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fortnite: memes

by Casper Tilly Greenlane

the complete and #1 memes collection of fortnite �


more than 200 memes only of fortnite

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7 1/2 Habits To Help You Become More Humorous, Happier & Healthier

by David Jacobson

“7 1/2 Habits To Help You Become More Humorous, Happier & Healthier” is an easy and fun book to read. The practical applications on how to improve your sense of humor make this a ‘keeper.’ This book reveals the mysteries to improving your sense of humor to be happier, healthier, have better relationships and make you a more humorous person. This funny, uplifting and endearing book will teach you the secrets of using humor to decrease stress, cope with adversity and enhance the good times. It tells the story of one man’s rise from the depths of illness and chronic pain to the heights of success attributable to his daily humor habits. He explains his discovery of how the simple use of HUMOR can transform your life and the world you live in.

Playing The Game (Complete Collection: 5 Books Full Series Bundle)

by Geniuz Gamer

Playing The Game (Complete Collection: 5 Books Full Series Bundle)

Short storyline

Book One: Strange Alliances

Logan Raven is a young boy of 13 years old that has some remarkable abilities when it comes to playing video games. Ever since his father died a few years ago, he has immersed himself in to the world of gaming. His mother has tried to persuade him to look to other sources, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Even in school, Logan finds himself an outcast, a loner with only one friend to call his own. He thinks the real world is small in comparison to those that he encompasses every night when he goes home after school. When things change, he now has to look towards those things that he had been taught by his father to live for another day.

Book Two: Trust No One

Logan somehow begins to see things in real life from the game Mine Craft and he isn’t the only one. Becky, Cheryl, Amy and Tommy all have seen spiders and this strange black cloaked man. He convinces them that the answers are in the game but they soon find out that there are a lot more questions. The only thing they have in common is their intellect and what happened to their parents. The Enderman has tasked them with doing his bidding and their incentive is that they will all die if they don’t succeed.

Book Three: Fighting Together

Becky, Cheryl, Amy, Tommy and Logan have just gone up against spiders and Snow Golems . Cheryl fell down by turning to ice and Becky is at deaths door because of multiple spider bites. Logan hears the Enderman in his head, but nobody knows and they have yet to find what their true purpose in the game really is. They will have to fight for the lives of their friends, as well as deal with a new threat to their lives.

Book Four: Bonds Are Broken

Logan and his friends just come from the old woman and unfortunately Logan was subjected to her whims in exchange for help with Becky’s condition. She was very clear on what the cost would be and even though Logan tried to get away, she was steadfast and took what she wanted. In the process, Logan came to realize that her cane was significant to all of this and that it was possible that the Enderman and the old woman were bonded by blood. Things that go bump in the night will find their way to become their next obstacle and betrayal would become a word that they will know quite well.

Book Five: His True Agenda

Against his better judgment that he would take something that belonged to the old woman. He had no idea what kind of power the cane had, but soon began to realize that it was corrupting not only his thoughts but his soul as well. He began to love seeing his friends in danger and had even allowed Becky to be bitten by one of the zombies. They came upon a creeper that had no ill will but was designed by the Enderman to kill anything in its way. Now, the creeper is about to explode and they have come face to face with the old woman. This will lead to a final confrontation between them and the Enderman and his true agenda.

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O Inculto (Portuguese Edition)

by Daniel Aço

No mundo há uma figura sórdida, monstruosa, dantesca, horripilante e potencialmente infecta, letal e fatal: o inculto. São dois os grupos de incultos: o massificado e o metido a erudito. No primeiro, naturalmente, encontra-se a imensa massa deles. O segundo grupo é bem menor, mas não menos patético e grosseiro. Mais de três dezenas de crônicas estão neste livro. O Inculto é tanto uma obra em favor da leitura quanto da espiritualidade. De resenhas sobre autores a textos de interesse geral, suas crônicas vão da esfera espiritualista a divertidas e melancólicas constatações sobre a vida. O personagem principal de O Inculto é ele mesmo, o homem-massa, seja o inculto massificado ou o metido a erudito. Salve-se quem puder. Que Deus proteja os homens de boa vontade.

Há 33 crônicas e curtos ensaios nesta obra.

Eis os títulos:

O Inculto
Massificação, Vulgaridade e Impropriedade
O Espaçoso
Doutores e Delírios
Filantropos, Misantropos e Pilantropos
Leitura, Livros e Escritores
A Vida
Paulo Coelho, o Mestre
Livros de Carlos Heitor Cony
Homenagem a Carlos Lacerda
Livros de Chico Buarque
O Valor do Silêncio
O Mito e a Consciência
Jesus Cristo e a Ressurreição
O Profeta Daniel na Cova dos Leões
Frase de Nietzsche
Dedo em Riste
O Índice da Mentira
Simples, Honesto e Barato
O Inevitável
Opinião Pública
Mulher Coragem
Apocalipse Urbano
A Kombi do Mal
Craques e Crack
Tipos Humanos
Aniversário de Porto Alegre
Férias em Porto Alegre
Histórias da Praia
Futebolismo é Doença
Do Gol ao Gol

Cucina QB – L’Anti-manuale di cucina (Italian Edition)

by Commissione Magagne

Cucinare è un’arte. E dove si incontra l’arte, lì bisogna sperimentare e osare. Eppure siamo circondati da programmi tv e manuali di cucina che dichiarano di conoscere il vero segreto di questo o quel piatto tipico, il modo più corretto (e il solo) in cui un ingrediente va utilizzato. Spesso si ricorre alla magia del numero: i tempi di cottura sono definiti in modo cronometrico, gli ingredienti pesati al grammo.Fortunatamente alcuni elementi superstiti riescono a sfuggire a questa logica aritmetica: si tratta di quei pochi, svalutati ingredienti che in ogni ricetta dabbene vengono indicati senza la loro dose precisa, ma seguiti da un laconico “qb”. E così si giunge alla necessità di questo (anti-)manuale CM; si arriva all’ormai inderogabile bisogno di dar voce e significato agli ingredienti che spesso i guru della cucina lasciano in secondo piano, di ripristinare il vero valore del “qb” facendolo assurgere a vera e propria filosofia culinaria. La nostra regola d’oro è: in cucina tutto è qb!

Breaking Bad – The Interactive Quiz

by Mindshake

What does Tuco Salamanca have tattooed on his neck?
How did Walt and Skyler meet?
What is the name of Ted Beneke’s company?
Which character had the most hate groups on Facebook?
What is the name of Jesse’s band?
Who guns down Combo?

Few television shows have penetrated the culture as deeply as AMC and Vince Gilligan’s much lauded, much discussed 62-part crime drama series Breaking Bad which ran for five seasons, from January 20, 2008 to September 29, 2013 and was watched by millions of people across the planet. The story of Walter White, a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who turns to creating methamphetamine to support his family but then becomes seduced by crime’s dark side, struck a nerve with audiences and critics everywhere. In the age of micro blogs and open source wikis, Breaking Bad fast became one of the most analyzed works of art in history. The show’s deep cast of fascinating characters, mind-blowing story lines, memorable dialogue, cool settings and insider references make it a rich vein for trivia.

The questions in Breaking Bad Interactive Quiz are designed for casual fans and for people who have seen all the episodes many times over, read everything there is to read, heard all the commentaries there are to hear and feel that there is nothing they don’t know about their favorite show. The game can be played solo on any number of devices but is also perfect for a group event, with a mixed bag of easy, medium and difficult questions that should stimulate and tantalize all fans.

The questions get increasingly harder. Those who are too cool for school and find the questions a cinch, can skip THE QUIZ and proceed directly to HARDCORE QUESTIONS from the Table of Contents.

So how big a fan are you? How well do you really know the show?

Download Breaking Bad Interactive Quiz and find out!

*Play on any Kindle, phone or any device with Kindle reading app.
*Over 100 questions.
*Special introductory low price.

La Parabola dello Scriddore (Italian Edition)

by Antonio Scotto Di Carlo

Un racconto cinico su come funziona realmente gran parte dell’editoria.

Un giovane ambizioso partorisce un capolavoro letterario e va alla ricerca di un editore. Quando finalmente riesce a ottenere un colloquio col responsabile della Narrativa di una grossa casa editrice, scopre di essere uno scriddoreâ?¦

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