Free philosophy Kindle books for 08 Dec 18

Self-Formationâ??What is lifeï¼?

by Michinori Kobayashi

That which we call “Life” is the unifying force that organizes materials at a higher level; it is the ability to create order and the force driving self-formation. This monograph seeks to consider how this self-formative force of life works within biological activity and evolution, and contemplates the issues of inevitability, contingency and freedom within the flow of life. It is a an attempt at a natural philosophy that aims at transitioning from the mechanistic worldview that reigned from the 19th thru 20th century to a vitalistic worldview that perceives Mother Nature as a â??living nature’ in possession of unlimited productivity.

Disasters: Core Concepts and Ethical Theories (Advancing Global Bioethics Book 11)

This Open Access Book is the first to examine disasters from a multidisciplinary perspective. Justification of actions in the face of disasters requires recourse both to conceptual analysis and ethical traditions. Part 1 of the book contains chapters on how disasters are conceptualized in different academic disciplines relevant to disasters. Part 2 has chapters on how ethical issues that arise in relation to disasters can be addressed from a number of fundamental normative approaches in moral and political philosophy. This book sets the stage for more focused normative debates given that no one book can be completely comprehensive. Providing analysis of core concepts, and with real-world relevance, this book should be of interest to disaster scholars and researchers, those working in ethics and political philosophy, as well as policy makers, humanitarian actors and intergovernmental organizations..

Probability: It’s Everything You Need It to Be

by Robert Hopkins

This book was written to demystify the problems that life throws at all of us.

This living thing we call life is examined with explanations of just why everything is as it is.

If you ever ask yourself ‘why me?’ this book is for you.

Join some of the greatest thinkers of all time and see what they had to say about chance, fate and similar stuff.

It will be shown that probability lies at the centre of every single thing we are and can ever be; from sub-atomic particles to the Universe itself, from the individual to the population, and the past into the future.

We can all travel hopefully – probability can show us why

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