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Herbal Antibiotics: The Twisted Guide – Where to Find the 50 Most Powerful Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals

by Jesse Booth

Here is a guide to the 50 most powerful herbal antibiotics and antivirals. And it comes with a dark and humorous twist…

Inside you will find:
– The obvious differences between herbal and synthetic antibiotics.
– The most effective kinds of vinegar and oils to cleanse your body and sins.
– The most powerful, ailment zapping leaves and roots.
– For the salad dodgers out there, you’ll be informed of the best fruits and vegetables available to improve your grey, pathetic disposition.
– Herbs and spices which will send you straight to healthy-ville.

As well as all of this, you might even have a few giggles along the way.

Welcome to The Twisted Guide series…

Creative Aging: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Successful Living

by Cheryl Vassiliadis

Creative Aging: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Successful Living encourages those who are at or nearing retirement to actively plan for the years ahead. Individual stories of Boomers who have learned to flourish after age 50 are showcased, along with productive influences gained from spirituality, health, and “the Woodstock Generation,” including how to take inspiration from childhood and young adulthood to reignite; develop a passion for the troisieme age; use creativity to stay happy, healthy and enlightened; and formulate lifestyle plans that match expectations. Activities are provided at the end of each section to help the reader define and make life choices (and changes).

The Inspirational Journal: A Fresh New Start In 90 Days

by 21 Exercises


90 days of inspirational and self-exploring questions to become more energetic and improve your happiness. To help you on this journey, every day starts with an original and inspiring quote. This short daily exercise will give you a sure boost in self-awareness and true self-confidence.


A simple way to work on self-improvement. No intimidating commitments, but only three months of journaling. Give yourself one moment every day to hold still, become fully inspired and make remarkable progression.


This beautifully designed journal is also a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. 

Balancing in the face of depression: A self help guide using third wave CBT approaches

by Michael T. Wilson

Depression is not your fault. Life events and associated emotions can combine with changes in focus, thoughts and behaviours to leave us feeling trapped. This book is about getting unstuck.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective, evidence based treatment that has been used to help thousands of people since it was first introduced in the 1960s. In recent years newer “third wave” CBT approaches like Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy have emerged that offer flexible, cutting edge treatments for common mental health problems.
Michael T. Wilson is an experienced psychological therapist who has worked with hundreds of clients suffering from depression. He has integrated his experience of these approaches gained over 15 years of clinical practice into one simple, easy to use model called the psychological balancing model.
The purpose of this book is to help you to learn the skill of psychological balancing and use it to overcome your difficulties and achieve greater balance in your life. This is not an academic book, its a book for real people. The aim is to take complex psychological theories and to make them accessible to the people who need them the most.
It offers a clear, simple guide to using this approach to learning to overcome your difficulties in a way that takes just 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

An Appreciation Awakening

by Daniel Rendelman

This book is like nothing you’ve ever read before. How? Because it’s more than just inspiration or motivation. This is a work of activation. This book can bring an awakening to your life.

An appreciation awakening is like a revelation, or more accurately, a revolution. Just a handful of people whose mind is set on gratitude can bring real hope to the world. Encouragement is contagious. If we can affect one small section of our world, then a chain reaction can multiply these efforts and possibly change humanity.

“Gratitude can change our world in immensely important ways. Because, if you are grateful, then you are not fearful. If you are not fearful, then you are not violent. If you are grateful, then you act out of a sense of enough and not a sense of scarcity,” said Brother David Steindl-Rast, author and Benedictine monk.

This revelation can turn the restless content and the greedy grateful. This revolution can soften hardened hearts and clean up the acts of those who only want more for themselves. By saying “thanks” in a meaningful and genuine way, you can revolutionize your personal world. One person’s small act of goodness repeated over and over can multiply into a lifestyle which affects many others.

That’s the goal of this book; written in the hope of being an awakening. Read the chapters about faith, science, and self-love. Lean into the stories about how to be thankful in the worst of times. Alter your lifestyle with the one-of-a-kind Thirty-One Days of Gratitude Challenge. Take advantage of and use the interactive journal.

Experience an appreciation awakening and you will never be the same.

This book is written by Daniel Rendelman.
Daniel Rendelman’s passion is to help you believe. He connects with people through creative writing, business coaching, speaking engagements, and community leadership. Daniel has a lifetime of memories with his five wonderful children who have filled his life with joy and kept him young. His happy place is the shores, sights, smells, and scenes of his hometown of Savannah, Georgia. He can be reached at

How to Lose Fat as Fast as Possible

by Editora Mundo dos Curiosos

If abdominal fat is a nuisance to you, you no longer know how to get rid of it, the solution is here!
By following these tips you will lose the localized fat and gain muscle in the abdominal region faster than you thought would be possible!
Here you will have great results, because in this digital book are contained exercises, special recipes and even an extra bonus exercises!
Do not waste time, this e-book is made for you who do not want to waste hours of your day with exercises and diets, here you have it all in a practical, fast and efficient way.

7-Day Restoration: Getting Back to the Fit You

by Melissa Oliver

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a chore. Chances are, you were fit as a child and somehow adulting got in the way. Get back to the fit you by following guided steps in this 7-day guide. Learn how to set intentions, create goals, and make a clear plan to restore your fitness. Your body is a temple, and 7-Day Restoration helps you rebuild that temple one day at a time.

Third Day Fitness recognizes that you were made perfectly and that you don’t need to become someone else in order to be fit.
Blades of grass don’t peek at each other as they grow, and think, “man, if only I could look like that blade down the line.” Just like us, they were created with a purpose, and they’re doing exactly what they were meant to do.

And like the grass, you don’t need to compare yourself to others as you set fitness goals. Being fit isn’t about becoming someone else, it’s about restoring who you were created to be. You were fearfully and wonderfully made! Third Day Fitness believes that being fit is taking care of your health and body in ways that allow you to live your best life. Increase your stamina so walking up a few flights of stairs doesn’t knock you out. Build your strength so carrying groceries doesn’t feel like competing in an Iron Man challenge. Eat well to combat health issues and build energy. Being fit doesn’t mean you need to look a certain way, it simply means you’re regaining focus over your mind, body, and spirit.

Over the next seven days, we’ll work on setting intentions and goals, creating clear plans and executing them to help you get and stay fit.

The Effective Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook: Ketogenic Air Fryer Recipes to Fight Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, and Epilepsy

by Chef Effect

The Effective Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook
The ketogenic diet is a “low-carb, adequate protein, and high-fat diet.” Yes, that’s right! It’s as simple as that. Now to the rocket-science behind it. The ketogenic diet is designed to produce ketones in the body, which are then used as an energy source. It’s because of these ketones and the resulting ketosis that it’s called the ketogenic diet.
Normally our bodies use glucose molecules as the primary fuel for energy production. The ketogenic diet delivers a large amount of fats. These fats are then converted by the liver into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone molecules then become the primary energy source. Since the brain can run only on glucose and ketone bodies, reducing the glucose (from sugar and carbs) and limiting the energy source to ketones can treat epilepsy as well.
This book will cover:
-How to Effectively Use an Air Fryer
-How an Air Fryer Works
-Choosing the Best Air Fryer
-Tips on Air Frying
-Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet
-The Ketogenic Diet Plan
-The Therapeutic Effects of the Ketogenic Diet
-The Side Effects of the Ketogenic Diet
-Foods to Eat During the Ketogenic Diet
-60 Ketogenic Air Fryer Recipes with Complete Nutritional Information
Get your copy today and start your exciting Ketogenic Journey right away.
See You on the Effective Side!
-Chef Effect

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