Free parenting and families Kindle books for 08 Dec 18

I am Shy!: part of Little Adam series

by Ida Ali

Is your child a shy person?

Are you finding it hard to reach out to him or her to overcome their shyness?

I am Shy hopes to help parents to reach out to their children and affirm that shyness is a natural personallity trait and feelings that should not be dismissed and nurtured gently. A shy child should be treated with respect and encouraged slowly to build their self-esteem. It takes the child a lot of courage to open up to anyone else, even to you.

Through this light-hearted read, it will help parents to understand their child better and help them to build friendship with other children. Similar to the character in the book, we hope more children are aware that a single hand extend is a win situation for all.

Blending Two Hearts Into One

by Terry Hardy Olsen

Marriages that are made in Heaven, are supposed to last forever…right? Then why do so many of them end in divorce? In an effort to learn what it takes to have a marriage withstand the test of time, as well as discover how to capture the sparkle and magic seen between more seasoned couples, I put in countless hours of study, prayer and application. This book has been a labor of love, which includes those insights and discoveries that I wish to share with all who fervently desire to see theirs and their loved ones dreams of a Happily-Ever-After to come true. – Terry Hardy Olsen

PARENTING Like a BOSS: Intentionally Committed (ParentingLAB Book 1)

by Kenston Henderson Sr.

The American Society for the Positive Care of Children (2014) states that the inability to have long-lasting friendships and relationships are linked to bad parenting habits; also depression and low self-esteem, bullying and criminal behavior. Parenting Like a BOSS was created to ignite, inspire, and empower parents to be the best parents they can be for their precious gifts. With the stated effects of bad parenting, we can no longer allow our children to grow up by themselves in a society that would not love them as much as we do. There is no judgment but only encouragement for us to enthusiastically accept and wear our parental badges of honor and Parent Like a BOSS.

Raising Your Child: With Jewish Traditions

by David Zephaniah

Jewish family traditions goes back thousands of years. I outlined the general principals here. These principals will help you raise really good children who will make you proud.

The Narrow Path

by Gianluca Alberti

Sooner or later we have to face which way to go in our life. Whether we believe it or not at one point in time, we are forced to look for a road that will eventually be our path: something that characterizes us in all aspects. Moreover, when we will look behind to see where we started and when we shall look forward to see where we are up to, we will really realize who we really are!
As we might think infinite roads are possible in reality the variety of opportunities reduce pretty much to only two roads: “The wide highway of our desires” and “The Narrow Path to our Soul.” Which one will we chose?
Read this introduction to “The Road To Life”. A good start to see on which road you are running through before you end up where there are no turning points.
Gianluca Alberti

My Father’s Lessons: You Cannot Be Perfect Always (Short Story)

by Nivedita Vedurla

Do you often think why your chapattis are not round?
Do you feel you cannot prioritize things that you need to concentrate on?
Then you got to read about Meghna’s Father lessons to her about seeing life from a different perspective.
Grab a copy now and rediscover your view to see life.

Parenting: The Good and the Bad But Mostly the Bad (Seriously, Parenting Can Be Awful)

by Mark J. Moore

Are you a parent? Are you soon to become one?

Do you want the truth about what you are about to experience?

Most parenting books tell you how great your life is about to become and how it is about to change for the better. Most of them sugar-coat the experiences you will have and tell you that everything will be wonderful.

But it isn’t always that way. Being a parent is hard work. It requires a dedication and belief in yourself that you probably never thought you had. And it might break you. In this enlightening, humorous and informative take on being a parent in today’s modern world, you will find chapters on:

  • Living with a Belly Bump
  • Well, You Have a Babyâ?¦ Now What?
  • Your Child is Finally a Tiny Person
  • The Beginning of Adolescents
  • Teenagers (You Just Don’t Understand!)
  • Off to College and Away with Worry!
  • And moreâ?¦
  • This is not a book that will romanticize being a parent and tell you how amazing it is. Instead it gives you the hard facts about the stresses, heartbreak and other difficult things you will face.

    But it does it with a smile.It will provide you with a much-needed sense of humor, help you to laugh at yourself and your mistakes and keep you sane enough to cope with parenting one day at a time.

    Welcome to the Dark Side of parenting!

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