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FAMOUS ON INSTAGRAM: Practical tips to make you attractive NOW

by Susan Howard

So, you want to be famous? Then you need to be on Instagram and you need to know how to use it effectively.

Famous on Instagram will show you how to use the fastest growing social media network on the planet to boost your business, personal brand or product, and, at the same time, create the opportunity to make serious money. The biggest names in show business, politics and sport are doing it, why can’t you?

Whether you’re new to Instagram or have been on the platform for years, this comprehensive guide contains hundreds of easy to follow tips and insights from author and social media expert Susan Howard, including how to: 

  • create an engaging profile 
  • make the most of your bio
  • create amazing and captivating posts
  • use photos, videos, stories and Instagram ‘Live’ effectively
  • develop your own Instagram style
  • attract more followers and decide whether or not you should pay for them

If you are looking for another flashy, light on content “brochure” on how to become Insta-Famous, this book is not for you. But, if you are serious about learning techniques and obtaining practical well-researched advice to take your social media presence to the next level, click the buy button at the top of the page now!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Essential Concepts to Know about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Three Book Bundle)

by Mark Howard

Have you ever wanted to learn how to better use your data? Are you interested in the works of machine learning?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this book is for you. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning are powerful data tools that can help improve businesses. In this book, you will learn:

  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • How it relates to certain businesses
  • What deep learning is
  • Data handling
  • Python and Machine Learning
  • Examples of Machine Learning
  • How Machine Learning is beneficial to you
  • Learn about cognitive NLP Chatbots
  • Learn about Cognitive NLP algorithms
  • Discover about AI, deep learning, and Machine learning
  • Understand the future AI solutions and adapt fast to them
  • Computer vision
  • Internet of Things
  • Learn how recommender systems work
  • Discover more about Robotics and Artificial intelligence.

And much more

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning are amazing tools when you want to use data in an effective manner. Data is important to many different areas in life, so it’s important that you know how to use it.

Don’t let all of your data go to waste. Get this book today and improve the way your business works.

WordPress for beginners 2019: step by step guide beginners to advance

by stive Mccullum

WordPress for beginners 2019: step by step beginners to advance

WordPress has remained as one of the most used tool for web designing on the internet most of the website are made using wordpress only beacuse by using wordpress we don’t need to learn html or java we can create a professional looking website in a single day also so in this book we will learn how to build a professional looking website using wordpress step by step guide beginners to advance leatest updated 2019 methods

Here is a preview of what this book will offer

1- all about wordpress website
2- picking right niche
3- choosing perfect domain
4- choosing right hosting plain according to your business type
5- wordpress installation
6- exploring wordpress dashboard
7- creating pages,post
8- installing plugins
9- advertising websites.

Iphone XS & XS Max Manual For Seniors: The Comprehensive Guide For Seniors, For the Visually Impaired, And Includes All The Tips And Tricks To Optimize … and IOS 12 (Iphone XS For Seniors Book 1)

by Jonah Tucker

The Ultimate iPhone XS Guide For Seniors!

Congratulations on the new phone. It can be scary to change up to a new phone. The good part, though, you have a great phone.

You might be clueless as to having your brand new iPhone, but do not be nervous, this is the BEST guide on the market for you.

It has seniors in mind, with large text for the visually impaired. 

You will find in this guide:

  • The tricks to set your iPhone
  • The best Senior-friendly setting
  • The best apps to have on your phone
  • How to optimize your phone

*Purchase the paperback, get the ebook Free*

Scroll up, and click the “Add To Cart” Button now, to fully utilize your iPhone! 

*This is NOT an official guide, and not associated with Apple Inc.*

Kochen für Baby und Kleinkind: vom Babybrei zur Beikost (Ernährung von Kleinkindern) (German Edition)

by Sonja Bernz

Kochen für Babys & Kleinkinder!

Nur noch für kurze Zeit zum Sonderpreis!

Entdecken Sie die praxiserprobten Tipps und leckeren Rezepten, für ihr Baby und Kleinkind!

Sie würden gerne ihrem Kind eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung bieten?

Sie möchten gerne Wissen was genau ihr Kind isst?

Sie sagen NEIN zu schädlichen Inhaltsstoffen?

Dann ist dieses Buch genau das richtige für Sie!

Erfahren Sie in diesem Kochbuch nicht nur für jeden Monat die besten Rezepte, sondern auch die besten Tipps & Tricks zur Baby- und Kleinkindernährung

  • Wie Sie die Beikost perfekt einführen
  • Wie viel ihr Kind essen/ trinken sollte
  • Die besten Tipps zum Füttern
  • Den Ã?bergang zum Familienessen
  • Ab wann sind welche Lebensmittel geeignet?
  • …Rezepte fürs erste bis dritte Lebensjahr mit Monatsangaben
  • … und vieles, vieles mehr!

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Ham Radio: The Ultimate Beginners Guide The Quickest and Easiest Way to Learn How to Become a Ham Radio Expert (Survival, Communication, Self Reliance, Ham Radio, Guidebook)

by David Harris

Book Description:

Become a Radio Ham Expert

Do you want to learn how to use ham radio?
Ham radio is an interactive and fun radio signaling system, and for many people, it can be quite an engaging experience. But some might see it as complicated, hard, the like. Well, it doesn’t have to be. This book will tell you all about how to become the best ham radio operator you can be.
In this book you’ll learn:
-Exactly what ham radio is
-How to operate a ham radio
-Tips to get into ham radio contests
-How to get your ham radio license
-The right equipment for ham radio
By the end of this, you will have beginner knowledge on what ham radio is, what it means for you, and it will allow you to explore the options you have. Ham radio has quite the power, and once you learn about it, you’ll know the full extent of how to use it.


by Mark Eter

Todo el mundo hace que el uso de las redes sociales para conducir el sonido del tráfico sea tan fácil. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es publicar algunas veces en Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn, y el tráfico comenzará a llegar.

La realidad, al igual que con cualquier otra cosa, es que necesitas pasar suficiente tiempo aprendiendo cómo hacerlo correctamente.

Si aún no lo sabía, el tráfico de las redes sociales es uno de los mayores referentes, cuando se trata de dirigir el tráfico web, a su disposición.

De hecho, según Shareaholic, el tráfico de las redes sociales representa el 31 por ciento del tráfico general, y solo Facebook tiene el 17.41 por ciento del tráfico.

Con visitantes de alta calidad de las redes sociales, puede construir un negocio. Dado que el tráfico en las redes sociales sigue creciendo, nunca es tarde para empezar.

Para tener éxito en dirigir más tráfico con las redes sociales, necesitarás una estrategia…


by Mark Eter

Everyone makes using social media to drive traffic sound so easy. All you have to do is post a few times on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and the traffic will start pouring in.

The reality, like with anything else is that you need to spend enough time learning how to do it properly.

If you didn’t already know, social media traffic is one of the largest referrers, when it comes to driving web traffic, at your disposal.

In fact, according to Shareaholic, social media traffic makes up 31 percent of overall traffic, with Facebook alone accounting for 17.41 percent of the traffic.

With high-quality visitors from social media, you can build a business. With social media traffic continuing to grow, it’s never too late to get started. 

To be successful in driving more traffic with social media, you’ll need a strategy…

Comprendre Sybase ASE 15.7 (French Edition)

by Lionel Bolnet

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) est un système de gestion de base de données (SGBD) développé à partir de 1984. Ce logiciel est l’un des moins documentés en langue française. C’est également un SGBD mal compris.

Ce livre s’adresse aux administrateurs de bases de données (DBA) francophones, de tous niveaux, souhaitant éclaircir le fonctionnement de Sybase ASE version 15.7.

Ce livre aborde : les briques élémentaires de ASE. Les innovations de la version 15.7. Comment créer un dataserveur ASE. Comprendre comment ASE enregistre ses données. Se sortir des incidents habituels. Les bonnes pratiques de DBA. Savoir sauvegarder ASE. Entrer dans la tête de l’optimiseur. Outils et procédures non-documentées. Diagnostiquer ASE. Spécificités propres à Windows et Unix. Les index. La boite à outils de l’auteur. Quizz final.

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