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Praying Psalm 143:8-9 & Surviving on the Streets, a Veteran’s Story: Deliver me, OH LORD, from mine enemies: I flee unto THEE to hide me.

by Robert Korchnak

Praying Psalm 143:8-9 & Surviving on the Streets, a Veteran’s Story is a real-life odyssey packed with military history, numerous excursions, dangerous situations, prayers, and amazing answers to prayers as I traversed the United States from coast to coast while living on the streets. Many veterans including my dad are mentioned along with their triumphs and tragedies. I also highlight organizations and programs that help homeless veterans and veterans with PTSD. During my seven-year odyssey, I recount how God is fashioning me for His purposes similar to Psalm 139:5. The starting point is Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008. This is when I begin to sense God’s hedge of protection surrounding me. Supernaturally, this hedge is more impenetrable than the 12-inch armor plating on the hull of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), the US Navy’s most decorated battleship and my assigned ship. I transport the reader back in time to Persian Gulf operations from 1987 to 1991 and my mom’s experiences during the Battle of Vienna in April 1945. For those readers interested in true crime, I describe Youngstown’s checkered past including some notorious Mafia hits. Youngstown, Ohio is my hometown. God’s goodness and mercy keeps surfacing as I portray His strong tendency to leave the ninety-nine sheep and go after that one sheep that wanders off. Francis Thompson described God as the “Hound of Heaven.” I portray God as a “Search and Rescue Dog” consistently arriving on the scene to save the day.

Reflections in a Raindrop A Foreign Country

by Klara AlžbÄ?ta Adamirova

“Life, miserable as it was, went on, only to eventually become even worse.”

Klara grew up a victim of racism, emerging into a world where the Austro-Hungarian Empire had recently fallen, and she, being both Hungarian and Czech, was caught between two cultures that despised one another and so both rejected her.

When her homeland was invaded by Hitler’s Nazis and her father was driven to work in Austria, she was confronted with the consequences of her family being ripped apart. Reuniting their family meant fleeing from Czechoslovakia to join her father in Linz and living in the face of the war, a young girl, fearful of being executed or sent to a concentration camp, should she step out of line. As Klara grew into a young and very beautiful woman, she became a victim of both Nazi and American solder abuse and brutality.

When the war ended Klara returned home to Czechoslovakia. Shortly after she faced the infiltration of the Soviet Union. This, and a broken heart, caused Klara to flee and seek refuge in Australia. She left everything behind and could not return. Without family, without homeland, Klara was dependent on the troubled man with whom she had migrated and whom she deeply loved. She was seeking refuge from her traumatic past but instead was faced with a life that became hard and austere in a different way.

Klara represents many voices. She represents migrants, victims of war, racism, abused women, marginalised and forgotten people. She has been each of these and she has, remarkably, found hope and love in the world which has been so cruel to her.

This book is not just important historically or politically, although it is both, but it is also important spiritually and speaks to the very depth of the human soul and our humanitarian nature, which thrives to find meaning and love in a tumultuous world. Klara shows that we can. She is an inspiration, an exceptional woman and her story is truly unforgettable.

From There to Here: An Inspirational Journey of Faith, Hope and Love

by Shannon Rhett

This is my personal journey of how I got from where I was (There) to where I am now (Here). I share my struggles as a child and teenager, growing up in a home with alcohol, drug abuse and violence. I was always looking for love and security in someone else but what I discovered was far beyond that. I discovered freedom from all the pain of the past.

The Best Book of Inspirational Quotes: 958 Motivational and Inspirational Quotations of Wisdom from Famous People about Life, Love and Much More (Inspirational Quotes Book)

by Darleen Mitchell

This Quotes book is an extraordinary collection of the most inspirational quotes from around the world and throughout the history. The wisdom on these pages will empower and encourage you to live your life to the fullest. Start each day with a powerful dose of wisdom and inspiration as you are guided to take actions, overcome fear, boost your self-esteem, create success, enjoy life and make your dreams come true. 

This book makes a perfect, unique gift for everyone. Your friends and family will be able to learn a lot from this collection of wisdom, strength of character and passion written by extraordinary men and women.

Some of the highlighted leaders are on the pages of this masterpiece, including:

  • Roy T. Bennett, the author of “The Light in the Heart”
  • C. Joybell C., the author of “The Sun Is Snowing”, is a leading female “Mentor” 
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Ben Franklin
  • Winston Churchill
  • Jack London
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Henry Ford

and many others will guide you through your amazing adventure.

“The Best Book of Inspirational Quotes: 958 Motivational and Inspirational Quotations of Wisdom from Famous People about Life, Love and Much More” is an invaluable tool for anybody business leaders, coaches, writers, public speakers, or anyone who wishes to improve their communication skills, motivate and inspire people.

This Quotes Book including:

-inspirational quotes;

-motivational quotes;

-life quotes;

-short quotes;

-famous quotes;

-quote of the day;

-happiness quotes;

-daily motivational quotes;

-best quotes;

-positive quotes.

As the day begins, so you spent it. Read this book every morning to maintain motivation and enthusiasm.

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Kurt Holl: Autobiografisches Portrait eines 68ers (German Edition)

by Kurt Holl

Uneitel, kompromisslos, nur rücksichtslos gegen sich selbst, wenn es darum ging, denen eine Stimme zu geben, die keine (Mit-) Sprache hatten. Kurt Holl verschrieb sich mit Leib und Seele diesem Motto. Mit seiner beeindruckenden Autobiografie belegt er nachhaltig, dass die �berführung des revolutionären Geistes der 68er Jahre in die heutige Zeit gelungen und lebendig gehalten ist.
Mit Witz und Präzision beschreibt er seine politischen Aktionen von 1960 bis 2015 und zeigt die vielen Facetten eines Lebens als “Berufsrevolutionär”. An seinem eigenen Beispiel, seiner Herkunftsfamilie, Lehrer-Kollegen, Gleichgesinnten und Mitstreitern analysiert er die gesellschaftlichen Verstrickungen mit der NS-Vergangenheit und die Auswirkungen der Verleugnung und des Wegschauens.
Da er seine Autobiografie durch seinen unerwarteten Tod nicht vollenden konnte, ergänzen seine Söhne und einige MitstreiterInnen das Bild des Mannes, der uns allen hinterlassen hat, dass es lohnt, sich für Gerechtigkeit – gegen alle Widerstände – einzusetzen.

“Kurt Holl führt uns mit seinen Lebenserinnerungen durch entscheidende Etappen dieser Republik, von 1945 bis in die 2000er Jahre: Ein Unerschrockener mit Witz, ein friedensliebender Anarchist, ein Hochgebildeter des Wortes und der Tat. Das Geschichtsbuch eines Aufrührers und Aufklärers – keine Rechtfertigungsschrift, sondern das literarisch politische Testament eines wahren Menschenfreundes.”
Günter Wallraff

“Unsere Gesellschaft braucht Menschen wie Kurt. Menschen, die etwas riskieren, um anderen zu helfen. In diesem Sinne ist Kurt Holl ein Sohn dieser Stadt, denn Köln hat ein Herz für mutige Querdenker.”
Hedwig Neven DuMont

Me and My Boys: My Mentoring Experience

by Tony Johnson

When you encounter school kids with disciplinary problems, you know that behind their actions, there’s usually something more than a desire to just cause trouble. They may have desires for a two parent family, or maybe they’re mourning the recent loss of a family member, or maybe they’re coping with an abusive situation at home.

This is certainly true for the four boys that Tony Johnson began mentoring. He knows he can’t change their past and was very skeptical that he could positively influence their future by only meeting with them for one hour a week.

Often times, when things were going well, he would get the dreaded text stating, “your boys are in trouble again.” He begins to question if they really want to improve. Is there any way he’ll ever get through to them?

Me & My Boys is an excellent read for parents, community leaders, and anyone involved in organizations that serve children. This book clearly shows that while you can’t promise anyone a happy ending, what matters most is your time. The care and attention you can offer means the world to these kidsâ??even if they have a funny way of showing it.

Vanquishing The Void: A Paraplegicâ?? Discovers New Purpose

by Harper David E.

David Harper is a speaker and the author of Wager the Wild Land. This is his continuing story of how he rose to the challenge of overcoming the difficulty of becoming confined to a wheelchair at the age of sixteen. Despite this change in lifestyle, he continued to pursue his heart’s desire. He set a life’s goal that has pushed him beyond his limits and inspired many others to do likewise.

The axiom guiding his quest has been this: â??It’s not the problems in life that define character, but how those problems are faced.’ He writes to encourage others to find the source of courage and hope that he eventually discovered, and to face their own difficulties head-on. His life demonstrates we are created to achieve the satisfying reward of attaining our potential in Jesus Christ regardless of our condition.

Breaking the Silence: Death of a Superwoman: My Battle with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Chronic Illness

by Ayanna Henry

A self-professed “Superwoman” shares her story of suffering in solitude while battling a still little known disease, ‘Sjogren’s Syndrome’ in “Breaking the Silence: Death of a Superwoman.
This book gives an insider, up-close and personal view of Ayanna’s experience with this illness and the ultimate price she paid. It is her hope that she can encourage others who may have lost hope and to remind them that they are not alone.

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