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Operation Incorporate

by Brian Still

Darrell Wilcox is an out of work engineer with a secret: he knows where there are billions of dollars of diamonds. All he needs is the help of a few other talented, and equally disgruntled, men, and a tiny army of paid mercenaries, to go get them in the middle of one the harshest deserts in the world.
A brilliant inventor in the midst of a religious crisis, a shadow investor, a disgraced British Brigadier, a super soldier looking for peace, two longtime friends, and a well-connected refugee are the masterminds behind Operation Incorporate, a risky mission to take over a small part of the world, which most people don’t know or care about, just long enough to harvest as many diamonds as possible. They risk death, and fanning the flames of a simmering cold war between rival nations.

BLOOD & COTTON: Madness, Badness and the Occupation of Dixie

by M.B. Walsh

Selma, Alabama, is a dangerous place for ex-Union officers in the spring of 1865. The Civil War has just ended and the Confederate States are now occupied enemy territory. In the defeated south all Yankees are fiercely hated. But a special venom is reserved for the Treasury agents sent by Washington to suck the very marrow out of the bones of the Confederacy.

In the closing months of the war the bankrupt Confederate government is forced to exchange bonds for bales of cotton, which they desperately need to raise foreign credit. The cotton is marked and left on the plantations until it can be collected. After the surrender, Washington decides that all this cotton belongs to the United States.

Two young officers, veterans of the war, Ambrose Bierce and Augustus Durrell, are among the hundreds of Treasury agents recruited to locate this contraband cotton, worth a dollar a pound on the world market, and deliver it to the federal authorities. But this is easier said than done. The first problem is staying alive in a hostile country full of bushwhackers and nightriders. The second is actually finding the cotton, hidden beep in the bayous, or on remote plantations. The southerners would rather burn it than see it fall into enemy hands.

Bierce and Durrell, although friends, are very different men. Bierce is a tough , scrupulously honest Indiana farm boy. Durrell, the scion of a prominent New York family, is a charming opportunist out to grab what he can. Bierce is appalled by conditions in the south. The misery and hardship imposed on the civillian population outrages his ideas of how a vanquished enemy should be treated. Durrell, on the other hand, takes it for granted that honesty and justice have no part to play in public service. Durrell doesn’t consider himself to be a mere government employee, but a partner – the senior partner.

The friendship begins to fracture when Bierce investigates the disappearance of another Treasury agent who mysteriously vanishes with eight hundred thousand dollars worth of contaband cotton. Bierce’s investigation takes him into the dark heart of the Reconstruction and tests the limits of loyalty, duty and frienship.


by Gérald DUCATEZ

Je m’appelle Lucien et j’ai 19 ans en cette année 1914. Mon grand-père Gaston est agriculteur et je me destine un jour à prendre sa relève en m’occupant de la ferme. Mais voilà, en août la guerre éclate et devant l’avancée des troupes allemandes, je décide de quitter mon village natal du nord de la France pour m’engager. La guerre sera courte parait-il, et nous serons revenus pour la fin des moissons, Noël au plus tard.
Entouré de mes frères d’arme, je découvre la dure réalité de la guerre: Les tranchées, les premiers morts, mes premières blessures. Nous devenons des bêtes, des machines à tuer ou de la chair à canon. Ma foi en l’humanité s’éclate en petits morceaux dans la glaise de l’Artois, dans la craie de la Champagne ou dans l’enfer de Verdun.
Mais la guerre ne s’arrête pas sur les rives de la Meuse. Au bord de l’abîme, je m’accroche à la moindre main tendue.
Cette main, c’est elle qui me la tend. Elle, si courageuse, si dévouée, si belle…

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