Free fantasy Kindle books for 08 Dec 18

The Troven (Kingdom of Denall Book 1)

by Eric Buffington

For centuries, young men in their eighteenth year have been sent away from the small village of Dungan for a year-long exile as they begin their journey into manhood. This traditional exile, the Troven, was instituted so that young men may find themselves, find their purpose, and find their place in the world. When Kaz Kinsley and his three friends leave to begin their Troven, all they have on their minds is getting to the first sign of civilization and finding a way to survive on their own. Fate has more in mind for these young men, though. Stone Seekers are on the move, sent by the evil sorcerer Mordyar to find six magical stones, each with the power to enhance one of six gifts every person in Denall is born with. When Kaz unknowingly comes into possession of the Sight Stone, he and his friends become part of the story of the Stones of Power, and their Troven suddenly becomes something much more.

A Paranormal Puzzle: A Witch Cozy Murder Mystery (Witches of Hemlock Cove Book 4)

by Kennedy Chase

Grace Angelo, witch and retired detective, is looking forward to a night of glitz and glamour. Her friend Dario, a local bookstore owner, has invited her to a prestigious book award event, but the celebrations are cut short when one of the winners is found dead.

Hemlock Cove PD’s detective, Zachary Jackson, is quickly on the case, and it soon becomes apparent they have a murder on their hands. Grace agrees to consult on the case and recruits Dario to help.

The murder, however, is only one of Grace’s concerns. Her special cat, Charity, is ill, cutting Grace’s connection with the spirit of her mother. And to make matters worse, Dario senses a malevolent entity lurking in the shadows. Grace will need every ounce of her abilities if she’s to solve these mysteries and bring justice to Hemlock Cove.

Great characters, wonderful magic, and a teasing mysteryâ??it’s the perfect evening read and I can’t get enough! â?? Mary Busquets, Mystery Book Reviewer

Codex of Darkness (Tenets of Exile Book 2)

by E.P. Stein

When you and your best friend each have acquired an elicit power from a sacred book, do you retire in shame, or look for the next book?

Dallet and his friend Malvin have different ideas about what to do with their unexpected ability to look across the timescape, but difficult times among their people force even Dallet’s cautious hand. Meanwhile, Torak grapples to understand his role following the political upset that has taken place among the Dragonkin tribes, where his treacherous uncle has seemingly discovered the mystery of dragon flight and dragon fire.

Whether it comes from the Dragon god Boragh, the military might of a sprawling empire, the magic imparted by elemental spirits, or the gifts bestowed by the Divine of the Lumineans, there is power that calls to Dallet, his former Drakin captor Torak, and the friends they will meet along the way.

Epic Farm Boy (Hapless Heroes Book 1)

by Sam Ferguson

What do you get when you mix a farm boy, a wise wizard, a clumsy dwarf, and a near-sighted elf?

The bestest, most-epic fantasy adventure EVER!

Simplin the Wise is tired of being kicked to the curb by an author who doesn’t appreciate him as a full-fledged character. It’s time for the wizard to star in the grand tale he has earned through so many years of toil as Jack’s inspiration.

He deserves to be a great mentor and a leader. It’s his destiny to guide a simple farm boy to adventure and glory. But he won’t work with just any farm boy.

He needs an EPIC farm boy as he sets out on the grandest of irreverent adventures to wipe Skidmark the Brown off the face of the world!

Aikur’s War

by Sam Ferguson

What would drive a man to defy the gods?

Aikur wants nothing more than to enjoy his mountain home with his wife and child. Yet he is soon called out of retirement to defend the region against an invading horde of goblins.

When his wife and child are murdered and dragged down to Hell by a treacherous god, Aikur knows the only way he can hope to bring them back is to wage war against Hell itself.

Should he be defeated, he will not only lose the war, but his soul along with the souls of those who follow him.

A wise man would turn and run… but Aikur has never run from a fight in his life.

If you love a skull-smashing good time spiced with Norse and Greek mythological influences, then buy Aikur’s War now.

My House Boy Elf: With a little Christmas magic, he’ll find true love.

by Kimberly Hunter

It’s the Christmas season and two of Santa’s elves have a very special mission. Bring two deserving souls together for the ultimate gift ~ True love.

Trace Moore has been alone and on his own since his parents kicked him out at age seventeen. Now 22, the only thing he wants for Christmas is a new place to live since he’s being evicted.

Donovan Eliot has wealth, respect, and security. What he doesn’t have is someone to share it all with. But losing his lover and best friend to prostate cancer three years prior has made Donovan wary of getting back into the dating pool.

That all changes when he spies a gorgeous little man dressed as a sexy elf working in his club.

The attraction is instant for these two, but can old wounds and insecurities be overcome?

With a sprinkle of Christmas magic, anything is possible.

Ferals (Ultras Saga Book 2)

by Travis Lefelhoc

Ferals are nightmarish creatures that seek to kill, slaughter and maim all adversaries. These mysterious monsters have put humanity on the brink and only a single city stands between them and global domination.
Without the protection of the controversial technology called Sky Canopy, the mega city of Cleveland has been left vulnerable. The threat of the humanity-devouring Ferals looms over the city. Despair has set in amongst the people and the leader of the city, Ronaldo Huff, appears to be faltering. All that stands in the creatures’ way is the ragtag team of Meta humans called Ultras. The stakes are high as our heroes are tasked with finding a way to save what is left of civilization.
Continue the journey of Raiden, Jathen, Snow and Swelter as they fight to save the city. The path of each character will lead them to new challenges, new characters and more monsters. The action and excitement, twists and surprises continue in the Ultras Saga Book Two: Ferals.

Ocean’s Secret (Siren of Secrets series Book 1)

by Demelza Carlton

Working as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most.
There’s the intern doctor who follows her around like an overgrown puppy, the dangerous local wildlife and her own secrets she must keep.
When she finds herself without a place to live, what else can possibly go wrong?
Or is it time for something to go right?

The Last Loyalty

by Bernadette Lyons

“O Mother of Mares, send me a change in the wind!”

Jessa, Healer to a nomadic tribe, is content enough among them but life is routine and predictable, and her heart is empty. She prays for change, and apparently the Gods hear her, for change arrives – most unexpectedly, in the shape of a warrior from an alien world.

As an officer with the British Army in Afghanistan, Captain Malcolm Redwing finds life anything but routine and predictable. It becomes even less so when after a serious accident on active duty he wakes to find himself among Jessa’s tribe, a stranger on a world that is not Earth.

At first he is regarded with dislike and suspicion, but eventually he makes his peace with The People and settles down as one among them. As a professional soldier should, he waits for his chance to discover how he came to their world, and whether he can make his way back to his own by the same means. As time passes, however, the friendships he makes and his developing relationship with Jessa begin to come into conflict with his loyalty to his regiment and the comrades and friends he has left behind. His duty is to return home if he can, but as the months slip by he begins to question where his true loyalty really lies.

Then news comes that a long-feared invasion by a strange and warlike people from the South has begun, and both Malcolm and Jessa are swept up into a conflict for which the peaceable Tribe are utterly unprepared.

Creatureton Elementary (Creatureton Trilogy Book 1)

by Anthony Paolucci

Eighth grader Sally Salamander Squibly is the unfortunate progeny of a Vampiress and a Werewolf. Why unfortunate you ask? Because Sally was born completely normal. Life at Creatureton Elementary is a daily trial, a result of the physical and profound differences that separate poor Sally from her monster peers. Relentlessly taunted and bullied, she perseveres while seeking solace in her friendship with a human boy named Logan. Then one day, she is offered a chance to be like the other children, only on a much grander scale. The temptation of power is great, and Sally must choose between her sad but dignified life, and an opportunity to rise above the torment.

Will the results be everything that she had hoped for and anticipated? Then there is the matter of her parents’ dark and troubled past, and the mysterious villain who may or may not be after young Sallyâ?¦just waiting for her to embrace her true monster nature, and assume her powerful role by his side.

The Erunasis Medallion

by Andulairah .

The twist of a seemingly normal life. The year, 1919. Basil, a young man from London Town is thrust into a life that even he could not imagine in his wildest dreams. Everything he once believed to be real, is not. Everything that he thought he was, he is not. His whole world, dragged up from under him, into something much grander, much stranger than he could have ever possibly believed. A test of courage. Of strength. Of sheer faith in the unknown for the sake of survival. To caress the fringes of an unearthly love, and to plummet the depths of unspeakable fears, Basil reveals to not only himself, but to the world around him, the true nature of his existence, and the essence of life itself. This is the story of the Erunasis Medallion.

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