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Back Then, On Gowanus: A Short Story

by B. Moser Wallace

August 30, 1900 5:17pm
A historical look at a moment in time. One at-bat. Twenty-seven pitches. In a game and place we are not familiar with. Baseball was different back then and so were the men that played it.


by Julia Clark

We are pleased to present you a book that consists of three of our previous sports booklets. This book contains a large number of exercises for the whole body, for all muscle groups of your body. You are able with the help of this book to realize your desire – to be slim and fit.
The book is written very simply and with a detailed description of the exercises. The advantage of our book is also the pictures, and the detailed explanation of the exercises is in the pictures. We did all the exercises at home, and you can completely choose the best of the best exercises for you and train yourself at home or in the park, wherever you want. If everything is right to fulfill and follow, of course, the purity of your food – you will do the body of your dreams. Success.

John Stockton: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Point Guards (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Utah Jazz’s Legendary Guard John Stockton!

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In John Stockton: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Point Guards, you will learn the inspirational story of one of basketball’s greatest point guards of all time, John Stockton. Stockton ran the point for the Utah Jazz through the majority of the 80s and 90s. He holds the NBA record for the most assists and steals of all time.

Playing for the majority of his career alongside Karl Malone, Stockton had a highly illustrious career. By the time he retired, he was a ten-time All-Star and had led the league in assists nine times. He is one of few point guards to ever average a career double-double in points and assists. In this unauthorized biography, you’ll relive Stockton’s impressive career from his rookie season to his final game.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and High School Career
  • College Career
  • The Legendary Class of 1984, Getting Drafted, Rookie Season, The Arrival of Karl Malone, The Beginning of the Stockton and Malone Era
  • The Dime-Dropping Machine, Stockton’s Rise to Stardom, Historic Assists Seasons, Falling Short, The Back-to-Back Finals Appearances, Losing to the Bulls
  • The Steady Decline, The Final Season, Retirement
  • Stockton’s International Career
  • Stockton’s Personal Life
  • Impact on Basketball

An excerpt from the book:

It is often said that an NBA player’s status as one of the all-time greats is determined by the number of championships he won during his playing days. Those considered great have won titles. Michael Jordan ended his career as a six-time champion. Bill Russell won 11 titles during the 60’s. Despite all the battles he had with Russell, Wilt Chamberlain retired as a two-time NBA champion. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spent a lifetime not only collecting points but also six NBA rings. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird combined for a total of eight championships during their rivalry years in the 80’s. And in today’s league, LeBron James is continuing to carve out his legacy as one of the players that could one day be the greatest of all time as he seeks out more NBA titles.

But what if those legendary players that did not have the pleasure of being called an NBA champion? Winning an NBA title was never easy no matter how good a player was because championships were always dependent on how the team played and of how tough the competition was. Some players won titles because of how completely dominant their team was during their peak years. And there were those that collected multiple championships during an era where the NBA was not at its most competitive.

Though the popular belief is that a championship defines a player’s career, it is never truly a measure of how great the player was. Some superstars could not get over the hump because of the era and competitive environment they played in. One of those players is the Utah Jazz’s legendary point guard, John Stockton.

John Stockton spent his entire NBA career as a player that reveled in seeing his teammates making baskets. It was as if the point guard position was made for him. He was a playmaker like no other. He became an All-Star by making sure his teammates had the best possible shots and looks.

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Fit und ausgeglichen mit Ashtanga Yoga (German Edition)

by Marion Martinello

In diesem Buch finden sich neben Geschichte und Grundlagen zu Ashtanga Yoga auch ein ausführlicher Abbildungsteil mit genauen Erklärungen der einzelnen Yogapositionen und eine �bungsabfolge in Bildern zur praktischen Umsetzung. So gelingt der Einstieg in Ashtanga Yoga und schafft eine solide Grundlage für ein erfolgreiches Training!

MUSKELAUFBAU: Ratgeber – Wenn Du diese Dinge NICHT BEACHTEST, wirst Du KEINE MUSKELN aufbauen! â?? inkl. Trainings- und Ernährungplänen (German Edition)

by Leon Kostrzewa

Muskelaufbau – Ratgeber: Wenn Du diese Dinge NICHT BEACHTEST, wirst Du KEINE MUSKELN aufbauen! – inkl. Trainings- und Ernährungplänen

Dies ist der Traum vieler Menschen, doch die meisten davon wissen nicht, wie sie diesen erreichen sollen. Den Fehler, den diese Menschen begehen, ist es, einige grundlegende Dinge nicht zu beachten. Damit Dir dies nicht passiert, habe ich dieses Buch geschrieben.
Hallo, ich bin Leon und betreibe seit vielen Jahren Kraftsport und habe in der Vergangenheit selbst viele Fehler begangen, die meine Erfolge minimiert haben und mir viel Zeit geraubt haben. Ich möchte Dir diese Fehler ersparen und Dir mit diesem Buch die wichtigsten Dinge, die man beim Muskelaufbau beachten sollte, beibringen.

Warum solltest Du Dich für dieses Buch entscheiden?
Ganz einfach. Ich bringe Dir die WICHTIGSTEN Dinge bei, die Du wissen MUSST, um Muskeln aufzubauen. Also die Dinge die Dich WIRKLICH zum ERFOLG bringen.

Was Du in diesem Buch lernen wirst:
-Der wichtigste Schlüssel zum Muskelaufbau
-Wie du Trainingsreize richtig setzt
-Warum Regeneration wichtig ist, und wie du diese förderst
-Was Du beim Training beachten musst
-Du wirst erfahren welcher Körpertyp Du bist
-Wie sich die Körpertypen voneinander unterscheiden
-Wie du dich ernähren solltest

Für wen ist dieses Buch nicht geeignet?
-Personen, die weiterhin ohne Wissen trainieren wollen
-Personen, die nichts an ihrer Situation ändern wollen
-Personen, die ungerne erfolgreich sind
-Personen, die keine Disziplin haben
-Personen, die keine Muskeln aufbauen wollen

Scroll einfach nach oben und drücke auf ,,JETZT KAUFENâ??â??, und Du wirst die Erfolge sehen, die Du Dir schon immer gewünscht hast!

Foraging: Edible Plants and Berries You Can Find in The Wild in Autumn and Winter Seasons

by David Swan


Edible Plants and Berries You Can Find in The Wild in Autumn and Winter Seasons

Foraging has become a new hype. No, it is not something new. People have been practicing foraging as a hobby like collecting variety of wild mushrooms, weeds and berries. But now its meaning is completely different. People are now becoming hungry for change and hence, have starting turning to organic lifestyle. They are more interested in varieties of foods but not everything is available is super markets. While some people are just struggling to afford food. The solution – foraging food. For this, people started foraging in parks and local fields but most of these places are off limits and prohibited for foraging. What other places are left then for foraging. THE WILD!

Does it sound difficult and challenging?

Yes, but foraging in wild only sound challenging, it is actually completely opposite of this. It is a wonderful and fun activity to look for food in the wild. Not only you get abundant flavors and nutritious plants and/or fruits, but this activity also refreshes the mind. It is also a pleasant change from the virtual environment by building a connecting with nature and admiring it.

So if you are about to start your wild foraging experience or already engaged in this wonderful activity, this eBook can help you pave your path to become an expert wild foraging

This eBook include:

  • Detail information about foraging in wild during winter and autumn seasons
  • A useful guideline to do a responsible foraging
  • Botanical description with images of plants and fruits to be forage in autumn and winter
  • How to identify and pick the ripe and correct food in wild
  • The use of wild foods in daily life like in food and medicines.

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