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52 Curiosities About the Median Ages

by Editora Mundo dos Curiosos

This e-book tells in a funny way how it was the craziest time in history, the dark age ou middle age.

The middle age is known for many people as dark age. This nickname was no coincidence, cause this period was more important for the torture, based on religion, disgusting garments, which facilitated the contamination of the black plague, among other diseases.

Strange customs went to bathe only once a year, and to praise the office who cleansed “the filth” of the king.

If we visited this time, we would find total chaos, because it was common to have waste, literally, flying out of the window, people with thick layers of dirt on the body, among other things that you will find in this e-book.

Strategy Six Pack 12 (Illustrated): A Short History of Rome, Nero, The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom 1795-1813, The Rights of Man, Nat Turner and Travels into Bokhara

by Various Artists

“Hidden talent counts for nothing.”
– Nero.

Strategy Six Pack 12 presents six historical texts spanning two millennia and three continents. Ancient Rome and the Americas get two books each: Mary Platt Parmele’s A Short History of Rome is paired with Jacob Abbott’s biography of Emperor Nero; Thomas Paine’s 1791 American political classic The Rights of Man is followed by 1831’s The Confessions of Nat Turner – written by a runaway preacher-slave and social activist. For the Europhiles there is Hendrik Willem van Loon’s concise account of Holland’s early 19th Century continental dominance in The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom 1795-1813 and for historians of Asia there is the account of Victorian spy Alexander Burnes’ adventures in uncharted parts of Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond in Travels into Bokhara: A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia.

Strategy Six Pack 12

A Short History of Rome by Mary Platt Parmele.
Nero by Jacob Abbott.
The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom, 1795-1813 – A Short Account of the Early Development of the Modern Kingdom of the Netherlands by Hendrik Willem van Loon.
The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine.
The Confessions of Nat Turner by Nat Turner.
Travels into Bokhara: A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia Volume I by Alexander Burnes.

Includes image galleries for A Short History of Rome, The Rights of Man, The Confessions of Nat Turner and Travels into Bokhara.

Slave Narrative Six Pack 4 (Annotated): The History of Mary Prince, William W. Brown, White Slavery, The Freedmenâ??s Book, Lucretia Mott and Lynch Law

by Various Artists

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”
– Marcus Garvey.

Slave Narrative Six Pack 4 is a mixed bag of narratives, biographies and eye-witness accounts from ex-slaves and abolitionists:

The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave by Mary Prince.
The Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave by William Wells Brown.
White Slavery in the Barbary States by Charles Sumner.
The Freedmen’s Book by Lydia Maria Child.
Lucretia Mott by William Still.
Lynch Law by Ida B. Wells Barnett.

*Includes image gallery.

History Mysteries: A New Twist on Timelines

by Kevin Brougher

Games and Activities for Learning U.S. and World History! Over 40 games that can be used with the included timelines. Plus, a list of many activities that can make learning the basic people, places and events of history….FUN!

Success: How Green Berets Overcome Anything And Win

by John Winters

Get the Secret Special Forces Strategies For Success In Life

Maybe you want to excel in your career, maybe you are trying to improve your personal business, or maybe you have been trying to gain confidence and boost your self-esteem. Whatever your personal goals may be, this Book can help you learn what it takes to achieve success by displaying numerous traits and characteristics that are utilized daily by the US Army’s Special Forces operators. The Green Berets take on near-impossible missions around the world every day and succeed, and this Book aims to give you a look into the qualities that contribute to their success (so that you may use them to achieve success in your own life and business).

You do not have to be a Green Beret to possess these vital personality traits and characteristics, just like you do not have to undergo the intense training that they do to learn something from those lessons and utilize it for your own success. A great many of the characteristics, lessons, and personal traits that so many of the Green Berets rely on both in training and missions can also be utilized by the average civilian to successfully achieve goals set in both life or business. Several former Green Berets have been interviewed to determine which characteristics are essential to success in personal life and business after returning to civilian life, and this EBook has summarized those interviews and made the list of lessons available to you.

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