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by Kelly Klington

Hot alien lovers, sexy paranormal hunks and all their HUGE pleasures…

Come and join in on the dirty fun that they deliver — DEEP AND HARD!

Home for Christmas

by Jan Ruth

An emotive trio of stories with festive themes.
Rudolph the Brown-Nosed Reindeer
Rick isn’t looking forward to his lonely corporate Christmas, but it’s the season of goodwill and magic is in the air.
An off-beat love story. It’s time Rick wore his heart on his sleeve, or is it too late? Lessons in love from an unlikely source.
Jim’s Christmas Carol
Santa and Satan pay a visit. One brings presents, the other an unwelcome presence.
Paranormal reality. Jim’s played with fire it’s time he got his comeuppance, but from who?
Home for Christmas
Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la-la la-la, la-la la-la. Tis the Season to be jolly…
Romantic-comedy. Pip might accidentally find her true vocation, but the folly of her fibs are about to catch up with her.

Marry Me For Money Book 1: A Billionaire Fake Fiance Novel

by Ali Parker

I need a wife. Now.

It doesn’t have to do with love and living the good life. This is all about getting the money my billionaire father left to me.
And I’m running out of time.

But who proposes to a stranger after the first date?

Me. That’s who. As if I have another choice.

Luck is on my side though, and a beautiful model shows up in my office.

Single? Gorgeous? Funny? All of the above.

Our first date goes so well that I feel unsure about my decision to do this thing with herâ??you know, fake it. I put it off and decide to do it later, to ask for her help after we get to know each other better.

But I like her more and more each time we meet, and eventually, offering her a ring isn’t for my dad’s moneyâ??it’s because I want her more than anything else in the world.

Besides, who’s going to know if it’s fake or real? And does it really matter?

Yeah. It does.

To herâ?¦

What I Fight For: A Bad Boy Military Romance (Easy Team Book 1)

by Gemma Hart

His job was to take lives. My job was to save them.


I had just endured the worst possible humiliation any human could face: my ex-boyfriend parading around in front of me with his new, gorgeous fiancee.

Nothing could be worse.

That is until I am forcibly volunteered for a dangerous medical relief mission to a war torn country in the Middle East.

Perfect. I guess that’ll teach me to never say never.

Heartbroken, nervous, and about to embark on a crazy mission, I drown myself in liquor one night. As a doctor, I was confident I knew the exact quantity of alcohol I would need till I just couldn’t give a flying crap anymore. But it was on that night that I found myself instead, in the impossibly strong arms of a rugged stranger.

He protected me from everything that nightâ??from drunkenly falling out of my seat to being caught in a sudden bar brawl. He teased me and charmed me. He let me cry on his broad shoulders and told me that I was worth more than that pathetic excuse of an ex-boyfriend.

In this gorgeous stranger, I suddenly see a glimmer of light. A spark of hope that maybe things really weren’t so terrible.

Then, he disappeared.

Sigh. Of course.

But maybe it was for the best. No matter how gorgeous he had been, how strong, how protective, how funny, I wasn’t ready for another possibility at heartbreak. I wasn’t ready to let myself love again.



It had been stupid to get involved but she had looked too damn good to leave alone. And being as drunk and vulnerable as she was, there was no way in hell I was going to leave her unprotected like that.

But that night in the barâ?¦that was a fantasy I had let myself indulge in.

My life wasn’t meant for sweet and sassy doctors who, even when drunk, made me laugh out loud. As good as it had felt being with her, it was not reality. At least, not my reality. Sure it felt good to play the conquering hero for once but that’s not who I was.

I was no hero. I was no protector.

I was a mercenary.

And in my world, blood and dirt were the currency; danger and darkness my office. So when I was sent on another mission to the Middle East, I knew that whatever I had with Emilia was over. And that was just as well. I wouldn’t want to drag someone like that into my world.

Then I landed in a country an ocean away.

And I saw her.â?¦

**Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers!
**Also includes a FREE bonus book at the end!

Daddy’s Explicit Sex Short Stories â?? 48 Tales Adult Story Collection

by Mila Cherry

Ready for these 48 stories of super sexy, hot, amazing EROTIC STORIES?!?

A hottest rough hardcore erotic short story collection with explicit sex.

Think you can handle them???!


by Robyn Roze

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Love comes at a price. And Kat James comes from a family who never needs to check the tag.
But costly lies have a way of coming due. And Kat will discover that the life she’s been living is the biggest lie of all. And her own family is responsible for the life-altering betrayal.

Tucker Williams knows all about the damage caused by family secrets. He’s been fighting the fallout from them since he was a kid. And he knows his battles are still far from over.

When Kat and Tucker meet, sparks fly. But their relationship will foster the meeting of two dangerous minds from within their own families; a merger of madness Kat and Tucker could not have anticipated. Because family is supposed to watch your back.

But sometimes they stab you in it instead.

(Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.)

Kindle Sex Short Hot Stories â?? 48 Erotic Bundle with Explicit Sex (18+)

by Florence Handley

Ready for these 48 stories of super sexy, hot, amazing EROTIC STORIES?!?

A hottest rough hardcore erotic short story collection with explicit sex.

Think you can handle them?

Taboo First Time Adult Bundle: Dirty Rough Collection

by Kira Morris

Ready for these 30 stories of super sexy, hot, amazing EROTIC STORIES?!?

A hottest rough hardcore erotic short story collection with explicit sex.

Think you can handle them?

Desperate Damsel

by Kamille Henry

*This book has been revised and was previously released under the author’s pen name; Ink Mistress*

A scared wife, dreaming of an escape from her abusive husband finds herself trapped and running out of time. Being isolated from the world, other than her dead-end job, she finds that she has no family, friends or money. Will her plan to escape work out? Will she get out before he kills her? Enter this romantic thriller of an abusive relationship that goes too far.

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