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Jingle Purrs (A Mackenzie Coven Mystery Short Book 4)

by Sonia Parin

Paranormal humorous cozy mystery short with a witch in training and her talking feline companion. Clean read

It’s Lexie and Luna’s first Christmas together and they are investigating the case of a missing cat.

It’s days before Christmas, the first one Lexie and Luna will spend together, and Lexie has a missing cat to find and a feline companion to appease. Luna has expectations and dreams of a magical Christmas, and that means shopping for presentsâ?¦ not exactly Lexie’s favorite pastime. Without any solid leads to pursue, she unwittingly enlists the help of the elements she has recently connected with, but the breeze assisting her has some strange ideas of how she should go about investigating the case of the missing cat as it leads her to another crime scene and the most unlikely of all the O’Rourke detectives she’s ever metâ?¦

THE APPOINTMENT: A chilling ghost story of malevolence and death

by Peppi Hilton

HAUNTING AT ITS WORST AND SECRETS OF THE PAST ALL COME TOGETHER IN THIS SINISTER AND COMPELLING MYSTERY OF SEDUCTION AND REVENGE. Suspense, mystery, crime and intrigue are all guaranteed in this paranormal novel with a chilling twist and a plot which keeps you guessing until the very end when an unsuspecting female photographer, working for a local estate agent keeps an appointment to photograph The Grange. But when the man she is supposed to meet does not turn up, she is faced with a terrifying ordeal alone in the property.
A coach and horses travels across the bleak and desolate Yorkshire moors and up to the big house on the hill. A group of household staff stand to attention as a little girl steps out, tired and weary from the long arduous journey from her homeland. She recoils from the strange man with the staring eyes, but the man with the long grey whiskers, the uncle she has never met, has a kindly face. He takes her hand and leads her to the house which is to become her home.
A sadistic killer is hanged for his heinous crimes, but the executioner senses something far more sinister than the killer’s evil past.

Would you travel alone to an abandoned mansion hidden deep in a forest across the bleak and desolate moors?
Would you venture inside not knowing who had mysteriously opened the door?
Would you ignore the warning signs which were present in the eerie and sinister atmosphere?
KELLY DID! Because when her boss sent her to photograph an abandoned mansion hidden deep in a forest across the wild Yorkshire moors which was to be offered for auction, she was unaware of a distant family connection to its long-forgotten gruesome past – and a resurrected evil spirit. What terrifying secret hides within the shuttered windows and crumbling facade?
For one step inside is one step too far …
One step inside and there’s no turning back …
One step inside will seal the hand of fate.
Kelly’s life will never be the same again, nor will her sanity.
If only she hadn’t ventured beyond …

The Niagara Vampires

by Nigel Five

The thick woods above the Niagara Escarpment hold a legend of eternal life and powers beyond belief for those that find the hidden falls. As the curious dissappear, so the legend grows. 

The Knight of Tanner’s Square (The Yellow Hand Book 2)

by Malachi Stevens

Tragedy hardens the two brothers as they return within the walls of Breeston. The tyranny of the Yellow Hand grows in the outer wards, and no one can be trusted. Their presence rises from the shadows while both brothers find their destinies as the city festers with rebellion.


by Tabitha Baumander

A good man has died a natural death. In that death he leaves a hole in reality and through that hole come monsters. Defending reality are people who, if the world knew of their existence, might be called monsters themselves. They are far stronger and smarter than any full blood human could ever be and they exist to fight the monsters. The problem is this time they might not win because the monsters are getting help.

Killer Kitteh Khristmas: The First Demon Cat Book (Demon Cat Series 1)

by Sian B. Claven

This is not a Christmas story.
This is not a cute story.
This story features demons, cats and some strange occurrences.

Prepare to take the same journey as Toni as she navigates her way around a new rescue cat and the problems arise when you don’t actually know where your pet comes from.

The Pigeon: Nothing Goes Unseen

by Andrew Lennon

Clarke has had a rough week.

His girlfriend told him it was over, his drug dealer is trying to kill him, and he’s being followed by that nasty bird everywhere he goes.

Now he’s hell bent on settling the score and teaching every last one of them that he’s not a man to be taken lightly… especially the beady-eyed pigeon that has taken more from him than his pride.

Lennon & Motz bring you an exciting, horrific, fast-paced story, packed with violence, gore, mutilation… and angry birds!

No one is safe and nothing goes unseen beneath the watchful eye of The Pigeon.

The Ghost of Queen Anne

by Heather Goodenough

This old fashioned ghost story is about a woman who captures the ghost of a little girl on film while touring a haunted ship. As she downloads her photos she is intrigued to find an eerie image of the child, cowering in a corner of the abandoned swimming pool. At first she is excited about her find, until the spirit takes over her computer and starts causing havoc in her life. the entity seemed harmless enough, climbing into bed with her for a snuggle and whispering in the dark. But then terror begins as the poltergeist becomes a danger to her two children. Now she must go back to the ship and stop at nothing to find the answers behind the girl’s untimely death to free her family from certain devastation. Her return to the scene of the crime brings more ghostly encounters she must face on the path to finding the truth. I dare you to read it alone in the dark.

Unleash the Undead

by J Drake

The world is over, the dead have risen, they’re ravaging the world. Who will survive? Short stories, poems, and artwork in Unleash the Undead.

Bunker 219 by best selling author J.L.Drake
Marina Hume
The Room by Matías Andrés Bravo Jara
Another Life by Ana Prundaru
Delta Sigma Dead by Dale Herring
Ghost by Jonny Graham
The First Zombie by Klarissa Del Rosario
Saadia Ammad
A Bleeding Tear of his Own by Akash Sagar
Don’t Cry by Rob Shepherd
Rhys Curtis Thompson
Leather by Kayleigh Edwards
Shooting Men by Diego Tonini
The Sins of Dr. Rose by Lachelle Redd
Samie Sands
To The Zombie by Victoria Pagac
Dead Men Can’t Climb by Noel Osualdini
Story of a Zombie like Me by Akash Sagar
Glen Holman
A Zombie Dream by Mathias Jansson
The Young Filmmakers of Kansas by Kyle Flak
No Will by Ceri Matthias
Gia Berryman
Abigail by Dale Herring
The Pill of a Dreaming Zombie by Max Ferreira
No Brainer by Diana Alexandru
Feast for the Dead by Kevin S. Hall
Art Pic
Walking Disaster by Zoja Vladisavljevic
Infected by B.S. Purwanda
Ignorantly Innocent by Akash Sagar
Michelle (from the AM13 Outbreak series!) by Samie Sands

KORD: First Tome Of Kelos Robi (Tomes Of Kelos Robi Book 1)

by Breki Vengeance

Long before the Vashara were founded Shinovia was ruled by people who called themselves masters. With highly advanced technology and magic the masters waged war against the ancients and won. The masters used their technology to create machines of war capable of destroying entire cities. The masters also used magic energy from the planet and the stars to give themselves mystical, godlike power. The masters started off by killing everyone that had the necessary genetic makeup to use magic energy. After enslaving the people, the masters implemented methods of highly advanced mind control and started breading people like animals, according to their genomes to produce the perfect slaves. From birth, these people are indoctrinated into the master’s scheme and gladly work as slaves, proud to serve the great masters. For centuries these masters ruled over the people of Shinovia untilâ?¦

Aqwa: A cosmic surf odyssey

by Peter Freewater

Aqwa is a fun, tongue-in-cheek, action adventure about a big-wave surfer taken to an alien world to fulfill an ancient prophecy. It’s hoped that he can save this Earth-like planet from human overpopulation and damaging exploitation. The aliens are linked to the Sumerian Anunnaki and other mythological creatures. Surfing is mainstream culture, introduced by a previous “Messiah”. To fulfill the prophecy, Kris must win all the surf competitions and then surf his way onto an ancient volcano to retrieve and read from their Bible, the “Book of Water”. He goes along with the plan, surfs incredible waves in mad landscapes and contemplates the idea that Water is God.

Hunter Hunted (The Eternals Book 2)

by Richard M. Ankers

A world of darkness surrounds Jean and Princess Linka.

The Nordic royalty – albino Eternals of myth – transport their guests deep beneath the Arctic ice, to the legendary city of Hvit.

They are offered sanctuary, but all is not right. Jean’s mind is darker than ever, and the world will feel his fury. Renewing old acquaintances, he must solve the mystery of who manipulates him, and the reason behind his parents’ deaths.

Aided by Merryweather and the mysterious Princess Aurora, Jean seeks retribution. Trapped between wolves of land and sea, he now fights for more than just himself: he fights for love.

The Jesus Tree Ornaments

by Garry Kennedy

Thrust into a battle between darkness and light, your soul as the prize, what would you do?

Implicated in the murder of a young boy and on the run, it isn’t the police who are after him. In a harrowing journey to reclaim his life, Thomas encounters strange presences both evil and divine, and must choose his fate.

This fast-paced story makes it difficult to distinguish friend from foe, malevolence from benevolence, and good intentions from bad. Faced with the most difficult decisions of his life, Thomas has one chance to bring his future back on track.

With so much on the line, can Thomas do what it takes to save himself and the ones he loves?

A dark, spiritual, action-adventure that will make you rethink everything you know about Christmas.

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