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Take Shelter: A Zombie Christmas Horror Short Story

by RC Patterson

Christmas won’t be joyful this year… it’s going to be bloody.

When Sandra catches her husband doing the unspeakable, she takes her daughter and runs away to her mother’s house. But after an unexpected car crash, she’s stranded in the Colorado wilderness as a blizzard approaches. Her only hope is a homeless drifter named Damon. Together, they take shelter in a little church on the hill, deep in the woods, but there is something else lurking among the trees.
Something hungry.
Something that is creeping closer to the little church.
The storm rages. Dozens of stranded people take shelter in the little church on the hill. But after Damon and Sandra discover the secrets the church is hiding, it becomes a battle for survival. The only way to make it through the night is to kill, or be eaten.

This is a stand alone short story. It contains graphic material that may not be suitable for all readers.

The Hand of Destiny: Book 2 (A George Melville Mystery)

by Martin Jones

This is the second book in the George Melville Mystery series and as such sees our eponymous hero investigative officer George Melville, who ostensibly works for a law firm get tangled up once again in the murky world of pre-second world war espionage. After encountering some shocking news, and a completely life-changing event in Scotland, he is flung half way around the world on the behest of his new employer at HM Secret Service where he fights intrigue, betrayal, multiple attempts on his life, incarceration, starvation; and through the catalyst of his experiences, he finds new meaning and strength in his life as he eventually teams up with the old team, to face an extraordinary discovery of who he is, and who his friends are. The denouement sees a brave escape from the heart of Nazi Germany, and a new dawn of possibilities as the team once again encounter, A George Melville Mystery.

Shadow Secrets (Epic Book 2)

by A.L. Kruse

So much in Felicity (Lissy) McKaughnalin’s life has changed. Her “normal” but dull existence in Denver is but a distant memory since she went to live with her grandmother in Ireland, landing far beyond her imaginings. Magick is now a part of her daily routine ¬- and her daily fear. Her new love Joren has vanished, having left to track down his “not so dead” mother; and Grandma K’s life was suddenly taken from them in the Nyemin Forest. Joren’s mysterious brother Jarek is up to no good. And well, basically, Lissy’s life is becoming more complicated by the minute.
In this action packed sequel to Wicked Wrong, allies become foes and foes will become allies. Felicity’s once comfortable world has been turned upside down, and she no longer knows whom she can trust. The dark forces are rising and the mysteries are unraveling. The creatures are more frightening and definitions of “impossible” are being shattered. Is there a chance of saving everyone? Is it absurd to hope? Or is it simply a dark delusion?

Monster of Monsters: Realms Collections Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction #4

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

Monster of Monsters: Realms Collections Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction #3 includes two Realms Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction stories.

1. Vampire’s Mysterious Red Mist
Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 270 words
This short-short story in the Realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction series visits a Brown Deliveries person as they make a delivery in a very interesting Basement Level where a vampire is not the only thing lurking there.

2. Mad Scientist’s Package Delivery
Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 220 words
This short-short story in the Realms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction series visits a Brown Deliveries person as they make a delivery in a very interesting Basement Level where a mad scientist has other plans.

New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer’s style and be introduced to the worlds they create and envision.

My novels, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction range from science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, horror with elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, dark fantasy, gothic, a mix of fairy tales, legends, and epic fantasy. Explore my worlds of magic, tech, werewolf, sword and sorcery, killer robots, UFO, witches, dragon baby, undead, demented games, vampires, villains, flying saucers, post-apocalyptic, dungeons and dragons, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, assassins, monsters, androids, leviathan, dystopian adventure, aliens, curse of the mummy, mutants, warlocks, dragon riders, sorcerer, superheroes, dystopia society, zombies, mutant creatures, warriors, sorceress, apocalyptic adventures, pharaoh king, mad scientist, etc.

Mystery Thriller: Anne Gunther’s Bewitchment: A Witches Tale of Revenge (An Historical Horror Short Story) (Psycholigical Murder Thriller)

by Victoria Munchin

Tensions are high in Medieval Germany, after a football match goes brutally awry. Two men are killed during play. Who is responsible is up to interpretation, but the father of the two men doesn’t see it that way. He and his daughter enter into a conspiracy together to finish off their neighbors, whom they deem responsible for the murder of their kin.

What will come of the people in this small community?

Hell for the Holidays (The Hell Chronicles Book 0)

by Tina Glasneck

No one begins life as a queen. Before she was Lady Hel, Queen of Helheim, and goddess of the dead, she was just Hel, daughter of Loki, and a giantess, Angrboda.

Find out how it all began in Hell for the Holidays. A Queen is not born, she is created.

This is a short story prequel.

Other books in the series include:





Hellraiser (coming soon)

Syreni Oscula: Initiation Series – Book 1

by Reyna Mya Nyamekye

A phone call sends eager student Joseph to the other side of the city seeking answers to an old tragedy he hopes only one person can answer. But there are secrets better left uncovered. Will Joseph find what he’s looking for or will this quest be more than he bargained for?

Fatal Moon: Angels Axia

by Lestat Mordred

Angels are ruled over by an unforgiving God. They are drafted into a special core called the Axia. From the dawn of the dinosaurs to the dawn of civilization. These angels work night and day to create the perfect habitat. Not for themselves, but for mankind. Join them on their separate paths to becoming the first demons to exist. The first to see life for what it is, cruel.

The 2nd edition of the supernatural yaoi horror manga Fatal Moon’s Prequel, all new characters in this brand new expanded edition. visit the author page for updates

FELDIR: Chronicles of Krakona

by Lucian Cavello

Chronicles of Krakona: FELDIR tells a story about the discovery of a large, mysterious cave, near the northern coast of the snow-covered territory of Archvald, on the planet Krakona, by a group of valdmeni youths, and the events surrounding this cave in the first two decades or so following its discovery.
We get our first glimpses into the simple tribal culture of the valdmeni race of giant, humanoid northerners native to the icy wilds of Archvald.
We also see the first hints to a lingering darkness, seeped into the very fabric of the planet itself, expressed through magical forces present within the natural fauna and flora.
Join us in these very first steps on a journey into an ancient world of magic and mystery, fantastic races, creatures and demons, and the conflicts arising among them, in a galaxy many light years away from planet earthâ?¦

The dreadful nightmare of Snow White: The city of mercenaries

by Scarlet Danae

Bianca is a drug-addicted girl who’s forced to sell her body by her stepmother. An apple, poisoned with new kind of drug, along with a fatal overdose will throw her in another dimension. A different world highly tainted with a frightful virus, tyrannized by the seven evil witches. There, Bianca will embrace her fate, in the end, as the clone of the revolutionary Princess Snow White.

Fried Green Zombies

by John A. Allen

Chett and Harry are two recently unemployed construction workers on their way to a weekend of beer, Southern Comfort, and frog gigging at their musty-rusted 1970’s RV parked at their favorite hunting camp when they stumble on Bob, the mysterious, busty, burqa-clad, non-English speaking beauty just standing in the middle of nowhere on the side of dusty Nine Mile Cutoff in rural Bovina, Mississippi.

Then all hell breaks loose. Their favorite pond is missing. They’re being chased by truck driving zombies, dirty cops, UFOs and other ne’er-do-wells. Someone stole Chett’s jacked up Scottsdale four-by-four. Zombies are traipsing around their trailer, and crazy Uncle Crank is trying to feed them zombie chicken for dinner.

Aided by a classic computer nerd, a crazy man wielding a frying pan, and a space babe who gets nekkid any time someone turns out the lights, follow Chett and Harry as they battle their way across the rural countryside and ultimately save the world.

Why is their pond missing, and why did the Dodge of Death spring from the muddy crater left in its center? Who is Bob and why is she so good with shotguns? Why are they being chased by two really skinny, pale, bald, goatee-clad wierdos? What is the dirty county sheriff hiding? And will Chett and Harry ever make it out alive?

The Heads Have Eyes (Chicaghosts Novella Series Book 4)

by Robert W. Walker

When a new strain of ‘smart’ spiders emerge in Chicago known as Chi-racnids, heads will roll, as these parasitic spiders make babies inside humans. Specifically inside human heads, until the weight of the growing horde inside the skull becomes too heavy for the brain stem and spinal cord to support. The four ‘horsemen’ of the Old Fart Squad, led by Retired Detective Aubrey Hamilton, along with Wiz, GD, and Reggie, who have combated spirit gorillas in Gone Gorilla, oil-slick monsters in The Monster Pit, and a Chicago River she-devil serpent in previous cases of the Chicaghosts Series, are faced with their strangest case ever, one that involves a growing number of citizens succumbing to the Spider Plague of 2018. When spiders destroy a perfectly good hot fudge sundae, it is too much for the Old Fart Squad. They go after the enemy with liquid nitrogen and fire.

Children of the Night

by Randy Norton

Deerpoint, NY has a terrible secret. Cursed from long ago by an accused witch. Dragged through the dirty streets and tortured by her former neighbors. After a local kid makes a ouija board from parts of her former dwelling all manner of dark things occur.

A Town Like No Other

by randy norton

What happens when a town on the verge of dying needs to get tourism and industry to notice it? Plan a murder of course! Planning it is one thing but going through with it may take a professional.

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