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Marionettes of the Bad: Novel of a German Fighter Pilot

by Forrest Fegert

This is the story of a decorated German fighter pilot named Karl Emmerish, who attempts to save his best friend from the concentration camps. This fighter pilot is brave enough to fly against the undaunted onslaught of B-17 bombers, but he must gather all his strength to infiltrate the SS to save his friend. As he enters the world of the SS, the German government and what it represents leave him disillusioned. Karl Emmerish sees the Nazis as master manipulators who have stolen his country. He also knows the war is lost and that the German people and the prisoners of the concentration camps are all forsaken. This story is fictional, but the cruelty and evil portrayed in this novel reflect true historical events. History repeats itself, and that is what is so disturbing and alarming. This novel is graphic and shows what people are capable of doing to other humans. As you read this novel, contemplate the relationship between this story and our past, present, and future.

Upon Every Remembrance (Men of the Octofoil Book 4)

by Sally Hull

Upon Every Remembrance sees the men through France, Belgium and Germany, finally bringing what remains of this tattered platoon home once again. In this five book series, a platoon of misfit American soldiers from all walks of life, forms a team to be feared during the European Theatre of Operations during World War Two. A simple country farmer shares his faith with these, his fellow GIs, and changes their lives forever. The son of a billionaire seeks to earn his father’s love and respect by becoming an officer. A street-wise, homeless teenager makes the army his home and family. These three bond together and form a family in the midst of bombs and grenades exploding all around them, day and night. Back home, their families learn to grapple with the realities of war as wellâ??ration stamps, fear of receiving telegrams from the war department, more work to do than there are hands to do it, the temporary and permanent absence of husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. Through it all, though, God’s provision is amazingly demonstrated.

Deimarus (Spanish Edition)

by Kevin M. Weller

El destino de una especie corre grave peligro y no hay forma de escapar de la inminente exterminación llevada a cabo por los sádicos tiranos del Norte, quienes se proclaman los reyes del mundo. Solamente un guerrero, obstinado y sin ningún respeto por la vida, puede hacer algo para revertir la situación.
Con el corazón repleto de odio y una insaciable sed de venganza, surge un héroe cuyo nombre quedará grabado en la historia.

Hello, I’m A Nazi…! (Book One): The Untold Efforts Of One Manâ??s Determination To Try And Get People To Like The Nazis…!

by Dr. Fick Härter

Book One of “Hello, I’m A Naziâ?¦!”

It’s the beginning of World War II. Avid SS Officer Karl-Otto Von Lichtenstein prepares for the end of the war and the 1,000 year reign of the Third Reich to begin.

“Ideally, we are aiming for 10,000 years, minimum, but we have to start small – baby steps, people, baby steps,” Von Lichtenstein writes.

Von Lichtenstein’s diaries were found hidden in a bread tin in the Fuhrer’s bunker in 1945. By chance, an American undercover operative was able to appropriate it from Russian hands. Once in America, while the diaries historical significance and importance were dismissed, they were, nonetheless, regarded to be of “military importance” and deemed “CLASSIFIED.”
The dairies were declassified under Ronald Reagan’s presidency and “rediscovered” by Dr. Fick Härter and then carefully and painstakingly collated over the course of 18 months and finally released in 1981.

Von Lichtenstein’s diaries have emerged to be regarded by some as forming part of the most important and authoritative work on the Third Reich and Nazi Germany. They provide a masterful, historical narrative, shedding unique, never-before-seen insight into the Nazi psyche and their daily activities and revealing, first-hand, the inner workings, beliefs and Nazi plans for extreme world domination.

Book One of “Hello, I’m A Naziâ?¦!” the untold, but valiant efforts of one man’s determination to try and get people to like the Nazis is a can’t-miss work of narrative fictionâ?¦!


by Adrian Glass

Fieke Wolf

Fieke Wolf is on holiday, destination New York City. A Jung moment, it is instincts, synchronicity and war. It doesn’t end for her, it never will. Fieke Wolf a lethal German Assassin wants to have fun in the Big Apple, she read the travel brochure, it said that N.Y.C is the City That Never Sleeps. The brochure got it wrong, it is death that never sleeps and on Fieke’s arrival, death has cast a shadow over N.Y.C. Something is stirring in the streets of that famous city, in its buildings and facade. As turmoil spreads throughout the world and the cycles of history push the fading Empires ever so close to their rapid decline, Fieke just wants to get high, she doesn’t care anymore. Push button warfare, cowards and criminality flirt with death. But they live in fear of it, Fieke doesn’t. Her past shaped her, the warrior spirit, her grandfather and her great grandfather’s World War One, World War Two legacies. Bravery and honor. Declare World War Three on Nemesis: Fieke Wolf, while she wears Gucci, you better pray to your gods that death is swift.

(Adrian Glass 2014/2018)

The Last Smoke

by Caroline Cauthon

Christmas Eve is a time for family. Unfortunately for Johnny, his family is thousands of miles away, and he is stuck in a trench in WWI France. The closest thing he has to a family with him is his buddy, William, his comrade in arms. His antics help Johnny pass the dull hours in the trenches when the chaos of battle wanes. This time, William’s antics go a bit too far.

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