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Rage Religion

by Bobby Barredo

When the leaping, gnawing, blue monsters come into town, the modern-day Samurai warriors are out ready to save the day.


The city is overrun by leaping, rabid zombies out to kill anyone in their path. And Tiffany’s fabulous dream wedding happening up in the rooftop of an upscale hotel is challenged by her ex. She must decide between the eccentric billionaire who promises to love her and the old flame who is now ready to give her what she had wanted. But selecting the right man requires more than what her heart dictates; Tiffany must first pick up the sword and join the modern-day samurai warriors to defend everything she cares for against the blue-menace who threatens to wipe them all out.

Rage Religion is romantic drama filled with explosive action which promises not only entertain but blow you away!


“Hello, Daddyâ??” The dead kids greet with a concert of terror conspicuous in their hideous expression.

Tiffany, in turn, rotates to face Wyatt; she, too, flashes an equally frightening grin.

“Hi, sweetheart, care to join in?”


The beauty that was once unambiguous is all but gone; the designer wedding dress which elegantly showcases the dangerous curves her shape proudly illustrates is sopping blood, concurrent with the parlor-made hair, messed up like a hurricane comes to wreck it.

Tiffany’s stockings have run, the elbow length lace gloves which adore the overall composition, showcasing her as an astonishingly stunning bride have torn to match the big bite on her right arm which splits the flesh gap deep: the wedding Tiffany Thomas had fantasized since childhood is, without a doubt, implicitly obliterated.

The cutthroat jets deliver a barrage of detrimental sorties, carving holes on local roads, vehicles, and damaging nearby establishments from rapid fires of machine guns; smashing windowpanes and walls while contemporaneously knocking the dead walkers off the ground.

But, unless hit directly to the head, the zombies spring back to pace forward or crawl mutilated, void of any pain despite guts gushing, hanging out from the exposed bellies.

Military choppers touch ground on Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and nearby streets with troops from the National Guard in full battle gear, armed with flamethrowers and machine guns, they ignite and shoot at the nemesis relentlessly.


The crimson fire suddenly envelops and quickly escalates in circumferential speed, dashing like tumbling domino blocks, spread to encompass the whole spectrum outward, turning what was earlier a landscape of beauty into a scathing, raging infernoâ??casting them to the punishing nature of hell.

Worse, at the farthest end of the fiery realm, where the view rushes to past the wailing, incinerated souls despairingly clamoring to climb onto the sharp rock formations, the diabolical figure of Satan himself zooms in.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Laughter roars.

Looking from a distance, he towers over his dominion.

Black and red gradating to hues of orange and yellow, Satan burns like a madman with sharp fangs and a pair of twisted horns on his head, mocking a roaring laugh, amused to behold the sea of agony, the suffering mass of misguided characters in the nucleus of his rule. A large, three prongs fork scepter is prominent in his grasp.


The inimical heat then impels to devour the startled George, igniting him on fire similar to a wood doused in combustible propellant, melting his flesh like plastic, incinerated to liquify, dripping and shrieking in excruciating pain; Kyla dissolves out of view, abandoning him.

Holders – The Search: Volume 1 – Terion (The Holders Book 2)

by Matthew Skermer

Newlyweds Isaac and Shamira – members of a race blessed with incredible powers – begin their search to uncover the malicious plans of Shamira’s late father. On arrival at their destination their optimism is shattered, but somewhere on the planet of Terion a secret is concealed that some would even kill to obtain.

Scapegoat (Designated Scapegoat Book 1)

by Deirdre Gould

Outside the facility, the peace laws must be observed.

For a hundred and fifty points, you can spend an hour with a designated scapegoat. No one outside will ever know what you do there. You are encouraged to shout, to complain, to cry, if it will help to calm you.

For two hundred points, you may strike them. They will never strike back.

Abrasions, heavy bruising, first degree burns, are five hundred. The scapegoats will endure it and they will never name you or your…needs.

A few thousand if your rage requires you to break a bone. Scapegoats are not law-abiding like you. They deserve it. They succumb to their passions too easily without our control. It has led to their downfall. The pain you inflict is their redemption. You teach them the patience and resolution that they have lacked their entire lives.

For seven thousand points, you can give them absolution. Final forgiveness. In whatever manner most relieves you. Because outside the facility, the peace laws must be observed.

Remember the creed of the Designated Scapegoats: Through our suffering, may you find peace.

They will not complain. They will not resist. They will not fight back.

Until now.

Dreamglow (Glowing Series Book 2)

by V.J.LEE

When plain unassuming curly haired Rose Samuel got pulled into the sleek, sexy Light alien world, she
never dreamed she would find her niche being their therapist. Heck, a few months ago had anyone told
her this alien race existed she would have pointed them in the direction of the nearest psychiatrist.
Falling for the stunningly gorgeous long-haired lead Healer Apollo was a major perk of her job. Now if
Rose could get Apollo to make time for her, it would be a dream come true.
Apollo didn’t have time for distractions, and the inquisitive little Rose was a huge distraction. His destiny
as the lead healer for his race took up most of his time the rest was devoted to his mission of finding his
family-the same beings that betrayed the entire colony. With their enemies, the Dark Ones not only
trying to enslave all humankind but also unleashing a new dark predator onto the Light there was barely
time even to sleep much less have a relationship.
Will Rose and Apollo be able to use the light in their relationship to connect their dreams or will the
darkness lurking inside forever pull them into nightmares.

Luellen & Lucy

by Dee DeTarsio

“A charming Gone With the Wind era love story . . .”

The Civil War is over, but for Luellen, the battle has just begun. Just like Scarlett’s persnickety sister, Luellen has a chip on her shoulder, and scar on her heart.

When she and her best friend, Lucy, pack up their secrets and set about rebuilding their lives up north, Luellen thinks she has found true love with the town doctorâ??until a train robbery changes everything.

Humor, strong female characters, surprise twist endingâ?¦sweet cozy historical mystery of romantic suspense.

The Fence Walker: Book 3 of The Fall Series

by Stephen Cross

The Fall happened so quickly. Within months billions are turned, and the undead roam the empty world hunting for flesh, their appetite never satiated, never appeased…

A community of survivors seek refuge in a holiday park on the Cornish coast. A thousand souls are protected by the Fence, a ramshackle construction that keeps the world outside and all its horrors at bay. Jack walks the Fence daily, his job to maintain and repair the fragile barrier. As the days pass, he begins to discover weaknesses forming, but with the community straining under growing numbers and the complacency of apparent safety, his warnings go unheeded.

The horde outside the Fence grows, and relations inside falter as new arrivals unsettle the balance. How long can the Fence stand before it breaks, and all hell rains through?

Night of the Loon: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story

by BJ Mountford

This is a story of survival and love in 2044. Luce, in a deteriorating marriage, is alone at a remote lake when the world goes crazy with high lightning, low orbit explosions, earthquakes and rising water. An unknown neighbor arrives. The two fall into each other’s arms and what started out as mutual support turns into sex. Afterwards, Luce consoles the horrified Jake that this is normal crisis behavior.

They rescue an old friend and check on other residents. All power is out; nothing works. Two of the winter residents hike out and report that the blackout is wider spread than they thought. A cosmic collision with something resembling antimatter has caused the defense satellites to malfunction, bombing urban centers and releasing lethal, long-term, biological agents. People from the cities are migratingâ??and dying.

Then a survivor brings more information and the lakers realize their old world is gone. They must learn how to live off the landâ??and establish a new life.

Forward flashes show how their decisions affect the future generations, in particular a youth whose life becomes intertwined with that of his ancestors.

Lethbridge-Stewart – A Very Private Haunting: A Doctor Who spin-off series.

by Sharon Bidwell

The Brigadier, from BBC TV’s Doctor Who, investigates a gruesome shadow creature.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is not a man who likes to leave things unfinished. He is, therefore, at a loss when forced into taking leave after his recent tussle with a ‘shadow creature’, a case that has yet to be fully resolved.

Ann Travers is tired of the loss burning in her heart. So when Lethbridge-Stweart is called to Glencross to help the son of an old friend, she insists on going with him.

In Glencross, young Tomas Campbell has gone missing, and his friends band together to uncover the dark secret at the heart of the village. Meanwhile, Arthur Penrose has returned to his ancestral home to find a haunted residence, and a doll with a message.

What connects the doll to the strange sounds that scurry around Penrose Manor, why do the adults of Glencross seem so intent on keeping their children from leaving the village, and what has all this got to do with the ‘shadow creature’? It is up to Lethbridge-Stewart and Ann to find out.

Lethbridge-Stewart – The New Unusual: A Doctor Who spin-off novel.

by Adrian Sherlock

The Brigadier, from BBC TV’s Doctor Who, travels to Australia to track down the mysterious dream egg.

It’s the early 1970s, a time of change, a time of turmoil, a time of surrealism, LSD and the Age of Aquarius, a time of fads, Moon landings and wars, and the young people of the world are seeking something new – and unusual!

For Anne Travers, an encounter with a so-called “dream egg” is just the beginning of a long nightmare. Her scientific curiosity aroused, Anne begins to probe the secret underground scene known as “dream-ins” where students and others meet to get involved with a new craze and, perhaps, something far more alien to human experience.

And for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, who finds himself drawn into Anne’s investigations, this probe will lead himand the Fifth Operational Corps to the wilderness of the Australian Outback, to a little opal mining town called Coober Pedy and a search for answers.

Lethbridge-Stewart – The Man From Yesterday: A Doctor Who spin-off series.

by Nick Walters

The Brigadier, from BBC TV’s Doctor Who, is reunited with his father, but why has he returned to Earth?

Gordon’s alive?

The English Channel, May 1945. Leading his squadron of Hawker Typhoons back to base from a traumatic mission in the Baltic, Wing Commander Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart goes missing – one of the unsolved mysteries of the Second World War.

Cromer, 1970. Doctor Anne Travers and Lieutenant Bill Bishop are investigating a mysterious phenomenon after hearing reports of â??pink lightning’ seen over the Norfolk coast, while strange elfin creatures are glimpsed by the locals. And in the Red Fort, his new base of operations deep below Norwich, General James Gore is making his plans.

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart receives a phone call that will change his life. Could it be, after all this time, that his father has come back from yesterday?

Stone of Eternity

by Hylton Smith

On a remote rocky coastline in Norway, a strange discovery turns the small nearby village into a cauldron of public protest. The implications uncovered by the ensuing investigation of the stone then raises questions regarding the accepted historical accuracy of the entire country and beyond. Suspected censorship of further analytical revelations undermines any remaining trust between the various factions, until a leaked report shocks the world.

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