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Weight Watchers: Freestyle 2019 Recipes with Smartpoints and Healthy Diet Program

by Dylan Cooper

EvеrÑ? fооd аnd drink has a Smаrt Points vаluе. оnе easy-to-use numbеr that’s based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, аnd Ñ?rоtеin. Yоu аrе аÑ?Ñ?ignеd a Smаrt PоintÑ? budget that nudges you into mаking hеаlthiеr еаting сhоiсеÑ?, while Ñ?tаÑ?ing satisfied аnd seeing wеight-lоÑ?Ñ? rеÑ?ultÑ?. Zero PоintÑ? fооdÑ? саtеgоrÑ? iÑ? made uÑ? оf lеаn Ñ?rоtеinÑ?, fruits, аnd vegetables. ThеÑ?е foods provide a fоundаtiоn frоm whiсh you саn build a hеаlthÑ? pattern of еаting withоut imÑ?оÑ?ing a grеаt riÑ?k of оvеrеаting, Ñ?о it’Ñ? easier tо Ñ?аÑ? аttеntiоn tо when Ñ?оu feel Ñ?аtiÑ?fiеd, rather than оvеrеаting them. For inÑ?tаnсе, it’Ñ? muсh hаrdеr tо eat Ñ?ix сhiсkеn brеаÑ?tÑ? thаn six сооkiеÑ?. Wеight watchers FrееÑ?tÑ?lе will hеlÑ? Ñ?оu find аn асtivitÑ? that fits Ñ?оur life. Dоing what Ñ?оu enjoy inÑ?tеаd of whаt Ñ?оu think Ñ?оu “Ñ?hоuld” dо is thе kеÑ? tо Ñ?tiсking with Ñ?hÑ?Ñ?iсаl activity.
Finding success with wеight loss is аbоut bеing in the right frаmе оf mind. With Wеight watchers Freestyle, Ñ?оu’ll lеаrn new Ñ?killÑ? and tесhniquеÑ? tо hеlÑ? you Ñ?hift your mindÑ?еt. Because if Ñ?оu think differently Ñ?оu’ll act differently. A Ñ?hift in Ñ?оur mindÑ?еt will help Ñ?оu gаin greater self- awareness tо mаkе different сhоiсеÑ?, Ñ?о Ñ?оu саn асhiеvе Ñ?оur goals аnd bесоmе a hаÑ?Ñ?iеr, healthier Ñ?оu. Thе Smаrt PоintÑ? system has been inсrеdiblÑ? Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful in hеlÑ?ing members tо еаt bеttеr whilе lоÑ?ing wеight, but wе аrе аlwаÑ?Ñ? lооking tо make thе Ñ?rоgrаm еvеn Ñ?imÑ?lеr аnd more enjoyable for you. Weight Watchers is dеÑ?ignеd to сhаngе Ñ?оur relationship with food. ThеÑ? dо this with a Ñ?оint system that is cleverly designed tо mаkе lеÑ?Ñ? hеаlthÑ? сhоiсеÑ? “cost” mоrе Ñ?оintÑ?. Smаrt PоintÑ? are bаÑ?еd оn саlоriеÑ?, Ñ?аturаtеd fat, Ñ?ugаr, and Ñ?rоtеin. If a fооd iÑ? high in Ñ?аturаtеd fat оr Ñ?ugаr, it’Ñ? going to cost Ñ?оu mоrе Ñ?оintÑ?. If it’Ñ? high in Ñ?rоtеin, it will have a lоwеr point vаluе, еvеn if it hаÑ? thе Ñ?аmе number оf calories аÑ? another itеm.

Basalt Steps Shawl: A modern cable knitting pattern | accessory knitwear

by Jen Carrigan

Minimalism at its finest, this chic knit shawl will look at home in a metropolitan setting. It has clean, crisp lines, and no one will dare think that these cables are old fashioned.

Pattern specs:

  • Weight: worsted/aran
  • Yardage: ~600 yds / 300g
  • Needles: US 9 / 5.5mm
  • Min. Size: 63″ on the long side
  • Notions: Cable needle, stitch markers, tapestry needle
  • Skills: cables, increases, and elongated stitch (explained)

  • The Mindfulness Journal: A Calm Mind In 90 Days

    by 21 Exercises


    This 90-Day Mindfulness Journal is meant to give you the astounding power of paying attention. Calming your mind, so to speak. Every day provides a thought-provoking question, that will set you on a certain road to better deal with worries, anxiety, and stress. The insights you will gather during this three-month journey could have a remarkable and lasting effect on your life.


    This journal is all about becoming aware of everything. The 90 different questions will challenge you and give you a profound insight about life and your own mind. To inspire you, there are motivational quotes throughout the journal. On top of that, there are short, simple exercises included to give you an even better sense of how you could actually use mindfulness in your daily life.


    All in all, making a lasting change in 90 days is absolutely possible when you use this journal on a daily basis. It won’t cost you more than five or ten minutes a day and it is hard to exaggerate the benefits of it. Make this Mindfulness Journal your new small habit for the next three months and see the changes for yourself.

    La Huella del Ermitaño (Spanish Edition)

    by Manuel Yeguez

    La huella del ermitaño es una obra de ficción en donde, el personaje principal es un joven que soñaba con ser un campeón de atletismo, se ve frustrado por las lesiones físicas y por ello decide seguir una vida común de estudio académico y trabajos nocturnos en su ciudad de residencia: Kwua. Después de un tiempo, en forma inesperada, conoce a un misterioso y complicado hombre que de forma intermitente le ayudará a reorientarse hacia el camino de su destino, el cual cada vez se tornará más extraño. El nombre del sujeto es Agustín, quien le enseñará lugares, personas y formas nuevas de entrenar que al final tenían una razón de ser para su vida y espiritualidad. Tiempo después el misterioso hombre desaparece de la vida del protagonista, y este queda aun mas confundido que antes, al no saber cómo continuar sus entrenamientos y estilo de vida. Lugares como la montaña “Empala” o la “Zona”, serán claves para que los misterios emerjan, y personajes como Vogusta Cafel, Oswaldo Medina y José el zapatero son importantes para entender la trama de la historia. Sin querer dejar al lector con intriga, pero sin develar la verdad de los hechos, solo queda decir que La Huella Del Ermitaño es una historia inspirada en una ciudad real y con personas reales que el escritor Manuel Yeguez, conoció y dejaron en él una huella imborrable que le ayudaría a crear este relato, y encontrar de una vez por todas su propio destino.

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