Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Dec 18

The Pathfinder Initiative: Shadow Apocalypse, Book One

by PJ White

In 2065, terrorists seized control of a nuclear weapons instillation in Northern Russia and in one act of fanaticism, they sealed the fate of mankind.
Leaving behind their irradiated homelands, the survivors of the Earth head out into the night and start the hugely ambitious and dangerous task of building a permanent colony on Mars.
The year is now 2102 and against the odds, the Sanctuary colony and its inhabitants have thrived and have started to explore other worlds.
Hundreds of light years away on Ashen 2, a team of scientists make an unprecedented breakthrough that could herald a new golden era for mankind, but instead unleashes a new and unpredictable terror.
When communication with Ashen 2 is lost, a mission to investigate is quickly launched.
Amongst the team is Robert Hewson, an experimental physicist responsible for the ongoing terraforming of Mars.
Hewson soon finds himself being carried along in a whirlwind, as he and the rescue team engage a faceless enemy across space and time.
Something has been watching them from beyond the veil and the fight for survival has just begun.

A Trapper’s Tale (mouse house Book 1)

by chad harter

The story of a lonely old man with a terrible secret.

The War Within #1: Victims (Monster War)

by Marcus Rodham Perry

The first part of the War Within series, a Monster War event!

What would you do if you woke up in a strange place, not knowing how you got there? What if you didn’t know your own name? And how would you react if you discovered that the world is being dominated by bloodthirsty monsters?
He didn’t know what was happening.
He didn’t know what are those beasts hunting him, or where he was, or even who he was. He didn’t know who that boy was either, or who was that strange woman that seemed to know more about his past than himself. All he knew was that he would do anything to survive. What he doesn’t know: his choices on that day are going to carry disturbing outcomes to him… and perhaps the entire world.
Mankind is dying, fighting a war against an enemy that shouldn’t be real, and maybe this boy he’d meet can be important than he thought – important enough for a black ops team to try to rescue him, only that they are not the only ones looking for the kid.
In the midst of such conflict, in a single stormy day, three destinies will collide with unexpected outcomes…
Because in a land where monsters are real, perhaps the worst one lives inside a man…

Scarlet Raven (Scarlet Angel Book 2)

by C.A. Wilke

With most of her past still a mystery and the man who tried to kill her dead, Scarlett thought she could live a normal life.

She was wrong.

As rogue shadow-military units and world governments vie for control of a new nanite technology, she has to face them both to discover the truth of humanity’s future – and how she’s involved.

Once again, she’ll have to become the Scarlet Angel in order to protect everyone and everything she cares about. But when the plasma blasts start flying, she may just find that the harsh truth of the future could cost her everything.

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