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Worth A Shot: The True Story of The Notorious Maximum Security Jail EMDC’s Only Escape

by Justin Kunz

Canada’s worst jail, EMDC. Thrust into the media’s spotlight in recent years due to multiple deaths, overcrowding, overdoses, and extreme violence. Opened in the 70’s this maximum security facility boasted zero escapes until summer 2015 an unsuspecting 19 year old managed to become the first. This is the true story of how it was done.

Who Mourns the Egyptian?: Murder in the Florida Panhandle

by Allan P. Avery

A bold yet flawed pilot, a cold killer, and a beautiful woman are drawn together in greed and murder. They use their knowledge of the Air Traffic Control System and the pine woods and swamps of the Florida Panhandle for a smuggling operation. No battle plan survives the first shot.
The first shot is the murder of a Florida Wildlife Officer working alone while surveying wood duck nesting sites in the swamps thirty miles from Tallahassee.
Violent death is a harbinger of sharp and deep mourning. A sense and a feel for place and time can give unbidden direction to the victim’s friends in their search for a reason where there is none.
The novel is set in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. There are large and small urban areas and vast stretches of farm land, pine forest, wet lands, and coast. The littoral zone southern boundary is the Gulf of Mexico.
Over a million Panhandle acres are owned by paper and timber companies or the State of Florida. Much of the privately held land is managed in cooperation with the Florida Forest Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

English artist John Atkinson Grimshaw: 120+ of the best paintings of Master

by Yuri Karminsky

John Atkinson Grimshaw was born in Leeds in 1836. His father was a policeman, but he later worked at the Northern Railway Company. John’s parents were strict Baptists and forbade him to draw; his mother once even destroyed all his sketches. In 1852, John began working as a clerk at the Northern Railway Company in Leeds. The city had several art galleries and John could admire the works of famous artists of the time.

He married Theodosia Hobbard in 1858 and decided to devote himself to painting, leaving his job in the company in 1861. His works were sold in two galleries, bookstores and through small sellers.

Grimshaw became popular in Leeds and in 1865 was able to move with his family to a more prestigious part of the city. An experienced London dealer, William Agnew began selling his work. Further success came to Grimshaw after recognition by the Royal Academy of Arts. In 1870 Grimshaw was able to buy Kostrop Hall, a large house of the 17th century, two miles from Leeds, near Newsaam Cathedral, which he often painted. Until the early seventies, Grimshaw’s paintings were mainly devoted to landscapes of the surroundings of Leeds and still lifes. Gradually, he began to paint night landscapes of London, Liverpool, Ghoul, Glasgow, including in them the silhouettes of houses and ships. These paintings show fog and smog, common to industrial cities in England. In the summer, the family went to Scarborough, where they rented a castle-on-sea house, as John called him.

The house stood on a hill near Scarborough Castle, from where the northern and southern bays were clearly visible. Life on the shore inspired John to create beautiful works on the sea, ships, docks. He also painted portraits, interiors, fabulous paintings. He improved his particular style of painting. He was interested in photography and even used the Obscura camera to transfer his sketches to canvas. Add added the sand to paints to achieve the desired effect. He did not start his school and during his lifetime his works were copied and forged. Since 1867 the artist began to subscribe to Atkinson Grimshaw but not DA Grimshaw, in the picture itself and on its back.

His wife bore him fifteen children, but only six survived …. His two sons, Arthur and Lewis, were also artists. Grimshaw was constantly exhibited at the Leeds City Art Gallery. Every year his paintings were present in the gallery. Also his works were presented at the Royal Academy and the Grosvenor Gallery. Most of his works are in private collections.

John Atkinson Grimshaw died October 31, 1893 from cancer.

Syros. The noble heart of the Cyclades: Culture Hikes in the Greek Islands

by Denis Roubien

You want to discover the cultural treasures of the Greek islands in a guided tour? This is the book for you! Syros, the heart of the Cyclades, includes two very different settlements:Ano Syros. A shelter from pirates, a cultural centre with some of the first schools in Greece and today a rare medieval fortified town.And Hermoupolis. The former residential, cultural, commercial, and industrial centre of Greece. The world’s largest neoclassical ensemble. A feast of images.This book, based mainly on a large number of photos, with concise historical and architectural explanations, endeavours to give a glimpse of this cultural richness to the visitor who desires to discover it.

Las Vegas : histoire & architecture (French Edition)

by Lionel Bolnet

Ce qui se passe à Vegas, reste à Vegas. Ce dicton célèbre veut tout dire : une ville américaine, entourée d’une frontière naturelle hostile, incarne l’oasis de débauche architecturale, matérielle, énergétique, alimentaire, ludique à laquelle on se rend pour profiter de la vie sans penser à son quotidien. On compte des centaines de films dont l’action se déroule à Las Vegas du « Fantastique homme colosse » sorti en 1957 à « Jason Bourne » sorti en 2016. On a aussi en tête, les scènes loufoques de « Very Bad Trip » et le déluge de stars des films « Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve et Thirteen ».
Dans le monde de la musique, la ville s’est imposée comme une scène incontournable. Les plus grands artistes ont souhaité s’y produire une fois comme Johnny Hallyday ou plusieurs années de suite comme Frank Sinatra ou Céline Dion.
Il est temps de comprendre pourquoi cette ville est aussi originale.
Et pour cela, il faut s’intéresser à son histoire et son architecture

Precious Days (Japanese Edition)

by shibaken mikan marupu yuzu





How To Pose… Legs (On Target Photo Training Book 16)

by Dan Eitreim

How To Pose… Legs

This simply written – easy to read – easy to understand course lesson will have you posing your models legs like a master in no time!

It is written for the newest of beginners and progresses through concepts that the most advanced of us will appreciate!

Here is a copy of the Table of Contents to give you a taste of what is included:

  • Introduction
  • Diagramming The Sitting And Kneeling Figure
  • The ZigZag Shape Angles
  • Right Angles
  • Acute Angles
  • Obtuse Angles
  • The Four Basic ZigZag Shapes
  • The Geometric Silhouette
  • The Acute Angle Silhouette
  • The Obtuse Angle Silhouette
  • The Mixed Angle Silhouette
  • Your Notebook
  • Posing The Legs
  • The 4 Major Parts Of The Leg
  • The Stance
  • Legs Bearing Equal Weight
  • Legs Bearing Weight Unequally
  • The Base Leg And The Show Leg
  • The Base Leg
  • The Show Leg
  • Directing The Model
  • Why They Need Directing
  • How To Direct Your Subjects
  • Start With The Base Leg
  • Add The Show Leg
  • Hands OFF
  • The Ankle
  • The Hinged – Up And Down Movement
  • The Ankle Roll
  • The Inward Ankle Roll
  • Outward Ankle Roll
  • Fanning
  • The Neutral Stance
  • Fanning In
  • Fanning Out
  • Building The Pose
  • Even Weight Distribution
  • Uneven Weight Distribution
  • Problem Area Solutions
  • Photo Exercise
  • Other Books By Dan Eitreim
  • Roll the ankle the wrong way and you can make even the most masculine man look effeminate – or the sexiest woman look like a trucker!

    It’s surprising how easy it is to ruin a good portrait by mismanaging the subject’s legs! On the other hand, once you’ve gone through this easy to understand lesson, you will have more posing ideas than EVER before!

    Posing The Legs – This section involves the upper leg, the lower leg, the foot and the toes…all of them matter!

    The Stance – How are they standing? weight evenly distributed? More weight on one of the legs? This is an important consideration.

    The Base Leg and the Show Leg – Do you know the clock system? You should.

    Building the Pose – How to build you pose from the ground up…Good stuff!

    Get this course volume and In just a few minutes time, you can easily master leg placement.

    Before long, people will begin to notice that your photos are better than theirs…but they won’t have any idea why!

    Photo contest wins ARE in YOUR future!

    Scorci del Salento: Fotografie Amatoriali (Italian Edition)

    by Gabriele Zanzariello Arianna De Mariani

    Questo ebook è una raccolta di foto amatoriali di alcuni paesaggi del Salento.
    Le fotografie qui presenti sono in formato digitale, mentre nel prossimo ebook ci saranno foto digitali e a pellicola, per riviere emozioni “old style” e fare un tuffo nel passato; inoltre saranno più incentrate sul paesaggio e festività, non solo la natura e dettagli.
    Potete contattarci privatamente per avere una copia cartacea del fotolibro o per eventuali critiche all’indirizzo email: [email protected]

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