Free reference Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

The Christian Exodus: Growing in Christ to enter the Promised Land.

by Dan Harris

A guide from average Christian living to living in the Kingdom of God.
This book explains how the Exodus of the Children of Israel is a type of the Christian life.
We move from Egypt (Unsaved) through the Red Sea (first baptism) (Salvation) into the wilderness (Discipleship) through the Jordan River (second baptism) (Baptism of the Holy Spirit) and into the Promised Land (the Kingdom of God)
This book explains the two aspects of forgiveness and the confusion caused by not discerning the difference between salvation forgiveness and fellowship forgiveness.
The whole purpose of this book is to lead Christians out of the wilderness stage of their lives into the Kingdom living stage so they may fully glorify God.

Learn Spanish vocabulary and phrases for travel ( be understood by all Spanish speakers)

by The Spanish Guru

Wonder how to buy a ticket for the train in Spain? Need to book a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina or want to buy a newspaper in La Paz, Bolivia? This phrasebook will help you do that and more. Written in both English and Spanish, this short phrasebook includes vocabulary that is understood in all 21 Spanish-speaking nations around the world. Grab your copy today and get on the road- buen viaje- have a great trip!

Facebook Profile Image-Mirror to your IQ?: A Study to Understand Relation Between Actual and Perceived Intelligence

by Tanvi Chaturvedi

“Can people accurately estimate intelligence solely from one’s Facebook profile image? Are people similar in terms of viewing intelligence? Regardless of accuracy, do profile image characteristics influence individual predilections for rating someone as more intelligent than others? This study was conducted at the University of Cambridge, using a psychometric approach to provide meaningful answers to these and other perplexing questions. The research addresses important gaps in the extant literature and will be very useful to social media researchers and others who are willing to push the envelope in order to understand the determinants of individual perception and intelligence estimates using the profile image.”

Progetti di vita ed altre storie: Progetto formativo e di orientamento. Alternanza scuola-lavoro (Italian Edition)

by Dott.ssa Alda Picozzi

Il Liceo delle Scienze Umane, Sociale e Musicale “Santa Rosa da Viterbo” è un istituto la cui storia è carica di umanesimo, di tolleranza e di inclusione.
 In un’epoca nella quale la paura dell’altro e degli altri genera risentimento, si corre il rischio che il futuro venga percepito dalle nuove generazioni più come minaccia che come speranza.
Parliamo dei nostri alunni/e che vivono con noi, giorno per giorno, l’avventura dell’educazione.  A loro, per loro e con loro abbiamo pensato, ideato e realizzato “Progetti di vita ed altre storie”, con l’idea che Equità è dare a tutti l’opportunità di essere sé e di realizzare le proprie attese, le proprie potenzialità, i propri sogni: nessuno escluso.

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