Free fantasy Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

From the Ashes: It was then that I knew nothing was too impossible to exist (Cascada Book 1)

by Allison Bayles

Tara Madison is forced to start over when she divorces her abusive husband, Don who has vowed to take her life. Forced to assume a new identity, she finds secrets her father has left behind and a destiny she didn’t think possible. When a new friend introduces her to a world she never could have imagined she learns that she is heir to the throne in a supernatural realm. Where she must learn to overcome the ghosts of her past and new enemies she’d never known existed.

The Silver Queen and Other Dragon Tales: A Collection of Short Dragon Stories

by Naomi Lastrucci

A battle between a dragon and a knightâ?¦ from the dragon’s perspective.
A boy who must negotiate his way out of being eaten.
And a young outcast drake desperately searching for a way to fit in.

These are the tales that await you in the pages of The Silver Queen, a collection of three short stories about dragons!

The Magic Chest: Into Tu’roc

by M. Jackson-Hartway

It’s Christmas Eve at Grandmama’s home where an eight-year-old girl and her twin brother discover a mysterious box within their deceased grandfather’s old army chest — an ancient relic that opens the gateway into another world… Tu’roc.

They find that Tu’roc is a wondrous place; one of beauty and intriguing creatures. But Tu’roc has become a very dangerous world, plagued by the evil toad queen who seeks to conquer all of the lands — and ultimately, return to the realm of earth.

Soon, the children find themselves in the middle of a different type of world war — one fought by humanoid creatures against the toad queen’s grotesque, deviant beasts. For the two humans, making it home is a fight they could never have imagined in their wildest nightmares. However, they find the courage, and the strength to help defeat the evil queen, and return home to another victory that awaits.

The Magic Chest is a Fantasy-Adventure for all ages, full of suspense, frightful moments, and an adrenaline rush.

Their Yard

by Zachary Byrd

-Shaking rural America to its core in 2016, behold the reenactment of the Their Yard phenomena. The witness based story in which three dissimilar families, each residing within three various locations, are tied together by one chilling and astonishing connection.

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