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The GIFT!: The Reluctant Psychic

by Sarah Delamere Hurding

The GIFT is a memoir which explores the blessings, challenges and curses of being born psychic.Sarah has had some interesting adventures which will appeal to people not even remotely interested in “all things psychic.” You think psychics do not win on lottery numbers? They Do! 
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Sarah was brought up in the bosom of a Christian home, and the last thing she expected to ever be was a professional psychic and healer, especially having taken an academic route initially. Sarah noticed she had intuition and supernatural awareness from a young age. But struggled to integrate her faith with all things psychic. The Bible is of course full of healing and prophecy. But it also conveys warnings about mediums who claim to communicate with the spirits of the deceased – “I see dead people and all that!” Sarah’s life has been a spiritual minefield as she has applied her gifts both traditional and left field to help others.
There is a lot of human interest to this story, leaving the psychic and spiritual aspects aside.This fun, informative, fast-moving and comprehensive memoir has many layers to beguile, amuse and entice you. Sarah De La Mer was a hostess at U2’s nightclub, The Kitchen for many years. The GIFT charts Sarah’s rite of passage from young intuitive, via three academic degrees, to feted status as a celebrity psychic.
Simon Cowell & Louis Walsh of The X Factor, acknowledged Sarah as: “The woman who knows everything.” Ashton Kutcher, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, stated that “Psychic Sarah is right on point”. While Bono of U2, composed her a ditty waltzing around a carpark! “Her name is Sarah and she drives a blue car. You’d like to get to know her, ‘cos she is A STAR!”
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– Introducing THE GIFT — The Reluctant Psychic – nb) this version of Sarah’s memoir is in 14 point text – for those who do not like to squint to read. #userfriendly

Goodbye, Dating: A Yearlong Journey

by Ella Claire DeGart

Ella DeGart was in her late thirties and divorced with three children. Her dating life had become a frustration, although she wished she had someone to share her life with. When she discovered that her most recent suitor had been indicted for murder – yes, MURDER! – she decided enough was enough and embarked on a yearlong dating hiatus. Her purpose was clear: she wanted to make sure she knew who she was; what she wanted in a man; who God was and what He wanted for her life; and how to recognize when a relationship just wasn’t working out.

In a year full of clarity, reflection, and lists (gotta have lists!), Ella blogged about what she was learning as she counted down the days. Her self-reflection and Tales From the Dating Archives will invite any single person to reflect on what they’ve learned from their dating past, as well as learning from Ella’s insightful ideas such as her “Value Village Theory” and “The Contentment Project”.

Oftentimes funny, Ella also shares intimate stories about her struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, divorce, and motherhood which will touch anyone who has dealt with these things themselves. Find out what a year without dating did for this young mom, and take a page from her blog to see how her yearlong journey can help you.

Den Fortabte Datter, Vender hjem til Faderens omfavnelse (Danish Edition)

by Amy Lee Kemp

I sin bog, “Den fortabte datter”, tager Amy Lee Kemp dig med pÃ¥ en rejse, hvor vi ser, hvordan Guds vidunderlige kærlighed og nÃ¥de ikke kun genoprettede hendes liv, men ogsÃ¥ omdannede hende til den person, som det var Guds mening, at hun skulle være fra tidernes begyndelse. Det er en nutidig autentisk beretning om afvisning, konsekvenserne af ens valg og genoprettelse. Hvis den historie, som Jesus fortalte om den fortabte søn – den unge mand, som forlod sin familie, ødslede sin arv bort, endte med at leve i fattigdom og alligevel opnÃ¥ede fuldkommen forsoning med sin far – har haft en betydning for dig, sÃ¥ vil du tage Amys autentiske fortælling om en lignende rejse til dit hjerte.
Da vi første gang traf Amy, var hun ved at flytte til Los Angeles i Californien for at dele Evangeliet med mennesker, der levede under de værste forhold – folk, der var afhængige af stoffer, alkohol, som var uden hjem, levede i synd og ikke havde noget hÃ¥b. Hun havde stort set solgt eller givet alt bort, hun ejede – inklusiv hus, bil og personlige ejendele for at flytte fra Texas til Californien.
Hun tog til de fattige elendige gader i Los Angeles, fordi hun selv havde oplevet det liv og kunne relatere til de mennesker og deres omstændigheder. Hun havde oplevet udfrielse fra lignende forhold, lige som Gud havde genoprettet hendes relation til familien fuldt ud – og hvad mere var til Sig Selv.
Vi har haft det privilegium at følge Amy i hendes tjeneste fra starten og se, hvordan hun er vokset. Efter Los Angeles har hun tjent de ulykkelige i mange forskellige storbyer, lige som hun har arbejdet i kirker nationalt og internationalt.
Og nu har hun endelig nedfældet sin historie på en måde, så vi kan se, føle og dele hendes følelser af håbløshed og fiasko, så vel som hendes glæde ved at finde sig selv igen og frelsen.
Er du på en håbløs rejse?
Har du en “fortabt” søn eller datter?
Har du et barnebarn eller en anden elsket slægtning eller bekendt, som har fornægtet Gud og lever et liv i håbløshed?
Om det forholder sig sådan, er du simpelthen nødt til at læse denne bog.

Joyce Bernice Deans: The Lives Of Her Children

by Lorraine Ramsey

Joyce Bernice Deans is a story about the most important woman in my life that I never had the chance to know. My mother’s Joyce Bernice Deans, the woman who brought me into the world. She passed away at the age of thirty-two leaving behind six young children. I am fifth of six siblings born from my mother. When my mother’s passed away I was about 2-3 years of age, and my younger brother was just a baby. Since my mother’s passed away when I was such a young child, I have absolutely no remembrance of her, no matter how hard I tried to visualize her face. As a child, I often question “God” why did he have to take my mother’s away from us when we were young, leaving us alone in a world that was so new to us. I had so many questions for God, during my childhood years, especially why where we left motherless, and what contributed to our mother departing from this life at the age of thirty- two, leaving six young innocent children behind. I often wonder what really contributed to my mother dying. Was my mother seriously ill, or suffered from a serious disease that leads to her death? I often wonder what lifestyle did my mother live while she was alive, and who she was as a woman. Her career, hobbies, interests, her favorite type of music, her likes and dislikes. Her style in fashion, from the clothes she wore to shoes on her feets. Was she into diamonds and pearl and all different types of jewelry. These question and more find their way in my being time and time again, and of course, I will never know the answer to those questions, and more because my mother is gone, never to return again, which has certainly left me with such an emptiness that I will forever carry in my heart and soul that can never be filled, nor be replaced by another human being. That space in my heart will always be reserved for my mother’s the woman who gave me life. As a child, I had a very hard time finding closer with anyone, although there were those who loved and care for me, that was not enough for me, I wanted my mother to hold and comfort me without ending without seizing. The mend the hurts and pains that I was carrying so heavily within my soul, that left me in such an unpleasant state of being, which brought me so much flowing of tears that I did not know who to cope or control the tearsThat space in my heart will always be reserved for my mother’s the woman who gave me life. As a child, I had a very hard time finding closer with anyone, although there were those who loved and care for me, that was not enough for me, I wanted my mother to hold and comfort me without ending without seizing. The mend the hurts and pains that I was carrying so heavily within my soul, that left me in such an unpleasant state of being, which brought me so much flowing of tears that I did not know who to cope or control the tear from falling. All I could have done is find some corner to hide and weep for my mother until I found some form of relief within myself. I sat for long period of time with all different type of thoughts and feelings about my mother in my mind, trying so hard to hear her voice speaking to me when those moments arrived, yet I could not hear her voice. However, I felt her spirit close to me, which came with a fresh cool breeze sensation that usually took over my entire body, which gave me shivers and goosebumps as I sat there in the corner moaning and weeping to be wrap in my mother arms, to hear the sounds of her heartbeats next to mines. I would have trade anything in the world if I was allowed the chance in seeing my mother in the flesh, although I did not have much to offer in exchange to have my mother there with me.Definitely seeing my mother in the flesh is one of my greatest wishes from my childhood years to my adult life, having a least one second, a moment or a minute with my mother would offer me some form of relief than none at all. Yet if that wishes or dream came into reality, I really do not think that we would be able to be apart

I Was Called The Little Chinese

by Marie-Laure de Shazer

In the summer of 1669 the French explorer René-Robert Cavelier de la Salle left Montreal on his quest to find China. His trip to Quebec was a failure and many mocked him and derisively named him ” The Little Chinese”. The name stuck, and part of the island of Montreal is called “Lachine” (China) to this day.
This novel is a gripping memoir and a survivor’s story about Marina, a young French woman who was viewed as mentally ill, a slow learner, and therefore labeled ” The Little Chinese”. Like La Salle, Marina was mocked and associated with China. Her mother, her French teacher, and her peers could not understand what she was saying. Marina suffered greatly throughout her life from a traumatic childhood and accused of having defective genes.

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