you to learn one new word a day. Phonetic and simple explanations help you to use the words in daily conversation. Enjoyable and entertaining!

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