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New School Math for Old School Parents: Is Your Kid Ready for the 21st Century?

by Matthew Haber

There is a huge disconnect right now between our current educational system and the 21st Century. Many college grads are underemployed, companies are not satisfied with the skills that prospective employees bring to the table and math anxiety is at an all time high. Parents have been the most under informed group involving current reforms in education. Matthew Haber is a change-agent who has dedicated his career to supporting educators and parents in supporting our nation’s children to ensure they thrive in the 21st Century.

C.O.M.F.O.R.T: For Caregivers of those with Special Needs or Chronic Disease

by Toyin Fasosin

Are you the parent, spouse, or grandparent of a person with special needs?
Are you the caregiver for someone experiencing a chronic or terminal disease?
First off, I want to commend you, I commend you for the great work you’re doing.

As the mother of a child with special needs, I share with you the acronym C.O.M.F.O.R.T
Take comfort with me and a global community of parents, spouses, children, grandparents and caregivers of people with special needs, and those with chronic disease.

How The Sequester Affects Fashion Schools: fashion theory

by Hemal Gandhi

Practically speaking, To become a Fashion Designer no certification required. Anybody can be fashion designer. You should have burning desire for it.

The path is not that much simple as it sounds. Although you can achieve it. To become successful fashion designer, you need to concentrate few basic things:

You will have to be good with pen, pencil and sketch. You should have good drawing knowledge. Always fill your mind with different designs and bring it to the real world through your drawing power. 

Training a Service Dog: Complete Guide on How to Train a Professional Service Dog without a Professional Trainer

by Andre Paul

Training a Service Dog

Complete Guide on How to Train a Professional Service Dog without a Professional Trainer

Inside this book we will analyze the whole lot you need to recognize approximately the laws and guidelines that govern your possession and usage of your service dog. You will become nicely versed in how to correctly examine and pick out a Service Dog, what kind of Service Dog is high-quality for you, and the ins and outs of why the selection manner is so strict. You can even discover ways to capture and keep your dogs interest even below high distraction and construct that unbreakable bond.
And most importantly, this e book will assist you construct your dog obedience – the very foundation with a view to make your canine the high-quality Service Dog ever.

Finally, and arguably the maximum thrilling part, is teaching your dog the tasks that will advantage you that independence! No matter your disability, there may be something for anyone in right here.
Read this book thoroughly, follow the step-by using instructions, and practice the training well, then you and your dog will do very well together!
Buy this book NOW and train the best service dog ever

Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds, Resurrect Dreams And Create A Life Full Of Love

by Sara Gibbons

Are you having trouble coming to terms with a divorce or the loss of a close relationship?

Maybe you are feeling lost, alone and insecure after your breakup?

Divorce can leave you emotionally raw and vulnerable, and it can take months, years or even decades to get back on an even keel.

Discover the 5 keys that will show you how to climb out of that pit of emotional pain and get back on track fast for a life filled with peace of mind, optimism and purpose.

Sara Gibbons has been a lifestyle strategist and health practitioner for over 20 years and has successfully helped hundreds of clients improve and move on in their lives during this time. She has a degree in sociology, and extensive training, experience and qualifications in counselling, nutrition and personal development, as well as a variety of other healing therapies and disciplines.  

Having been through a painful and debilitating divorce herself and come out the other side with a huge passion for and delight in life, her purpose here is to guide you and help you create what you really want for yourself.

â??Rise Again After Divorce’ covers in a practical and engaging way how to implement the 5 keys that are critical to turning things around for you.

  •      recognising the importance of you and how that leads to your improved sense of self-worth
  •      revealing new understandings of what has been happening, and why, giving you peace
  •      the cause of why you find yourself where you are, leading to a greater sense of acceptance
  •      how to develop your vision for the future and create the life you want with joy
  •      the importance of support and how to get it, opening you up to an abundance of love

Let Sara show you how to get in the driving seat of your own life so you can avoid repeating history and move forward with a clear purpose.

When you know both what to do and how to see it through in an effective and powerful way, you will find that your whole life will change.  You will feel more confident and have hope for your future. You will be able to leave the past where it belongs, make your dreams for the future a reality, and know how to skip around any stumbling blocks that threaten to prevent that happening.

â??Rise Again After Divorce’ is for you whether you’re feeling helpless and hopeless about your divorce, simply want some tips to help understand more and make further improvements in your life or are most definitely ready to leave the past firmly where it belongs and move on in style.

If you want to get yourself and your life back, then â??Rise Again After Divorce’ is a must read.

Click buy now to get started on your new life.

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