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Second Chances

by Jeremy Soldevilla

When you go through hell, sometimes the best way to survive is with your best friend by your side.

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel Turner excels at training pit bulls for illegal fights. When he runs into trouble with the law, he is given an ultimatum to either go to jail or join the military. He opts for the Army where he straightens out and serves as a handler of a bomb-sniffing dog he names Samuel L. Jackson. The two have each other’s back through terrible situations in war-torn Afghanistan. A brutal RPG explosion changes everything. The book shines a spotlight on the brave service of military working dogs and what they experience both on the battlefield and in coping with PTSDâ??an issue few people are familiar with, as well as tackling the debilitating aspects of PTSD, opioid addiction and suicide.

The book shines a light on the difficulties both veterans and Military Working Dogs (MWDs) suffer when dealing with PTSD. It provides hope for veterans and their loved ones in dealing with this issue.

Fight 2: To Fight Again

by Betsy Ross

Kent and Ashley try to overcome their past, not only their service to their country but the very people who broke their heart. The memories taunt them every day, but how will they be able to move on? They begin to fall into situations that bring them hope, but is it enough to heal a broken heart?John and Leslie struggle to make ends meet, but some things are easier said than done. They fortunately crossed paths again since getting out of the Army, but everything changed since the night Derick died. This isn’t the battlefield and they aren’t the same people they were when they wore their uniform. Is life really all that different or is it all in their head?

Eng-never: Sure, sweet, surrender Part1& 2

by Martin Dyer

An action packed yet romantic story!
Welcome to a world devastated by a world war and a volcano that destroyed the farming industry, London has been left to decay for years, leaving London to be ruled by two opposing families.

A story of two families’ was once written in the spirit of hell. When two noble knights come back to London to reclaim the decayed city, where the trees taken back what rightfully was there’s. The animals climb the old stairs where war once poisoned each property with bombs or bullets. But thanks to two noble men and their king Trever duke peace was retaken. With a volcano eruption that starved millions. A new world war continued ripping into England’s spirit. Then with the war being won, peace should have followed. But the two noble men turn there army on themselves allowing hell to rise once again. But soon a decision could change a time that should already be free.

Journey Home Trilogy: Bookset 1-3

by C.A. Simonson

Adventure, drama, mystery, and romance all find a place in these down-home stories that will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. Seven children abandoned by a drunken father. They only had one choice. Separate to survive. As each goes their separate ways, Love’s Journey Home trilogy follows their hardships, joys, their real-life experiences based on true events. Will they ever find each other again? Is it possible to make it on your own with no one to depend on?

A Sound Of Distant Thunder

by William E. Sherrill

A Sound Of Distant Thunder is Historical Fiction taking place during the last year of the American Civil War as it was experienced in Virginia. It centers on Petersburg, Virginia, where the citizens have managed to avoid most of the hardships of the war. That situation changes as the story opens in the spring of 1864. After failing to advance upon Richmond through direct attacks, The Union Army of the Potomac moves undetected in the direction of Petersburg. The arrival of a Union Cavalry advance marks the beginning of the interest that the Union Army has with the city of Petersburg. The Army of the Potomac arrives shortly thereafter, and it does not leave until the city has endured nine months of siege, which only ends with a horrible death march to Appomattox Courthouse, where the Army of Northern Virginia finally surrenders.
A Sound Of Distant Thunder tells of both the men fighting in the Army and the women fighting the battle of the home front.
This story centers around the Stoner family:
– Jacob Stoner, the strong patriarch who has managed to keep Oak Manor and his family isolated from the war due to a belief that it is wrong for Christians to fight. Jacob attempts to hold on to his faith and beliefs even in the midst of hardship over which he has no control.
– John Stoner, Jacob’s eldest son, who has followed Jacob’s lead in his attitude toward the war in spite of the repercussions he has personally experienced. John is suddenly faced with an anger that brings out a desire for bloodshed, and he becomes consumed with a hatred from which he may not be able to return.
– Emily Stoner, John’s wife, who has resented the fact that her husband has refused to fight in a war that has already caused the death of her own father in combat, resulting in the erosion of her relationship with John. Emily suddenly finds herself the matriarch of the plantation in the absence of the men, and she struggles for the wisdom and strength to hold the family together in the midst of the siege.
– Sarah Stoner, Jacob’s only daughter who has desired nothing more than to honor her father and love her family. Sarah suddenly finds herself without those whom she has loved and to whom she has looked for strength, but she finds love and strength in places she had not looked for them.
– Paul Stoner, who, at the age of sixteen, cannot wait until he is old enough to join the Confederate cause in spite of his father’s disapproval. Paul finds himself involved in more than he can manage when the fighting begins, and soon he is forced to make difficult decisions about himself, his family, and his beliefs.
-Taylor Kendall, Emily’s brother, who has fought with the Stonewall Brigade since the onset of the war, and has been consumed with hatred since the death of his father two years prior. Taylor now enters back into the lives of the Stoners just as they begin to face their own hardships, and he is determined to stand by John even though he no longer has any hope for victory.
– Lindsey Archibald, who has fought beside Taylor for three years, and who now, unexpectedly, becomes a part of the Stoner household as the situation at Oak Manor rapidly gets worse. Lindsey, who has desired only to fight and survive the war, finds new motivations and desires.
-Hezekiah, Jacob’s faithful household servant, who loves the family and stands beside Emily and Sarah even though he has the opportunity to abandon them. Hezekiah proves to be an invaluable asset and source of strength and encouragement to the family.
Follow the lives of the Stoners along with Taylor and Lindsey as they encounter and endure the Battle of The Wilderness, the Bloody Angle, the Siege of Petersburg, Point Lookout Federal Prison Camp, Elmira Federal Prison Camp, the destruction of the Shenandoah Valley, and the death march toward Appomattox.

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