Free science fiction Kindle books for 07 Dec 18

Across the Border: A Short Story

by Sahil Lavingia

There are some borders technology cannot help us cross. This is a story about the distances technology fails to bridge.

“Matthew lifted his foot off the gas pedal, inching the car forward. The re-entry point was only a few hundred feet away, but at this pace it would take upwards of an hour. Past the border it was just another five hours until he would be home and asleep in his own bed.

But for now, Matthew was an uncomfortable combination of tired and restless. His car’s self-driving functionality would be disabled until he crossed the border, so he couldn’t take a nap or disappear into a vid. He was also out of signal range, and sick of every song saved locally. So he waited in silence, crawling forward, just a few dozen cars to go.

Your connection has been restored, his car spoke to him, while text flashed on the windshield to accompany it. Please verify your identity.

Matthew hesitated…”

Inferno 2033: Book One: God of Fire

by Michael Compton

In God of Fire, Book One of the Inferno 2033 saga, a fascist shadow organization takes over the United States government, imprisoning all enemies in giant penitentiary ships far out to sea. The most notorious of these ships is Inferno, where disgraced former Special Forces operative Sands Simon vows to bring down the man who put him there–and maybe save the world from nuclear war.

Baston: Alien Menage Romance (The Adna Planet Series Book 1)

by Amelia Wilson

How do you survive on a dangerous and unfamiliar planet? Any way you can.

After being taken by a slave owning race on the planet Sarta, Sca, Baston, and Cherie find themselves out of fuel on an alien planet after escaping with their lives. Both men are attracted to the mysterious and strong-willed Cherie and danger is everywhere.

Their attraction is sped up thanks to some pheromone driven plants and the three find a passion for each other they didn’t know before.

Will they be able to find fuel and save themselves or will they be forced to make a new life marooned on a new planet with love the only thing to keep them warm?

NOTE: Book name got changed. Eairlier it was named as “Alien Love for Cherie”

Lucifer’s Pocket

by Brett Ashton

Every major decision that affects the lives of the people of the world is being made by someone. It’s not us. Lucifer’s Art is Deceptionâ?¦

It’s New Years Eve in Times Square when Alex Marshall suddenly finds himself alone. He’s the only one of millions gathered there who is moving until he is found by the Underground Society. In the next couple of hours he discovers that the world he thought he was living in is a deception designed to take advantage of the people of earth. Controlled through implants by a group of seriously demented LORDs the population is held in unknowing servitude where wars are fought for the purpose of entertainment and population control.

Alex, a history professor, discovers that another world war is soon approaching. Working with his friends; Steve Jenson, a former Navy Seal; Neil Murray, a computer hacker and Melissa Kimble, an electronics engineer, he fights against time to discover the true nature of the LORDs who rule the world and prevent the deaths of another billion peopleâ??including themselves.

“They’re the true embodiment of evil itselfâ??as vicious and obvious as hydras if they have a knife in your back, as desperate and pathetically cowardly when they’re cornered, and as friendly as anybody you would ever meet face to face, when they think you have power over them. Many of them are very intelligent and exceedingly clever and cunning in their own fashion. They’re masterful liars, totally without peer or conscience. They’re completely ruthless when it comes to executing their designs, as well as incredibly patient and intelligent in waiting for and recognizing the right time to make their strike.”

Everything Must End: Killing the Dead book 6

by Richard Murray

Cast out from the group Ryan finds himself facing a lonely and short life amongst the undead that are ravaging the land.

With winter storms, undead hordes and the loss of Lily and his friends, all he has left are his plans for vengeance against his enemies while keeping his friends safe. Whatever else happens, the end is fast approaching and as he knows, everything must end.

This is the final book in the Killing the Dead series and contains violence and occasional strong language.

Family Matters: Season 2 Book 3 (Killing the Dead 9)

by Richard Murray

Lily is wounded and close to death. Ryan, in a desperate attempt to get the medicine she needs, will risk everything to rush north and enter the university town of Dumfries.

Family reunions, new friends and enemies along with the growing threat of the evolving undead will make for a stressful time as the group face their toughest challenge yet. One which may prove too much even for them.

Hunter (Alien Breed 2 – English Edition)

by Melody Adams

The Alien Breeds would like to govern themselves. When the daughter of the president gets kidnapped and President Jackson ask Hunter for help, he sees a chance to get the president on board for their independence.

Hunter’s Mission is to find the daughter of the president and bring her home safely. Hunter has his name not without reason. Finding and freeing Pearl is not a difficulty, but to keep his hands of the beautiful woman is a much harder task. Especially since Peal tries everything to seduce him. But he can’t give in to his desire. He is to wild and the chances to hurt the human female are just too big.

Pearl is glad when the tall Alien Breed comes to her rescue, but she is not in a hurry to get back to her controlling father. Hunter is the kind of man she could fall for. Only the damn man stubbornly resists her. But Pearl is used to get what she wants, and the sexy Alien Breed is exactly what she wants.

March of the Dead (Killing the Dead Book 11)

by Richard Murray

Ryan, having broken the one promise he’d made to Lily, has left the group. As they continue north in search of the Royal Navy’s safe zone, he heads in the opposite direction, back towards England.

With just Georgia for company and nothing holding him back, he faces the struggle to return to the serial killer he had once been. Hampered by his recent losses and the ever present undead, thing’s don’t quite go his way.



Somewhere deep in the dark corners of nothingness, there is an enclave. A small, yet infinite expanse in one’s awareness, where very few have dared venture and even less have returned.
The inhabitants are, on the whole, indifferent to us. They have no interest in the everyday humdrum we know as â??life.’ In fact, our world is so lacking in meaning, due to its youth – hence, being formed on limited imagination – they regard it as â??The Dead World’. A rapidly dying, soon-to-be, dead world, pointlessly existing, until it implodes and does the multiverse a favour. This â??Dead World’ in their opinion, is an anomaly among the whole essence of the multiverse. They believe the occupants are limited beings, defined by trivialities such as time, space and matter – or, as they call them, â??Restrictions, invented by humans, way back in their infancy to make sense of themselves.’
They pour scorn on our universal lie, we call â??reality’ and frequently use contraptions, such as balloon ships, bubbleinducers, astrobubbles and even rainbows, to sail, float or fly great distances across the â??multiverse’ but, paradoxically, they achieve this feat without actually travelling. â??There is no “far away” from a multiversal perspective’ I was once informed by Cornelius “only in the blindness of a human within their universe.'” He said.
Cornelius is a rat, by the way. A jazz loving rat with a penchant for marmite – both Dead World pleasures – who dons a top hat and tails and wears a monocle. He is also a very good friend of mine. He taught me how to become Red, you know. Yes, Red, as in the colour Red and everything that Red could ever be.
Cornelius was also instrumental in teaching me the basics of multiversal travel, but, I must stress, access is not always guaranteed nor even recommended, especially for the faint-hearted, and certainly not by using the route I initially took. Oh, that reminds me; an afterlife within the multiverse is very personal. A place where one’s wish to reunite with loved ones and idols – or whatever else they desire – is not hampered by a Dead World version of how their eternity should be. I must add here, though, that that does not mean someone else will not be using you in their afterlife if they so wish. If, however, you do possess the heart and soul to transcend the limitations of the Dead World, well thenâ?¦ I thoroughly recommend it, though a word of caution; basic sensory organs you require to survive in the Dead World, are of very little use in the multiverse, so, for all the good they will do, they may just as well be left behind.
One last piece of advice, expect no favours, support, respect or assistance once you enter, for you are likely to be faced with folk you can neither trust nor can you depend. Maybe, though, just maybe, you will be lucky enough to meet the Boozefarts or a Moonchimp. Possibly, even Cornelius and the Surgeon of Soul or maybe the Rainbow God himself – who, incidentally, has lost his Blues. But then again, just like some of the shape-shifting creatures of the multiverse which defy description and can only be interpreted through the observer’s own capacity of comprehension, I highly doubt that you will ever see, what I see!
For today, though, serendipity will play a role and, if you allow me, I will offer you a small slice into the lives of some of those characters, including, a few of the vast reaches of nothingness I have, and continue, to frequent.

Hope Abandoned (Killing the Dead Book 4)

by Richard Murray

After the devastating attack on their camp by the undead, Ryan and Lily are stuck on the boat in the lake with the rest of their ragged group. Only Ryan knows that Beth is infected and will soon turn.

The chances of surviving the apocalypse are becoming slimmer. With few options remaining and almost no supplies or weapons, the harsh weather of the winter months rolls in with full force. The threat of death is all around them as Ryan battles the growing need to kill. Hope is something long abandoned.

The Last Politician: Book 1 of the Van Diemen Chronicles

by M C Rooney


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived in the Van Diemen Chronicles. Who they are may surprise and offend some people.

In the year 2044 an orchestrated plague of the undead was unleashed upon mankind in order to reduce the world’s population. Twenty years later on the island of Tasmania a small community has slowly arisen from the ashes of this destruction but without a political and monetary system and with a new generation of youth who are free from the traditions and conditioning of the past. But a former politician wants to return to the old ways of power and will do anything to see it done, leading to a brutal betrayal of his own people in the abandoned city of Hobart.

â??Tasmania has only ever had one hero,’ his grandfather had once told him, and then he came up with a hero’s idea, a crazy idea, but an idea nonetheless.
Isaac took a deep breath, then moved forward saying, “Bonnet, boot, roof,” as he took three leaps to the other car. He then took another breath and leapt forward again, â??bonnet, boot, roof’. He lifted up his sword and took another three leaps. The main road was getting closer and closer as he continued jumping from car to car. Nearing the end of the blockade, he raised his sword to the crowd of red zombies who were moving along with him and stepping all over the white ones, who were almost literally breaking apart.
“And Captain Blood bids you a fond farewell!” he shouted as he leaped from the last car and hit the road, running flat chat up the main street. He hoped Errol Flynn was a fast runner as well.

Feral (Killing the Dead Book 10)

by Richard Murray

As they recover from the devastating attack on the Sanctuary and for Lily to recover, Ryan and the gang set to work securing supplies. Still reeling from the losses, Gabriel sets out a plan to gather enough supplies to keep the Sanctuary going while the rest of the group head north in search of the Naval safe zone they believe to be there.

But one thing is certain. During the apocalypse, nothing goes to plan. When the dead walk, sometimes not even a serial killer can save you.

Bridgers 1: The Lure of Infinity (Bridgers Series)

by Stan C. Smith

Some worlds are better left alone.

Infinity Fowler has been fighting all her life. As a child, she had to fight for survival. Then she fought professionally. But when humans obtained the technology to bridge to alternate versions of Earth, she saw a chance for a new life. She signed up to become a bridgerâ??an elite fighter and survival expert who protects tourists bridging to alternate worlds.

Desmond Weaver is a tourist making a last-ditch effort to complete his PhD in evolutionary biology. He has booked the excursion of a lifetime, a data collection mission to a vastly different version of Earth. If he fails, his career will be over.

Infinity is Desmond’s assigned trainer and bridger. She is one of the best, willing to die protecting tourists. And also willing to kill. When it’s time to bridge, Desmond and his two college roommates feel well prepared.

But they aren’t. Naked and weaponless, on an extraordinary world teeming with lethal predators, the team becomes entangled in a life-and-death struggle more terrifying than anything they could ever have imagined.

Neon Haze: Snakes and Roses

by Chris Sherrit

The Corporate Wars have left the world a very different place. A society divided harshly, after the discovery of gene IDing. The ability to calculate a person’s potential, now a biological value. Amongst the growing towers of corporations running countries, ex-cop Dixon Callaway struggles to find himself among the heartache and sorrow of hitting rock bottom. Luckily his friend and former partner, Jimmy Kershon is on hand to help him get back on his feet. Helping him on a routine check-in they find an intriguing and chilling document.

What does the evil Fenghuang company have planned?

Will Dixon be able to get his life back on track?

A dark and callous future awaits. Read Neon Haze: Snakes & Roses now.

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