Free humour Kindle books for 10 Dec 18

How to Make Love Like a Pilot

by Skip Johnson

Having trouble with the opposite sex? Same sex? Farm and/or domesticated animals? Then look no further. Skip Johnson will relay to you the keys to his success not only as an awesome pilot, but as a consummate ladies man. He’ll also tell you how to be a man among men, like his prankster friends. Just be careful with the Jeremiah Weed!

Boost: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates Book 5)

by Paul Bellow

Even the Dead Trees are Coming to Life!

Eric and company search for Sarah on level 1-3 while also dealing with overwhelming hordes of undead. With tougher mobs comes better loot, but the group needs to be on their toes as they fight to survive. Every battle brings them closer to uncovering an unsettling truth about the Tower of Gates. Will escape ever be possible?

Dad Jokes: The World’s Best Pocket-Sized Dad Puns and Jokes

by Jeff Willis

Q: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

A: Great food, no atmosphere.

Everyone loves cheesy, badly timed dad jokes because they are told by your dad, and you only get one dad right? So help your dad improve his collection of jokes that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time. This joke book for dads will make a great gift, as the giver can write who it’s from on the cover, so dad will think of you while telling his cheesy jokes.

The Musings of a Carolina Yankee

by Wally Amidon

Take a slow ride down a country road and let your mind and spirit find the peace of a wooded wonderland. Stop along the way and listen to the quiet. Read some pretty funny stories about things that happen in nature, with animals, and during hunting season. Encounter some eccentric folks, including Bingo Drake, Rattler & Tiny, and the Hunkering Heckler. Find out how a skunk ends up in a living room and why a deer wears a red dress. Chuckle at the rambunctious pranks of growing-up boys, and be awed at what happens between soldiers on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall at Christmastime. Learn what a “hoss bite” is and what goes on at the “Bobblehead Babtist Church.” At the end of it all, discover what a redneck really is. Author Wally Amidon grew up living wherever his father was stationed during his Air Force career. When he was overseas, he stayed with his grandmother, who was a great story teller. Now you have a chance to hear his storytelling feats.

BUILDING HANDBOOK: Learn how to easily create visually distinct structures (with step-by-step instructions)

by Geniuz Gamer

One of the Hottest Construction Guides of the year!!!

BUILDING HANDBOOK: Learn how to easily create visually distinct structures (with step-by-step instructions)

Hello there dear reader! First of all let me thank you for picking-up this eBook and deciding to give it a shot! If this is your first time reading one of my eBooks then this section will tell just what you can expect to learn here and how the information will be presented. It’s all laid out in a fun and easy way, and you’ll even have pictures to help supplement the text and help you understand it.

In this book, readers will get a step-by-step guide detailing the building process for a modern styled house, fortified keep and a dramatically styled butcher’s shop. Using easy to follow steps and screenshots detailing the process to create these buildings any player will be able to build these projects easily. This book also includes tips and tricks ranging from getting the most out of your building materials as well as creating hidden entrances and exits using redstone and other tricks within the game.

You will make your own stuff in order to become a better miner and challenge yourself to build the biggest and best things that you can! And, of course, you want your stuff to be better than your mate’s stuff. That’s probably why you’ve clicked onto this e-book.

By the end of this eBook you’ll learn some amazing secrets and other things that you will be able to use in your own game. So sit back, relax, and let your friends be blown away by the sheer brilliance of your mind – a mind that is able to conjure up and develop the coolest, most unique and totally brilliant things. So, what are you waiting for?

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