Free horror Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

Epic: Magick Bound

by A.L. Kruse

Seventeen-year-old Felicity Marianne McKaughnalin, aka Lissy, had an average if not disappointing life. Her father left when she was five, her mother remarried to Ron, a real winner, and she was lacking both friends and a boyfriend. Sent to live with her grandmother in Ireland, she wasn’t expecting her luck to suddenly change…but she also could never have predicted what was about to happen in Ireland, and beyond.
Barely off the plane, Lissy’s life is catapulted into a world of magick—she discovers the truth about her heritage, new friends, abilities beyond her imagining, and true love. With the help of a few odd allies, including ehlves, witches, pixies, dawdlers, a gnolf, and a most unusual cousin, she unravels the secrets of her life and battles the Dark forces that stalk her family like a sleek black panther. The real question is whether or not she can embrace the world of magick and protect those that she loves, without losing herself in the process…

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