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Her Alaska Bears (An MFM Shifter Winter Romance) (Seven Nights of Shifters Book 2)

by Keira Flynn

The weather outside is frightful…but her mountain men bears will keep her warm…

Talia Tuesday has it all: an apartment in Los Angeles, a tight-knit group of friends, and a dream job as the head chef of a high-end restaurant. Then she gets the phone callâ??her beloved big brother has lost his life in a tragic fishing accident, leaving behind Ella, a 12-year-old daughter Tali barely knows. Tali trades her bustling L.A. world for a tiny, Arctic town.

Just when things couldn’t get worse, Tali also finds herself in the orbit of the rude, judgmental, and devastatingly handsome Hudson Quinlan, her late-brother’s best friend. Hudson’s opinions on how to parent the moody young Ella are almost as strong as his muscular arms.

Then there’s Cole Blackburn, a brooding stranger who draws her to him like a magnet. His walls are built up high, and she knows there are secrets lurking behind his fathomless, dark eyesâ?¦secrets that have everyone in town steering clear of him.

If all that wasn’t, members of their tight-knit community have started to disappear, sending the townsfolk into a panic…and it seems as though these two vastly different men may be the only ones capable of shedding light on the mystery.

Note: This standalone 100K word book has a slow burn, medium-heat-level, and a MFM ménage romance involving two shifter men, no cheating, and a HEA for everyone involved!

Another One: A Supernatural Crime Thriller (The Parker Trilogy Book 1)

by Tony Faggioli

Detective Evan Parker is being haunted by the past. After two tours in the Afghanistan War, he thought the horrors that he witnessed there were behind him. But the death of his partner has now opened a dark hole of memories that are threatening to swallow Parker alive. Desperate to maintain his grip, he focuses on the last unsolved case his partner left behind: the brutal murder of Hymie Villarosa. 

Father Bernardino Soltera is being destroyed by the present. After ministering to the gang ridden streets of East L.A. for over twenty years, he’s unable to see past the pain and suffering that drugs and violence have wreaked on his neighborhood; he’s ready to give up. But when a young girl confesses that she’s pregnant and her boyfriend will hurt her if she doesn’t get an abortion? Father Soltera decides to make one more stand.

Gang member Hector Villarosa is being mocked by the future. After being released from jail he discovers the love of his life is with another man. As the leader of his gang, losing face could mean losing his life, and the fact that detectives are now asking questions about the death of Hector’s cousin, Hymie, isn’t helping. But Hector’s bigger problem is the demon that has followed him out of jail and on to the mean streets of East L.A.

Three men, one neighborhood. All about to discover that the veil between this world and the next is razor thin. Because at any second? The good cop can kill, the violent gangster can save and the godly priest can sin.

“This is a book that so profoundly illustrates the never ending battle of good and evil, I’m almost without the words to explain it.” – Amazon 5 Star Review

“Faggioli does an astonishing job bringing both criminals and cops to life as three-dimensional, sympathetic characters.” – Amazon 5 Star Review

Boxed Set – the first three books of the TJ Peacock and Lisa Rayburn suspense series: Contains She’s Not There, Trespass, and Girl Undone

by Marla Madison

Get your complete collection of the popular, TJ Peacock & Lisa Rayburn suspense series, in a boxed set!

Three full-length novels for a rock-bottom price.

The series opener, SHE’S NOT THERE, introduces TJ Peacock, a Milwaukee-based PI, a former cop struggling to make it in her own business. Her life intersects with that of Lisa Rayburn, a clinical psychologist who has just found evidence that abused women are going missing in the Milwaukee area. When the police inform Lisa that without hard evidence, they cannot open an investigation, she joins TJ on a mission to reveal foul play at work in the disappearances. TJ and Lisa put their lives on the line as they attempt to unearth a devious serial killer.

In the next two books of the series, TRESPASS and GIRL UNDONE, TJ and Lisa maintain their friendship and use their skills to uncover a cold case from the past and a deadly plot by a serial killer against a crime blogger.

Carpe Diem, Illinois: A Leo Townsend Novel (Leo Townsend Novels Book 1)

by Kristin A. Oakley

For decades, the small town of Carpe Diem, Illinois has quietly unschooled its children, eschewing tests and classrooms for real-life experiences. Now, long-smoldering political feuds and deep personal secrets threaten to explode. When her mother is hospitalized in Carpe Diem after an auto accident, teenager Tali Shaw, the daughter of a powerful state senator, finds herself at the heart of a vicious conspiracy to bring Carpe Diem down. Can prize-winning Chicago Examiner reporter Leo Townsend overcome his own demons and expose those behind the scheme before it’s too late? And when the truth is finally revealed, can Carpe Diem ever be the same? Carpe Diem, Illinois is the winner of the 2014 Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year Award for non-traditionally published fiction.

Paris, Before You Die (Before You Die Mystery Book 1)

by Mary Bowers

Who doesn’t want to see Paris, the City of Light (and love)? Well, on the tour that Nettie Tucker and her niece, Twyla, decide to take, there are a couple of people who’d rather stay home, and most of the others are going for the wrong reasons. There’s the discarded mistress desperate for one last chance, the undercover detective, the psychic haunted by the city’s past, the woman who’s looking for a quick fling, and last but not least, the one who’s bent on murder. Amid the glories of Paris, the members of the tour group pursue their own agendas, and some of them will be coming home in coffins.

The Second Crack

by Chelo Diaz-Ludden

“My thumb pad rests along the crack in the porcelain that’s been filled in with gold, a Japanese tradition that honors past wounds. I think that if people were repaired the same way; foreheads etched with brass hairline fractures, chips of silver embedded along fingers, bolts of gold shot through hearts, then we would know the places to be careful with.” And so Anne’s journey begins with her intuitively knowing that she’s wounded and her sister’s dissappearence the catalyst to discovering how and where.
Anne has two passions, The Bean, her coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, and her twin sister Suz, who co-owns The Bean but abandoned the business, and Anne, creating a crack in their once solid bond. Suz’s passion is South Africa and her hero is Nelson Mandela, whose life inspired her to leave family and friends for volunteer work in the townships. When Suz returns to Portland for the Christmas holiday, she disappears after the twins celebrate with too much wine. Anne, her brother and father search for Suz but to no avail. Their efforts are complicated by the fact that Anne has no memory of their last night together. To find her sister, Anne must hack into Suz’s laptop and read her journal, discovering not only Suz’s innermost thoughts but also her ultimate betrayal.

The Secret Room

by Avery Brown

There’s a patchwork of trouble lurking in the small desert town of Conway. Ella, a recent divorcee wanting to make a fresh start, moves to the out of the way town, rents a storefront and opens a flower shop. She gives refuge to a young Mexican family escaping from the Mexican Cartel, and finds herself in the midst of human smuggling, kidnapping, murder, and drop houses. She learns the former tenants of the storefront are missing and illegal immigrants show up at her door looking for a place of refuge.

The well kept secrets of the town begin to unravel, and Ella is up to her elbows in trouble, not knowing who she can trust with information on the cartel. Notes are left at her door and in her car and the final note is a ransom note. And if things weren’t bad enough she has a damn stalker following her in a blue sedan.

Gold Shimmer: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Book 4 (In the Shadows)

by P.T. Michelle

How far would you go to be with the man who stole your heart but doesn’t know your real name?

GOLD SHIMMER is the first book in Cass and Calder’s epic love story in the BLACK SHADOWS duet. STEEL RUSH is the explosive conclusion to their love story and it is now available. You do not have to read books 1-3 in the IN THE SHADOWS series to enjoy GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH.

I never thought that my plan to crash a masked party to exact a bit of revenge would fall apart so easily. Then again, I also didn’t plan on running into a wall of sharp wit and steely determination named Calder while pretending to be someone else. The captivating Navy SEAL might’ve called me by Celeste’s name, but he refused to let me hide my true self from him. His special brand of honest, seductive charm was impossible to resist. He was confident and demanding…and everything I wanted. But the deeper I fell, the higher the stakes rose while playing a role. So I held onto our intense connection for as long as I could, knowing that he would never know me as Cass. 

When an unexpected turn of events gives me a second chance to see Calder again, I take it. Going undercover as Celeste once more, I’m plunged into a world of high-power wealth and privilege that’s far more dangerous than I could’ve imagined. Everyone has an agenda, and lives are moved around like chess pieces. But for the one man who gave me the courage to live my life for me again, I’d do just about anything. Even become someone else.

DEAR READERS: GOLD SHIMMER is the first book in the BLACK SHADOWS duet, Cass and Calder’s happy-ever-after story. The duet falls within the main IN THE SHADOWS series. STEEL RUSH is the explosive conclusion to Cass and Calder’s story. If you want to read the other books in the series, Sebastian and Talia’s happy-ever-after is contained within books 1-3 and must be read in the following order: MISTER BLACK, SCARLETT RED and BLACKEST RED. BLACK PLATINUM and REDDEST BLACK, all new stand alone Sebastian and Talia passionate adventure stories can be read after GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Then we get to swing back to Cass and Calder in a new stand alone story, BLOOD ROSE, coming in June 2018. Get started! You’ve got lots of enjoyable reading ahead of you! :)â?©



Mister Black (1) (Sebastian & Talia Part 1, Novella)
Scarlett Red (2) (Sebastian & Talia Part 2, Novel)
Blackest Red (3) (Sebastian & Talia Part 3, Novel)
Gold Shimmer (4) (Cass & Calder Part 1, Novel)
Steel Rush (5) (Cass & Calder Part 2, Novel)
Black Platinum (6) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)
Reddest Black (7) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)


Blood Rose (8) (Cass & Calder, Novel) – June 2018

Forgotten By You (Redeeming Love Series Book 2)

by Carlie Sexton

Some decisions in life seem wonderfulâ??until they cause everything to fall apartâ?¦

Charlie Andrews and Mitch Hawkins want to get married sooner rather than later. They plan to have a simple backyard ceremony at Charlie’s parents’ house. The wedding plans are suddenly put on hold when Mitch falls off a ladder and hits his head.

At the hospital, Charlie realizes a horrible truthâ??her fiancée doesn’t remember herâ?¦

Mitch has lost his memory. He believes he’s eighteen again and still in love with his high school sweetheart, Heather. Charlie is shattered by the news, and it only gets worse when Mitch’s mother tracks down Heather and brings her to the hospital to see him.

Every decision has a consequence, but Charlie isn’t ready to face itâ?¦

Charlie isn’t willing to give up on Mitch and knows they can find their way back to each other. But when she sees him out with Heather, her emotions get the best of her and she makes a life altering choice that could change everything.

Could one quick decision really lead to their love being forgotten? Or can they defy the odds and remember the vows they were so eager to take?

When anger, betrayal, and memories fadeâ?¦love will always remain.

The Duke’s Christmas Mystery: A Regency Romance Christmas Mystery

by Kate Carteret

A Christmas play, a deadly dagger, and a whole host of suspects.

A handsome Duke and the Earl’s daughter put their heads together to solve the mystery but will their hearts follow?

When the Christmas Theatrical in the home of Lord Beresford takes a deadly turn, Lady Esme and the Duke of Burnham are in for an eventful Christmas Eve.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Earl’s Daughter

Young and yearning for mischief and adventure, Lady Esme finds herself wishing herself anywhere but Beresford Hall

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Handsome Duke

The Duke of Burnham is a much sought-after man among the ladies of Hertfordshire, yet he cannot settle upon a lady who will not only hold his heart, but his interest too

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Christmas Mystery

When the leading man of Lord Beresford’s Christmas theatrical is killed on stage, the Duke knows it was no accident. Joined by the interesting and plucky Lady Esme, he works to solve the mystery of who killed Sheridan Winchester.

But things are not as simple as they seem when everybody present has a motive for murder.

And solutions are not so easy to find when the Duke and Lady Esme find themselves deeply attracted to one another.

Can they solve the mystery and find room for romance at the same time?

The Duke’s Christmas Mystery is a clean and fun Regency Romance Novella, with no cheating and no cliff hanger. Includes the first five chapters of the novel “Rescued from the Tower”

The Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series: Books 1-3: Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Boxed Set

by S. W. Hubbard

**Book 5 in the series, Tailspinner, releases on 12/22. Preorder now!** Welcome to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks.
Beauty surrounds you. So does evil.

Police Chief Frank Bennett patrols the not-so-mean streets of Trout Run, New York, an idyllic town nestled in the rugged Adirondack Mountains. But natural beauty is no protection against the evil in people’s hearts. Secrets…deception…con games…murder–there’s never a dull moment fighting small town crime.

This boxed set contains three Frank Bennett mysteries:

The Lure
Police Chief Frank Bennett has his hands full when a group of environmental activists shows up in Trout Run trying to close down Raging Rapids, a popular tourist attraction.

Frank thinks they’re all noise.
Until their leader turns up with a bullet in his heart.

Now Frank must figure out why this group targeted Trout Run. And how they’re connected to a feral family who live off the grid.

As Frank untangles the clues, he confronts the lure of cash, the lure of power, and the lure of a happy family.As he navigate the dangerous intersection of love and greed, one wrong turn could spell death to those he most wants to protect.

Blood Knot
When a tough-love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run, Frank Bennett worries about the arrival of so many juvenile delinquents on his turf.

When a North Country Academy teacher is mauled to death by a bear while leading wilderness expedition, Frank’s worst fears are confirmed. Evidence points to sabotage.

As Frank investigates, he learns more about the school’s controversial techniques: isolation, restraints, and mind control. . He meets students who might be terrified…or might be brilliant liars. And he uncovers disturbing information about the Academy’s headmaster. What is more impressive? His track record of putting teens back on the right path? Or his skill in covering up past scandals?

Then an Academy student turns up dead, and Frank must unravel a knot of deceit and revenge whose threads lead right into the heart of the Trout Run community.

Dead Drift
Frank Bennett investigates three puzzling crimes in these short mysteries with big twists. In the Christmas mystery “Chainsaw Nativity,” Frank’s relentless pursuit of the thief who stole the Joseph statue from the town’s Nativity scene brings him up against the limits of compassion. In “Losers Weepers”, a locket that’s lost, found, and stolen holds the secret to past betrayals. And in “Coyote Justice” Frank’s simmering attraction to Penny the librarian threatens to divert him from the path of justice. These three mystery short stories explore twisting Adirondack mountain trails just as surely as the dangerous terrain of the human heart.

TO BE A KING: Volume 1

by Gunner A. Lindbloom

Omnio “King” Falcone is the grandson of Don “The Butcher” Falcone, the feared and powerful boss of Detroit’s reclusive Mafia faction, known simply as the “Syndicate.” As the last Falcone, King is the heir-apparent to his grandfather’s throne. Except there is one problem. A big one. He is a “difetto,” not of pure Sicilian blood. As a result, he has been ostracized by much of the Syndicate. Even worse, the Commission, a secret pantheon of Mafia Bosses from all over the country, has named his Machiavellian uncle the new Boss.

But King is a brilliant tactician. Even with the odds stacked against him, he rises through the Syndicate ranks. Many of the Family capos have grown to respect and fear him, for he commands a faithful crew of ambitious young wiseguys who have sworn their lives to him.

After years of methodical planning and forming strategic alliances, King is on the brink of finally being accepted by the Syndicate when a beautiful young Mafia princess arrives into town from Sicily. Smitten, he decides he must have her as his own. Unfortunately, his arch nemesisâ??his nefarious cousin Anthonyâ??has already laid claim to her. A war for her affection ensues. When the smoke clears, King is left serving a life sentence in a Federal prison, while Anthony is elevated to Syndicate underboss, ranked second only to his father, the Syndicate’s new “Capo di tutti Capi,” Boss of all Bosses.

But Don Falcone is a crafty tactician himself. He has kept a favor on the books for over fifty years, and when he finally calls it in, King emerges from prison a free man. Read on and see what it takesâ?¦ TO BE A KING!

Murder On The Golden Halo (The Earthling Mysteries Book 1)

by W. H. Beswick

The universe is finally settling down after the earth Wars. All known Earthlings had been forced to scatter to alien worlds where they will live out quiet lives and more importantly try go unnoticed. The space ship Golden Halo is one the finest and luxurious vessels in any part of the universe. The royal level can only be afforded by the richest and more powerful. On this voyage a queen is heading home to wed the men she always loved. A murder puts the wedding on hold. Now a unlikely detective and princess with pink hair must find the murderer.

The Season for Slaying

by Hillary Avis

All is quiet at the Pines and Needles Christmas Tree Farm. Too quiet.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Darla Cooper is merrily preparing for a family holiday when she witnesses a shocking murder in the woods.

Luckily, her son is a police detective. The problem? He doesn’t believe herâ??and the body is missing.

Darla must prove that a murder occurred, but she has no body, no witnesses, and no evidence except her own memoryâ??which, to be honest, isn’t that great these days. Plus, she didn’t have her glasses on.

Join Darla as she hunts down a killerâ?¦just in time for Christmas.

The Season for Slaying is a short holiday cozy mystery story full of suspense, snowflakes, and sleighbells.

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