Free humour Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

Destination Dysfunction

by Brett Morphis

In 2017, the old people wanted to gather the family one last time. One last gathering. A celebration of sorts. They thought they knew their family, the lifestyles and their pasts. Their dysfunctions. They didn’t.
Not one of the family members knew what to expect, they hadn’t seen each other in years, if ever. Seven nights, cramped on a cruise ship to the Caribbean. What was expected from each of them? Could they be themselves for seven whole nights? What could possibly go wrong? And, why the plum? The CruiseSniper is patient, picks his shots as needed. Did he bring enough ammo? The doctor, who is he?
Dysfunction at its finest. Looking for sex, drugs, gambling and drinking? Sit back and relax, the doctor has you covered. Destination Dysfunction brings to life this family and their real-life adventures.

My Mirror Lies To Me

by A.J. Goode

A.J. Goode is back with more tales of midlife adventures in small-town Michigan, tackling everything from online dating to finding the right bra. In between, she shares stories about her quirky family and some of the more memorable moments of parenting. There are bats, lots of seagull poop, and a hyperactive chihuahua named Diego, along with Nimrod the cat and a group of old ladies known as “The Amoeba.”

If you need a “Goode” laugh, you’re sure to find a few here. Goode’s upbeat stories are all about looking for reasons to laugh in the face of life’s everyday disasters and misadventures.

Mutant Mutts

by Adam Vogel

A large ship, which looks like a big black sausage, plunges into the sea between England and The Netherlands. Less than two days later, Amsterdam has been invaded. An invisible force field covering the city centre prevents human forces from striking back against their new enemy – an enemy that appears to be dogs.

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