Free religious fiction Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

Christmas in Cahokia: Song of the Owl (The Sacred Messenger Series Book 2)

by Karen Hulene Bartell

The earth has music for those who listen . . .

Veterinarian and owl-lover Ceci Lupo is an oddityâ??she sees music as colorful dancing notes. Be it sacred music, rap, or jazz, to her, it’s healingâ??it’s the voice of God.

After uncovering a mysterious urn of ashes, then discovering she was adopted, Ceci sets off on a journey to investigate her ancestry. Her search leads her from a St. Louis blues nightclub to the Cathedral Basilica for Gregorian Chant to an archeological dig at the sacred pyramid at Cahokia. As the present overlaps with the past, she learns of an earthbound spirit linked to the ancient Cahokian culture.

Along her quest, an undiscovered murder triggers a re-thinking of her life. How much of her past can be trusted? And who is she, really? As Ceci unearths her roots, she begins the process of realizing the world is a more extraordinary place than she ever imagined.

Set in Cahokia, Illinois, home to North America’s largest pyramid, Christmas in Cahokia: Song of the Owl celebrates music and the mystical, as it embraces the truth of who we are.

Isolated (War and Wilderness Book 1)

by Jordy Leigh

War and Wilderness, book one: Isolated

* * *


Within fateful hours, she was homeless and an orphan.

“Time stood still. â??If my parents are right about God, then I’m doomed.’ She rolled over, but her thoughts stayed with her.”

Fourteen-year-old Louise Stella flees into the forest to escape an intruder who would take her hostage. But by the time she returns to her house, her country has broken out in war and her home island has become a military base. Sharing the land with enemy soldiers, Louise’s only goal is to stay alive one day at a time. Having no food or water, and little knowledge of how to survive in the forests of Quebec, her biggest adversary is “the Unknown”. Her pride crumbles and she realizes that she can’t sustain herself. She must depend on someone else… but Who?

‘Isolated’ is a Young Adult suspense novella with uncertainty lurking at every turn. It will have you asking the big questions about life and death. Will you come to the same conclusion as Louise?

* * *


Isolated is the first novella in a four-part series of Young Adult (YA) Suspense. It is recommended for an audience aged 14-24. The content is free of swearing or strong language, and sexual references.

WARNING: The story takes place during a (non-historical) time of war. Some scenes involve gunfire and wounds. The author has chosen to emphasize the reaction of the protagonist rather than to capitalize on graphic descriptions of the injuries. In order to help you make a decision regarding whether or not this book is compatible with your standards, please refer to this excerpt:

“She stepped across the tree line at the back of the cabin, then froze. Lying face down were two bloodied bodies … A mixture of emotions overwhelmed Louise at the sight of _______, dead on the ground alongside _______. A chill began in her chest and spread across her shoulders. She gagged, unaccustomed to seeing so much blood. Then she felt sorry for them…”

*Note: parts of the above excerpt were omitted for the purpose of not spoiling the story. Everything included is sufficient to make an accurate assessment regarding the intensity of violence.

This book reflects the beliefs and worldviews to which the author holds. She has endeavored to keep all aspects of the book in line with what she sincerely believes to be true about God.

Triple Christmas Blessings

by Liberty Gaines

A real man. Faithful woman. A lonely child. And a God who answers!

Five years ago, on Christmas Eve, Collin Watson lost his two-year-old son when his ex-wife, who was a junkie, took the boy and disappeared. He despairs of ever finding his son but never stops praying for the boy to be safe wherever he is. This year he is praying for a Christmas miracle.

Mabel Green is an Elementary School teacher and she doesn’t know why she is drawn to the seven year old boy who just joined her class at the beginning of the year. She is single and longs to find a man who will love her deeply, and she prays that this Christmas she won’t be alone.

Taylor Brown has known a lot of pain in his short life and his only respite comes from his teacher, who cares about him, ensuring that he eats at least one good meal a day. He longs to find a good family who will take him in so he can have a wonderful Christmas this year.

Three yearning hearts brought together by the magic and love of Christmas.

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