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Hollywood Dirt

by Alessandra Torre

Cole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Watch out Los Angeles, there’s a new bad boy in town.

Summer Jenkins. That’s me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings in poker, and was voted Most Friendly my senior year.

We were from different worlds. Our lives shouldn’t have collided. But then Cole Masten read a book about my small town. And six months later, his jet landed on our dusty airstrip, and he brought Hollywood with him.

From the start, I knew he was trouble. For our town. And for me.

Sometimes, opposites just aren’t meant to attract.

Enemy Inside (The Captive Series Book 1)

by Penelope Marshall

Kenzie thought she had the perfect lifeâ??then her parents were murderedâ?¦

After Kenzie St. Claire’s parents were found dead in the park, she withdrew from the world. She never set out to become a recluse, but that’s how she spends her days, holed up in her home, watching her neighbors with a pair of binoculars. Before she realizes it, two years have passedâ??but she feels no safer than before.

Zander thought he was taking on a run of the mill bodyguard positionâ?¦

When ex-SEAL Zander Smith signed up with Stryke Force, he imagined he’d be escorting stuffy billionaires to conferences. Never did he expect to meet Kenzie, a beautiful girl too scared of the outside world to risk leaving the safety of her mansion, even if there was a crazed killer lurking inside.

Kenzie immediately feels safe with her new bodyguard, and is eager to spend more time with him, but then there’s a knock at her doorâ?¦

At first Kenzie feels lucky to have been asked out by both the wildly handsome football player next door, Ty Crenshaw, and the hot ex-SEAL she hired to protect her, but the excitement is short lived when clues point to one of them having a few skeletons in his closet. Murderous skeletons, that is.

One of Kenzie’s suitors has an ulterior motive, of that she’s sure, and she has to unveil the wolf in sheep’s clothing before it’s too late. And what if the enemy has been inside all along?

Stardust (Half Light Book 1)

by Alyssa Rose Ivy

What if the one you thought was your savior was actually your captor?

The earth was never destroyed. A few words uttered by a stranger change Rachel’s life forever. After years of believing earth is gone, Rachel discovers that she cannot trust anything she thought was true or anyone she thought she loved, including the alien prince she was bound to spend her life with. Terrified and angry she takes a chanceâ?? and returns to earth.

College sophomore Noah is just going through the motions. He is numb to everything and everyone since tragedy took his brother away far too soon. All he wants to do is survive another year of school until everything changesâ?? he meets her.

Not quite sure what to make of Rachel’s sudden appearance on his doorstep, Noah offers her help, and she unwittingly pulls him into a mess of intergalactic proportions. As the stakes are raised, their attraction to one another builds into something so much more than stardust.

(New Adult/ Mature Young Adult)

Escape In You

by Rachel Schurig

This is a complete story with no cliffhanger!

Jet Taylor is the quintessential bad boy. A womanizer. A fighter. Dangerous. The type of guy most girls do their best to avoid. But Zoe Janes is no saint herself. In fact, she sees in Jet the perfect opportunity to distract herself from her responsibilities at home and the mistakes that keep her trapped there. He’s gorgeous, likes to party, and is clearly only interested in having funâ??just like Zoe.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is for Zoe to stick to her “fun only” mantra. Jet is getting under her skin, making her believe things could actually be different. She knows they’re both trapped by the sins of their past but Jet is starting to make her think freedom might actually be possible.

And that makes him the most dangerous boy of all.

His Treat (Objects of Attraction Book 3)

by Penelope Bloom

Having a hot boss isn’t complicated or confusing at all,
Said no one everâ?¦
But all I have to do is resist for a few months.
Come January, I’m flying to Paris to chase my dream of being an artist,
Too bad I can’t have my treat and eat it, too.

I forgot to mentionâ?¦ My hot boss was also my high school crush.
Sort of.
First, I wanted to crush him with gooey affection.
In the end, I just plain wanted to crush him.
Now he’s back, and he might as well have “do not touch” printed on his chest.
One tiny question: would it count if I didn’t use my hands?

Let me answer my own question. Yes, Emily, you raging horndog, it counts. Besides, my dream is practically waiting for me like a perfectly wrapped, shiny little package if I can just behave. I’d be an absolute idiot to risk that, and I have a long, proud history of not being an idiot to protect.

Unless it’s kind of like when you do really well in class all semester so you can afford to flunk a test at the end. Three months is a long time, and if he’s the one giving me the big, fat, dirty “F”, it does add a little dose of temptation to the equation.

But all I have to do is one quick job for him. A few posters and a few props for a big Halloween party that he’s hosting.

Then I just walk away from his dreamboat eyes and perfect body, grab a plane, and forget about all the beautiful children we could’ve squeezed inside our white picket fence.

Wash You off My Skin: A Forbidden Love Tale

by King Benjamin

Can men and women just be friends? Farrah is twenty-three years old in a happy and committed relationship. When she befriends her new co-worker she suddenly begins to notice all the flaws in her relationship and the shortcoming of her boyfriend Raheem. Soon she becomes too close for comfort with her new found friend and as her feelings begin to change she does the unthinkable. Marco is twenty-five and fresh home from a three year prison stretch for dealing drugs. When he decides to go straight, he lands a job where he meets a beautiful woman that shakes him to the core. He tries to work on his relationship with the mother of his child but a new bond becomes a huge distraction. When Marco plays the friendship game with Farrah he is sent on a hot pursuit that is wilder than any chase police could ever offer him. Hearts and lives are put at risk before things come to a boiling point in this deeply engrossing forbidding love tale.

My Buddhist Christmas

by Jeremy Phillips

It’s not surprising that sixteen year old Chris Jones has no idea where he fits inâ?¦

After all, he’s a Buddhist kid in Americaâ??during the Christmas season. Add in the fact he plays guitar in a punk rock band called The Dharma Bhumz, and his life is one giant paradox. Caught between the principles of his religion and the influence of his hard-partying bandmates, Chris is in a constant struggle for balance.

An upcoming talent show is his chance to shineâ??or fail spectacularlyâ?¦

It’s already hard enough preparing for the show, since his friends are more interested in getting high than practicing. And now Chris has to worry about impressing pretty Mary Simpson. To make matters even worse, Mary’s parents are fundamentalist Christians, a few steps above his family on the social ladder, and they firmly believe Chris isn’t good enough for their precious daughter.

Conflicted about his friends, lying to his family, and still mourning a devastating loss, Chris wonders if being an American Buddhist guitar wizard wanna-be is worth it.

Or does any of it even matter anymore?

Healthy Eating: 3 Manuscripts – Ketogenic Diet for Beginners, Ketogenic Diet The Complete Guide, Ketogenic Diet Recipes

by Kayla Hansen

Once we have gone through some of the basics that come with the ketogenic diet, it is time to move on to some of the best recipes that you can use to make sure that you get the most out of this diet plan. As a beginner, finding tasty and easy recipesâ??ones that will ensure that you can get results, but won’t take forever for you to makeâ??can be the hardest part. But this guidebook provides you with a lot of the great recipes that you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, soups, and so much more!
The ketogenic diet is one of the best options that you can choose when it comes to losing weight and making yourself feel amazing. It is going to do wonders when it comes to your health, and this guidebook will help you to get started!
There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy!

Death is Her Name: A Dark Erotic Suspense Thriller

by Anupam Mohapatra

                     A Dark Hot Erotic Story

    A steamy night of crime, murder, passion, lust and vengeance

When the Pacific Diamonds Jewelry store is targeted by a gang of hardened criminals one evening, it seems like the perfect heist. Planned by Troy and his partner John, the five Mexican raiders simply have to carry out the job before being whisked south of the border again.

But their plans take a sudden turn for the worse when a plain clothes police officer stumbles across the robbery. In the shootout that follows, several people, including Troy, are killed, and the gang must make a hasty escape after killing a woman and stealing her car.

Now, on the loose in a strange city, the gang know they must find a safe place to lie low. And what they discover seems perfect.

At the end of a quiet suburban street, well away from the crime scene and wailing police sirens, they find a house with a sole occupant. The captive girl is beautiful and alluring, but she also harbors knowledge of the crimes committed by them.

Now, as they settle in for the night, they feel safe and secure in their hideout. But something is stalking the gang as they rest. And before long they will be wishing the police had arrested them.

                                            Chapter – 4

As the woman walked into the bedroom, she saw Joel. He was naked still, and his cock was now limp. “What took you so long?” He complained.

“I’m so sorry to make you wait, I will make it up to youâ?¦I promise.” She smiled and gave him her best sexy look. She got down on the bed, and began to play with his private parts. He moaned as she placed her mouth over his now growing organ and sucked it until it was rock hard. She continued to suck on him and could feel him getting closer to his orgasm. As she twirled her tongue around the head of his dick and slid her hand down his shaft, he shot his cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and told himâ?¦”Look honeyâ?¦I need to wash up a bitâ?¦do you mind?” You can join me in the shower though, and I’ll continue to make it up to you that I made you wait so long.” She said seductively.

Joel was up on his feet quickly and followed her into the bathroom. She turned on the warm water and climbed underneath the stream. He sat and watched as the water ran down her sleek body and he became firm once more.

She laughed, and pulled him into the shower. He got behind her and pushed himself into her. They made love and she screamed as she felt him hit her g-spot and push her over the edge. Her orgasm washed away any guilt of what she had planned to do to all the menâ?¦at least I’m getting a good fucking before they die, and I’m nice enough to let them get off. I could kill them before they orgasmâ?¦that would be cruel! Inside her head a cackle of laughter that sounded completely evil.

She got a towel for him, and started to wipe off his chest once they were out of the shower. Suddenly, she wrapped the towel all the way around his head. She pounded his head into the wall, the towel softening the sounds of the blows. The red of his blood began to show through the towel. When she knew he was knocked out, she pulled him over to the tub, which she had filled with water. She pushed his body into it, and sat on his face, holding it under the water. He never woke up to fight her off. When she determined that he was dead, she stood up. The water was rose red from his blood and his lifeless body floated near the top of the tub. Two down!

Hammered (Dad Bod Contracting Book 1)

by Jasinda Wilder

***This novel is a contemporary second chance romantic comedy featuring mature characters.***

Dad Bod Contractingâ??for ALL your domestic contracting needs. Have a leaky faucet or clogged disposal? Need a new patio with intricate brickpaving designs? Want your garage transformed into a yoga studio? Dad Bod Contracting has you COVERED. Our clean, well-mannered, and friendly professionals pride themselves on attention to detail. Every job comes with a 100% customer SATISFACTION guarantee. No job is too small. Hand us your “honey-do” list and we’ll get it done, and we’ll look good doing it! A good job well done is one phone call away, so call Dad Bod Contracting today!

It started with a window that was jammed shut. Pretty simple, right? All I wanted was to open the windows while I tidied the house. I’d been after my no-good husband to do it for months, but he never did. And then he shacked up with his secretary, leaving me with a pile of bills, husband-free for the first time in ten years, and with a house that was falling apart.

The ad popped up on the side of my social media feedâ??a local contracting agency willing to do pretty much anything. Since I don’t really know a screwdriver from a ratchet, I gave them a call.

And let me tell you, the ad was NOT lying. Jesse O’Neill can do it ALLâ?¦and looks amazing doing it.

He fixed my window, so I called him back to fix the sagging, splintery front steps. Which led to him fixing my kitchen sink. And then he recarpeted my stairs. And then fixed the squeak in my bed.

He was supposed to fix my house, not my rusty, sputtering libido. And certainly not my broken heart.

Voodoo You Think You Are (Malveaux Curse Mysteries Book 5)

by G.A. Chase

Angels can be such demons to those that love them.

Kendell Summer is finally settled into her new French Quarter apartment with her boyfriend, Myles, and their two pups, Cheesecake and Doughnut Hole. Life would be perfect if it weren’t for the swamp witch Sanguine, who is still lying comatoseâ??after losing her soulâ??on their new couch like Sleeping Beauty.

With no idea how to help her sleeping friend, Kendell carries on with her nightly gigs as lead guitarist for Polly Urethane and the Strippers. But when each one of her bandmates slumps to the stage floor, exhausted, due to a lingering connection to Sanguine’s missing soul, Myles realizes the swamp witch is sapping them dry.

With the band in danger, it’s a race against the clock while Kendell and Myles work to find and restore the swamp witch’s spirit. To Kendell’s consternation, however, Sanguine doesn’t want to be rescued. As hell’s angel, Sanguine is busy dealing with the devil they’ve all had a hand in creating.

One thing is clear: someone had better do something soon because Colin has amassed enough power to blast his way out of hell and rejoin the land of the living.

Dionna’s Warrior: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dragon Origins Book 1)

by Ruby Ryan

Five sexy soldiers–a Warrior, a Frost Mage, a Tinker, a Ranger, and a Shadow–battle for one woman’s love in this Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Tracing runemagic as a Pyromancer is a lot like being burned alive. So why does it feel so amazing?

Jaxon is an elite Warrior who has lost the most precious thing in the world.

Dionna is an average Pyromancerâ??a fire-wielding sorceressâ??hoping only to pass her Academy Assessment.

But all of Dionna’s concerns become trivial when the Academy is attacked by the Silithik Hivemind: a race of monstrous insects that kill most of her fellow students in a savage sneak attack.

As one of the few survivors, Dionna is thrust into a Dragon Quintelaide, an elite fighting unit made up of each of the fighting professions. She knows she’s not ready for such a drastic promotionâ??and the men she’s with, led by the massive Warrior Jaxon, know it too.

Yet Jaxon feels strongly protective of Dionna. And he can’t shake the feeling…

As the war against the Silithik is reignited, Dionna needs to convince her Quintmates to trust herâ?¦ while first learning to trust herself. Can she prove her worth as a Pyromancer? Or will Jaxon and the others abandon her for their own selfish mission?

DRAGON ORIGINS is the new Reverse Harem Dragon Shifter Romance series from Ruby Ryan. The prequel series to the GRYPHONS VS DRAGONS series, it has heart-stopping medieval warfare, an exciting and unique magic system, and all the steamy romance you’ve come to expect from a Reverse Harem. With five dashing men to choose from–the mighty Warrior Jaxon, the thoughtful Frost Mage Arthur, the precise Ranger Harry, the easy-to-smile Tinker Maze, and the sly and cunning Shadow Ryon–who will win Dionna’s heart?

HEA INFORMATION: Although this series does have a Happily Ever After, it’s a complex and bittersweet one compared to some traditional Romance novels. If you’re looking for a perfectly sweet HEA with zero complications, this series may not be for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Drawing the Dead

by Robert J. McCarter

Life and death are not that far apart…

What happens when we die? Viki Dobos knows. Her job is to help people talk to their dearly departed. She draws the deceased, and they come to life on the page… briefly. When a rich Russian man hires her and whisks her away to Hawaii, everything changes. The rich man wants her to do the forbidden, and a handsome man she meets on the beach needs her more than he knows. Viki will have to confront her past, face her fears, and risk everything to help them.

From the author of A Ghost’s Memoir series (Shuffled Off, To Be A Fool, and Of Things Not Seen) comes an unforgettable story of life, death, and the strange places in between.
 Praise for Book 1, Shuffled Off:

“…JJ’s heartrending passage, kicking and screaming, through Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief for his lost life, is relatable for any reader who has lost a loved one too soon.

The wry humor and raw emotional truth of JJ’s journey will have readers rooting for him from death to eternity.” Kirkus Reviews


by Trixie Trollops

Hot, gorgeous and oh so curvy mature women… ready and willing to please — every last inch!

A Very Merry Billionaire Christmas (Special Edition Holiday Novella)

by Melanie Marchande


Eccentric billionaire Conrad Wolverton is throwing the holiday party of the century. Rumor has it, he’s just looking to sell off his mansion, and an in-person showing disguised as an elegant soiree is the easiest way to do it. But whatever the reason, the buzz is that all the rich and influential power couples will be there. Daniel and Maddy Thorne, Benjamin and Jenna Chase, Adrian and Meghan Risinger, and maybe even a surprise guest are rumored to be in attendance.


The Governess (Sisters of Woodside Mysteries Book 1)

by Mary Kingswood

The first of a brand new series by the author of Sons of the Marquess.

When Mr Edmund Winterton of Woodside dies, his daughters find themselves penniless and homeless. What can they do? Unless they wish to live on charity, they will have to find genteel employment for themselves.

Annabelle becomes governess to the daughters of the recently bereaved Earl of Brackenwood. She has no idea how to teach, but her pupils can learn all they need from books, so how difficult can it be? She’ll need all her ingenuity to cope with the rebelliousness of her charges, and the unwanted attentions of their father. But when her past returns to haunt her, she has to make a difficult decision.

Allan is slowly getting used to life as a widower, but his mother is determined that he must marry again and produce an heir. He is determined that he won’t, although the new governess is just the sort of woman he could fall in love with. But when a face from long ago reappears and stirs up suspicion, he has to consider the possibility that his wife’s death was not natural. What is worse, he himself is the obvious suspect. If he can’t prove his innocence, he may lose everything – his home, his new love and even his life.

A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Book 1 of the 5-book Sisters of Woodside Mysteries series, each a complete story with a HEA, but read all of them to find out all the family secrets!

Polar Destiny: A Bear Shifter Reverse Harem (Claiming Her Bears Book 1)

by Skye MacKinnon

Can she tame her bear shifters or will she be their dinner?

Alone, frozen, and far from home, Isla finds herself in the care of four frustratingly sexy bear shifters. They soon end up on a Scottish island, trying to survive the disasters of a failing world.

With new relationships unfolding, Isla has to make the decision between her humanity and the bears protecting her.

Will winter drive them apart or can Isla claim her bears?

Polar Destiny is a full-length reverse harem novel featuring one sassy heroine and four sexy bear shifters (including a polar bear!). Prepare for strong alpha males with a trace of vulnerability, an epic quest, Viking beards, very steamy scenes, Scottish landscapes, Celtic mythology and a post-apocalyptic setting.

Claiming Her Bears: A steamy bear shifter reverse harem
Book 1: Polar Destiny
Book 2: Polar Fates
Book 3: Polar Miracle

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