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Make It Happen – Ebook PDF: Discover how to achieve all your goals

by Suenia Mendonca

How to Stop Making Excuses and Achieve Your Goals and Make It Happen!

How many incomplete goals do you currently have in your calendar? If you are like the vast majority of us then you are likely to have hundreds of projects you started and never completed, countless goals you told your friends but never saw and all sorts of dreams that seem to be getting less and less prone to materialization.
This is the way of things for many of us. We work very hard on things we do not feel passionate about just putting food on the table, but when it comes to fulfilling our dreams, we are remarkably ineffective.
It’s time to change all that and start making those goals happen. But how can you change it all?



Productivity growth contributes towards the prosperity of nations, makes organizations, individuals and nations competitive in the global market which in turn translates into improved quality of life for the people.
Since productivity growth is mainly created at the enterprise level where resources are utilized to produce goods and services, it is necessary to devise means of optimizing the resources for improved organizational performance.
This book provides an introduction to productivity improvement strategies as a veritable means of seeking for efficient and effective utilization of human and material resources. It deals with the factors influencing productivity, how to design and implement performance improvement programs, and how to apply old or simple(basic), and new or sophisticated (advanced) productivity improvement techniques and tools.
Productivity practitioners, management consultants, human resources development managers, students of productivity management and key personnel responsible for planning, organizing and managing quality improvement programs in their organization will find this book a valuable and indispensable source of information, knowledge and guide on the application of productivity improvement techniques and tools for enhanced performance.

What The Beatles Could Learn From Fashion University: fashion reader

by Hemal Gandhi

For systematic beginning, you can join diploma or degree in fashion design or a related program. Try to work on excellent early contacts during this time.

Normal Course length of degree or diploma or similar programs are three or four years.  FIDM and Parsons are the well known name as design schools in fashion world. Concentrate on joining courses where you can learn drawing and composition, pattern-making, and draping. In such design schools practical skills are mainly taught.

Other option is internship or apprenticeship. For that impressive portfolio is basic requirement. I believe for successful career, you should be willing to start at the bottom. Beginning phase is the opportunity to pick up important skills.

Ultimate Advice for Frequent Business Travelers: How to Reduce the Travel Stress and Much More

by Matt Brian

Traveling is not just exciting and fun but also helps you widen your horizons and connections. Here are some excellent benefits of traveling:
�Connecting with new people
�Seeing, exploring and experience-based learning about new places, their culture, history and people
And if you can do this while someone else pays for it, then the joy is definitely multiplied.
That said, business travel can be quite a challenge too, especially for those who need to travel frequently across the globe meeting and building new clients, attending umpteen meetings, catching up on work in the home office on returning from the trip, traveling even when sick and, most importantly, being away from family for long periods of time. But, duty calls and work has to be done and, after all, most of us work hard to keep our families happy and satisfied, right?
“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts and it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind,” said Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef, author and a world traveler.
So, instead of whining about the stresses of frequent business travel, it makes sense to create a positive mindset and prepare yourself well so that your travel experiences are productive and fun too. So, what are the most common problems that frequent business travelers encounter?
Packing problems – How much to pack? How many sets of clothes should I carry? What about undergarments? How can I keep clothes wrinkle-free? How many bags should I take?
Health problems – Frequent traveling can take its toll on your health. Here are a couple of travel-based sickness triggers:
�Little or no access to home-cooked, healthy meals
�Untimely meals
�Irregular or the complete lack of physical activity
�Unfamiliar and unaccustomed climate conditions
�Excessive exposure to artificially air conditioned environments such as planes and airports
�Unhygienic accommodations
Airport- and document-related problems – How long does it take to get through security? What can I carry in my luggage while traveling by air? How do you keep documents safe and secure? How do you prevent theft? How do you handle flight delays, overbookings, and lots more?
Tech-related problems – In today’s technology-driven world, you have to have your mobile phone, laptop, eBook reader, etc. for productivity. How do you handle the various tech-related issues? Should I carry chargers for all my devices? Will I get seamless access to Wi-Fi in the place to which I am traveling? What do I do in case of loss of gadgets, especially mobiles and laptops where critical office-related information and contacts are stored?
Time management problems – Traveling from place to place, quite often in different time zones, can wreak havoc on your time management. Typically, there are tons of activities to be completed within short spans of time. Then, there are those delays caused at airports, stations, by latecomers, etc.
Other than the above, there are umpteen problems that plague the frequent business traveler. Wise travelers expect these issues and prepare and plan for them to ensure these issues don’t throw their lives out of gear. This book has tips for each of the problems stated above and some more. Read on to find out how you can be a more efficient, productive, and happy frequent business traveler than now.

Sewing Machine Lego WeDo unofficial building instruction: Robotic motorized model unofficial building instruction for Lego WeDo 9580 set

by Vyacheslav Gergert

Sewing Machine â?? robotic model of Lego WeDo 9580 unofficial building instruction. This model simulates the mechanism of the sewing machine: crank mechanism.

Life Stings: The Overcomer

by Tawan Williams

I was born and raised in what we refer to as the hood, the great city of East Saint Louis, the city of champions. I’m writing not because I’m a writer, nor because I need money. But, I’m writing this book because I needed to share with you something that changed many lives including mine. However, most people take it to the grave with them. Not because it is a secret, nor are they hiding it. Most didn’t share and coach others because it is a calling and a gift that most are fearful of. It requires time, dedication, passion and most importantly, transparency. You must be real and straight up as you lead. No one wants to willingly re-live every traumatic, painful, dark, ugly, sickening, and despiteful experience that occurred in their life just to try to help someone they don’t even know or someone that may not even care enough to listen. I know this because I have done the same severally. However, God gave me grace and mercy to live through my trauma, which also gifted me with the ability to tell my story. Prayerfully, I will be able to coach you in your journey to greatness through my pain.THE OVERCOMER CREED I refuse to lay down in the failures of life beaten down and hang ups. I am powerful and strong. Hercules does not have anything on me for he was born strong with no life experiences. I am the overcomer the one who has slapped defeat dead in the mouth and walked forward with my head held high. My life hard comings have made me strong and I’m victorious at all the battles that come up against me. The Dominion is mine and weakness is not an option, but power, love, and a sound mind. Watch me fly, fly to the highest heights. Glory to God that I did not die but I have risen above my night and the brighter day has come to sight. Praise to God the glorious Light of my life. We as young adults must live a life that is very difficult but not impossible. The Impossible is possible for that is what we call Faith, and our Bishops have instilled this in us often. So, I ask that you say this with me with power and conviction. THE REST OF MY LIFE WILL BE THE BEST OF MY LIFE (Repeat x3)

How to grow your kids to be smart and respectful: Dancing into the future…

by Prince Chukwuka

When we talk about raising smart and respectful kids, it sure does sound fascinating but to many parents it’s simply unrealistic. It takes not only discipline, time and attention from the side of the parents but also deals with hacking into your child’s subconscious and growing them into adults that will be proud to express their love and gratitude for the efforts you’ve put into their lives.
It does seem unrealistic, because the society we live in today actually tailors our kids into giving them a false sense of happiness, leading to eventual depression. Consequently, making them look unrespectful, short sighted and ungrateful people. For parents and potential parents it hurts to see your lovely baby be the exact opposite of what you’ve dreamt of. You may say “it’s too late to change anything” or “my child just picked up one of my traits” and nothing can be done about it. I can guarantee you that underneath that stubborn heart of your child is the desire to become a better person. I bet nothing can make you feel more like a fulfilled mom/dad.
In all these, singles and expectant couples are the luckier of the group for they get to have a fore knowledge of what lies ahead of them. This book is one opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you have a growing kid, you still got time but really have to act fast enough.
There are many books and articles that give guidelines to bringing forth the best out of our kids, but none seemed to project a complete picture of what parenting actually entails. This book ” HOW TO GROW KIDS TO BE SMART AND RESPECTFUL” encompasses all the required approaches; mental, psychological, health and physical plus pre developmental phases every child goes through.
Depression is one of the leading ills plaguing our society today, and this stems from stereotyped parenting, and I implore everyone(parents, uncles, aunts, teachers, potential parents) that has the same yearn and crave towards seeing a better global community of individuals that look out for one another to hereby act and turn the trend of stereotyped parenting. Our childern, our future will be here dancing to our beats even after we’re no longer here.
In this book, my team and I have invested our time to put together all we really need to achieve this common goal, and make it a reality. BELIEVE IT, IT’S A STRESS-FREE WAY TO ENSURE THE FUTURE HAPPINESS OF YOUR FAMILY.

Neobux – Gana 20 Dolares Al Día Facilmente: La Mejor Estrategia (Spanish Edition)


¿Quieres ganar dinero desde la comodidad de tu hogar facilmente? Neobux es todo lo que buscas. En esta guia encontrarás un camino el cual te indica los sencillos pasos que debes seguir para ganar 20 dolares por día en la página.
600 Dolares o mas por mes y solo por adquirir este libro a 2.99 dolares.

No dejes pasar la oportunidad. Esta es la estrategia exacta que utilizo para ganar 20 dolares al día en la web y ahora la comparto contigo.

Gocce di giovanile saggezza: Un viaggio alla scoperta dell’Europa che fa crescere i giovani, con Erasmus+ (Italian Edition)

by Carmen Olanda

Quando mi hanno chiesto di realizzare questo Instant book il primo interrogativo che mi sono posta era come dare spazio alle tante voci dei protagonisti di questa bell’avventura europea. Da dove partire lo sapevo, avevo i quasi 100 diari dello stage che i ragazzi hanno redatto per documentare la loro esperienza, ma anche per riflettere sul senso di questo percorso, che per i più è stato un’esperienza di vita e non solo di formazione. Più arduo era dare unitarietà alle tante voci e testimonianze emerse, perché avessero al tempo stesso il valore di un bilancio da trarre e di uno stimolo per il futuro.
Non mancano in questo libro le testimonianze degli adulti ed una panoramica sui tirocini svolti.

nekkestukyoingakaroshisuruhontonoriyu (Japanese Edition)

by Fujikawa Shinji

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INTEGRAL CALCULUS study of integral calculus integral calculus by substitution method six important integrals different types of integrals integration by parts standard integrals definite integrals

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