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Shopping for an Heir

by Julia Kent

Gerald Wright works for billionaires. He never imagined he’d become one.

The former Navy Seal is a chauffeur by day, artist by night, so when hotter-than-ever ex-fiancée Suzanne Dayton interrupts his nude model sculpting class to serve him with inheritance paperwork from a man he’s never heard of, he assumes it’s a joke.

Turns out the joke’s on him. There’s just one catch. A big one.

And it might be Suzanne â?? in more ways than he ever dreamed.

Shopping for an Heir is the 10th book in the New York Times bestselling Shopping for a Billionaire series by Julia Kent.

Let It Snow (A Hope Falls Novel Book 8)

by Melanie Shawn

Thirteen years agoâ?¦his world fell apart after his soul mate left him in the middle of an unforeseen tragedy that would bind them together forever. Ever since, sexy Fireman Jake Maguire busied himself by putting out fires in buildings and starting them in women, all in an attempt to extinguish the fire she set off in him all those years ago.

Thirteen years agoâ?¦she made the hardest decision of her life. For every tear, every heartache, Tessa Hayes reminded herself that she made that sacrifice out of love. Sweet, caring Tessa always put the interests of others before her own, no matter what the cost.

She sacrificed her heart for his life. He lived without living. Now they had the chance to mend their broken hearts together…but would Tessa and Jake have the courage to do it?

**Author’s Note: Each Hope Falls full-length novel can be read as a stand-alone**

Every Woman Deserves an Accessory

by Von Powell

When Raquel Davis, a successful, but jaded makeup artist first heard about personal trainer Javier Vasquez, she wasn’t interested. Her marriage was crumbling and her friendships were becoming destructive. Overweight and lacking confidence, Raquel wasn’t ready or interested in meeting anyone new.

Fast forward five years. Raquel is eighty pounds slimmer with much more confidence in herself. She has ended her marriage and traded in the flash of a diamond ring for the flashbulbs of the red carpet. But, despite all her material and career success, she wants something more.

Raquel has survived heartbreak, handled single motherhood, and thrived in the world of fashion, but will she allow herself to take a chance on love again? Although she is now use to wearing diamonds only on her ears, perhaps Javier will be able to show Raquel an accessory or two that she’s been missing.

She knew what she wanted. She knew what she needed. But she had no idea what she deserved.

Play Me (West Texas Barnes Brothers Book 2)

by Alison Kent

“I can put anything anywhere I want to.”

Electrician Sophie North felt as if she’d touched a live wire the first time she laid eyes on Tyler Barnes. He had a heartbreaking grin, an incredible body, and a thousand watts of cowboy charm. Half the single women in Brodie, Texas, were out to snag him now that he’d returned to West Texas to set up his veterinary practice.

But Sophie was just passing through. And she’d sworn never to live her life at the mercy of her passionate natureâ??not after passion had destroyed her family when she was a child. Nevertheless, every time Tyler came near, her response was shocking which wasn’t supposed to happen. Lightning was only supposed to strike once!

“Alison Kent holds us spellbound with deeply passionate characters, scorching sensuality and a love story hot enough to heat up the coldest of winter nights.” – RT Book Reviews

Spark of Passion: Firefighters Military Romance (A Burning Love Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seenâ?¦

Two years after running a black ops mission in Syria, Dane Morrison is struggling with PTSD while serving his Aspen community as a fireman. Though many around him can tell that something is wrong, there is only one person who can pull him out of the fire and make his life better.

Interior designer Cheryl McKinney is trying her best to get life back to normal while mourning the death of the father of her unborn baby. Even though she has the support of her best friend, Delilah, an apartment fire will show her how alone she really is, that is until a handsome fireman offers to help.

A Burning Love Series
Book 1 – Spark of Passion
Book 2 – Flame of Desire
Book 3 – Blaze of Ecstasy

Lost Angels: A Supernatural & Paranormal Romance Novel (The Lost Archangels Book 0)

by Tatenda Creed

Supernatural collides with Mortal instruments and Vampire Diaries.

Dare to begin the passionate, thrilling, and provocative journey of love, dilemmas, sacrifice, and an epic love story? Prepare to be addictedâ?¦ Grab the Prequel, Lost Angels, and unveil the mystery behind the romantic and addictive series of The Lost Archangels.

Busy collecting prayers, on top of watching over the Archangels, it’s another day for Jude Thaddeus to prove his perfection to Father God. He intends to uphold his impeccable record and become an Archangel. Nothing must come between him and his desire.


After years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the Archangels. It’s a perfect plan. One he’s sure Jude will not see coming. Neither will the Archangels who’ve now become complacent, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant.

The battle begins when Ava, the woman chosen to veil the Sacred City of Ashbourne, cries out for help.

Everyone has a plan, a need, or a desire, except they forget the one plan that matters mostâ??God’s. The outcome is shocking, one that triggers a never-ending battle, and unveils a love story like no other.

Revenge. Resentment. Betrayal. None is more unbearable than the Agony of Love.

What Early Readers are Saying

“Amazing storyline! 😀 I love the level of unpredictability you include. Each scene is more heart-wrenching than the last.”

“Absolutely phenomenal! The originality and ingenuity in all of it, the characters, the plotline, the dialogue, was so amazing.”

“Two words. Mind blowing!”

Lost Angels is a prequel to a seven-book series. Although this book’s story is complete, it is not a standalone novel.  You won’t have to wait months or years to read the next book in the series. Each instalment is released every month or two. Begin with the Prequel, Lost Angels.

Reading Order.

Book 0 – Lost Angels

Book 1 – The Seer

Book 2 – The Ring

Book 3 – The Vangel

Book 4 – The Curse

Book 5 – UnBroken

Book 6 – Forever

Scroll up and grab your copy of Lost Angels. Begin the passionate, thrilling, and provocative journey of love, hidden truth, dilemmas, sacrifice and an epic romance.

Interview with the Author  

Tell us about the series.

The Lost Archangels is an Epic Supernatural Paranormal Romance series. If you love Angels, vampires, witches, hybrids, devils& demons, humans, and more, this is a series you will enjoy. Its theme is based on the â??Agony of Love.’  Love and sacrifice. The things we do for love. How every being, no matter what or who they are, villain or hero, fall in love at some point.

Throughout the series we experience love in all forms. From Lucifer (the devil), to mothers and daughters, fathers, families, friends, and of course, Archangels.

What can a reader look forward to?

Love triangles

Complicated relationships

Awesome villains

Tales of forbidden love

Supernatural Creatures

Dark secrets


Plot twists


Those are a few of the things to look forward to. This is a series in which everything is never what it seems.

Is this a Supernatural or Paranormal romance series?

Both. You can find my books in the following categories;

Paranormal Romance


Supernatural Romance

New Adult & College



Deviant (Condemned Book 5)

by Gemma James

Sometimes light can be found in the dark. Rafe is a blazing sun in the center of my universe. He’s my strength. The only man capable of healing me. He’s the love of my life.

He’s also my enforcer. The strikes of his belt shield me from self-harm’s temptation, but old habits are hard to break. No matter how much light we infuse into our deviant world, we still feed off each other’s twisted desires.

Now I stand before him dressed in white, on the cusp of putting my fragile heart into his hands forever.

But what if forever ends today?

What if the past isn’t finished with us yet?

We’ve gone through hell to get here, and nothing and no one is going to take this away from us.

Even if I have to kill for it.

NOTE TO READERS: DEVIANT is a psychological dark romance thriller with kidnapping and other disturbing themes. Intended for mature readers. Not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned. Part 5 of the Condemned series.

Pure Rapture: A Novel of the Pure Ones (Pure/ Dark Ones Book 5)

by Aja James

Their love is outlawed by both their Kindsâ?¦

Tal-Telal, the legendary General who led the Pure Ones to freedom, paid the ultimate price for his people: breaking the heart of his one True Love.

Her shattered heart continues to yearnâ?¦

Ishtar Anshar, once royalty reigning over a vast, ancient empire, lost everything she held dear. Deceived by those she trusted the most, she blamed the one male who sacrificed all to protect her.

No matter the distance and time, love is a renegade that cannot be ruledâ?¦

Now Fate has reunited them in this modern time to combat a burgeoning threat. Can they put the darkness behind them and forge a brighter future together?

Realm of Angels (Noble Line of de Nerra Book 2)

by Kathryn Le Veque

When a noble knight makes a bad decision, it costs him more than his honor.

It costs him his heart.

Welcome to the novella based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story, ‘The Nutcracker and The Mouse King’. Rhogan de Garr is a proud and noble knight from a great family and he has always been fond of Juliana de Nerra (SHIELD OF KRONOS). In fact, he hopes to court her. But, in a weak moment, the lure of wealth and treasure is stronger than his love for her.

Or is it?

When Juliana learns that Rhogan has run off with a German princess, she mourns the loss of the only man she’s ever loved, refusing to entertain any other suitors. Four long years after Rhogan’s departure, she still refuses to allow her parents to marry her to another. It is her intention to remain a spinster, for if she cannot have Rhogan, then there is no point in trying to find happiness.

But a mysterious servant at her family home makes his presence known to Juliana, purely by accident. He is drawn to Juliana, and she is drawn to him. Will the fates be kind and bring Juliana what she most longs for?

True love only exists in the Realm of Angels.

(Note: This is an extended epilogue for VESTIGES OF VALOR and SHEILD OF KRONOS, but it is a complete story, no cliff-hangers, and a HEA. Originally published as part of The Nutcracker Reimagined Christmas Collection 2017. Enjoy!)

Ruckus (SEAL Team Alpha Book 1)

by Zoe Dawson

For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.

Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or to showcase her dedication to reporting on the human condition. That’s what she thought until she meets Bowie and big, bad, and tough takes on a whole new meaning. Gratitude for saving her ass gets lost in his demanding orders and fighting for her life takes a back seat to falling for this alpha male who’ll risk everything to see her safe.

Avalanche of Desire: A contemporary reverse harem romance (Brothers Freed Book 1)

by Bea Paige

For Louisa, the Christmas period has never been full of joy and cheer, unless you counted a drunk mother and her trail of deadbeat boyfriends. So when she gets the opportunity to become a chalet girl in the resort of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps she jumps at the chance. Only she gets more than she bargained for when her assigned family turn out to be three hot bachelor brothers with a penchant for partying and women. When Louisa is asked to join the brothers on a trip to a remote log cabin high up in the mountains she has no choice but to go or risk losing her job. Only things don’t go according to plan when a heavy snowstorm hits trapping Louisa and the three horny brothers for the entire Christmas weekend. Can Louisa fend off their advances or will she succumb to an Avalanche of Desire?

This is book one of the Brothers Freed series and is a reverse harem story with high heat levels. If you like one female with multiple love interests who are all happy about it, then this is for you! #whychoose

Storm of Seduction – book two of the Brothers Freed series
Dawn of Love – book three of the Brothers Freed series

Marking Her #1 (Marked Series)

by Elena M. Reyes

Talan Cox wants to mark Mayaâ??with more than his ink. The owner of a prominent tattoo shop, he’s used to being hit on by easy women. Though “easy” is not a word associated with Maya when she comes in to support her friend. Flirtation ensues, but what will it take to break the painted man.

Pieces of Autumn: A Dark Romance

by Mara Black

I wish I could tell you that I was stolen.

Kidnapped off the street in some third-world country, sold against my will, while a desperate family back home waited and prayed and talked about me on the news.

I wish I could tell you that, because then you might understand.

What really happened? I walked to my fate with my eyes wide open. But before you say I deserved whatever happened to me, you should know. I was desperate. I was alone. I was afraid for my life. You would have done the same thing.

I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

But then, I woke up in darkness, unable to move. There was only one thing I was sure of: I wasn’t alone anymore.

And then I heard HIS voiceâ?¦

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