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Air Fryer Cookbook: Tasty 550 Quick & Easy Days of Air Fryer Cooking: Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: Air Fryer Cookbook for Two: Air Fryer Cookbook Keto: Healthy Air Fryer: Christmas Recipes

by Lina Davis

In this unique Air Fryer Cookbook, you will find an exclusive collection of recipes to prepare diverse cuisines from the comfort of your home. Now you can cook hand-picked recipes from your favorite ingredients including breakfasts, snacks, sides, vegetarian meals, meat meals, appetizers, rice, main course, and desserts.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

  • Helpful Tips and Tricks
  • Detailed Ingredient Lists
  • Delicious Meals the Whole Family Will Love
  • Recipes for Vegetarians
  • Recipes for Busy People
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions on Making Each Dish
    • The World Of Air Fryer
    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Protein Rich Poultry Recipes
    • Fish and Seafood
    • Meatless Cuisines
    • Savory Beef, Lamb, and Pork Dishes
    • Classic Sides Snacks and Appetizers
    • Desserts
    • Plus much more helpful information.

    Keto Desserts: 67 Quick And Delicious Ketoko Dessert Recipes: Get some Ketoko yum in your life! Keto cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, puddings and more. … quality ingredients. (Ketoko Guides)

    by Ketoko Guides

    Finally us healthy Keto eaters can indulge in quick, easy and delicious desserts. One of the most frustrating things about being ketogenic is that it’s sometimes hard to find delicious desserts that also have healthy ingredients. That’s why we created this quick and easy Keto Desserts guide. Are you ready for the deliciousness? In this book you’ll find….

    – 67 yum low-carb recipes.
    – Keto cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, puddings and more.
    – Made with the highest quality ingredients.
    – No artificial sweeteners and no gluten in any recipes.
    – Desserts compatible with keto, ketosis and the ketogenic diet.

    All these recipes are ketogenic. Some people might also call these desserts bulletproof, low-carb, LCHF, or even Atkins. That’s fine – you’ll love ’em regardless. Oh, and if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, there are two-minute and even one-minute recipes. Enjoy, and happy Keto Dessert eating. Now, a quick preview of what to expect…


    Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 575 Best Instant Pot Recipes of All Time (with Nutrition Facts, Easy and Healthy Recipes)

    by Rachel Collins

    The must-have instant pot cookbook for health-conscious couples, families and busy professionals

    These mouthwatering dishes will become your go-tos, whether you’re having breakfast or lunch on your own, friends are joining for last-minute small bites, or the whole family is coming together for a hearty dinner and dessert.

    From choosing an instant pot pressure cooker that suits you the best to understanding the ingredients that are perfect for pressure cooking – including beans, grains, hearty vegetables, and more – author Rachel Collins will walk through all the ropes so you can start creating delicious, everyday meals in no time.
    Recipes span all meals and tastes, from easy breakfasts like Savory Oatmeal and Stewed Apricots to healthy dinners like Kale, Lentil, and Squash Chili and Sweet Potato Enchiladas. There’s something for everyone!

    In The Instant Pot Cookbook Rachel has handpicked her most-requested recipes that will surely become mainstays in your home, too. This instant pot cookbook offers:

    • 575 Instant Pot Recipes using affordable and natural ingredients
    • A Complete Overview explaining the fundamentals of the instant pot and its usage
    • Practical Techniques for pressure cooking, including simple clear instructions for serving and nutritional information.
    • Handy Charts illustrating the instant pot cooking times, temperature and measurement conversion.
    • Helpful Tips on how to adapt your favorite recipes and make the most of your instant pot.

    “This is now my go-to book for my Instant Pot. Love the recipes and the easy instructions.
    I am so glad I bought this book, it is almost constantly on my kitchen bench. If you only buy one Pressure Cooking Recipe book, this should be it.” â?? Diana Donovan, Reader and Dietician

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    Sous Vide Cookbook: Tasty 500 Quick & Easy Days of Sous Vide Cooking: Cooking Under Pressure: Anova Sous Vide Cookbook: Christmas Recipes: Sous Vide For Beginners: Beginners Guide Sous Vide

    by Lina Davis

    Do you want to get into Sous Vide cooking, but don’t know where to start?

    This comprehensive volume includes Sous Vide recipes to incorporate all your daily meals, from breakfast to cocktails.Each recipe comes with careful instructions and a complete table of nutritional facts. It’s not just a sous vide recipes book, though; it’s also a gateway to everything you need to know about sous vide. We cover the different sous vide machines on the market and even teach you how to build your own DIY setup.

    Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes #1 (Christmas Cooking)

    by Seasons Press

    It’s Christmas Season!

    Time to get out the slow cookers!

    These recipes are going to be great for the holiday season!


    • Chicken Meatballs
    • Spicy Pork Chops
    • Mexican Pork Roast
    • Coconut Pork
    • Creamy Salsa Chicken
    • Lemon Chicken
    • Spicy and Herb Chicken with Vegetables
    • 5-Spice Tasty Chicken Wings
    • Hot Wing Dip
    • Italian Meatballs
    • Thai Peanut Sauce Chicken Wings
    • Spinach, Kale, and Artichoke Dip
    • Mexican Pork Roast
    • Coconut Pork
    • Pork Enchilada casserole
    • Habanero Pork
    • Beefy Stew
    • Mushroom and Lentil Barley Stew
    • Spicy Cream Latin Chicken Stew
    • Shrimp Jambalaya Stew
    • Venison Cooker Stew

    Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes #2 (Christmas Cooking)

    by Seasons Press

    It’s Christmas time!

    And you deserve to relax, and let the slow cooker do all of the work for you!

    These recipes are great for the holiday season!


    • Bacon Greens
    • Green Beans
    • Chicken Kale Soup
    • Spiced Curried Lentil Stew with Cashew Nuts
    • Spicy Chicken Drumsticks
    • German Potato Salad
    • Vegetable Stew and Curried Chicken
    • Slow Roasted Savory Tomatoes
    • Spicy Tomato Dip
    • Peppered Bean Dip
    • 5-Spice Tasty Chicken Wings
    • Hot Wing Dip
    • Italian Meatballs
    • Thai Peanut Sauce Chicken Wings
    • Spinach, Kale, and Artichoke Dip
    • Chocolate Fruit Kabobs
    • Spicy Turkey Onion Bean Dip
    • Creamy Cheddar Fondue

    The Christmas Table: Recipes for the Season’s Best Eating (Holiday Treats Book 2)

    by Nova Lee Walsh

    **Are you ready to wow your friends and family with the food you make this Christmas (and not spend too much time in the kitchen?)**
    The Christmas Table is the Ultimate Book of Holiday Recipes
    Dozens of simple family recipes for: Christmas morning, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, holiday sweets, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.
    Your time is precious, especially during the holidays. Why not keep your cooking simple but delicious? The focus of much of The Christmas Table is simplicity, make-ahead meals, and easy-to-follow instructions so you don’t have to waste your valuable holiday time slaving away while everyone else has fun.
    A mix of cherished family recipes and chef-created and tested dishes, The Christmas Table is full of inspiration and practical instructions for making outstanding holiday food. Includes recipes for both sweet and savory food and drink.
    Don’t wait until it’s too late! Buy The Christmas Table and start planning your holiday cooking today!

    Vegan Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes #1 (Vegan Holiday Recipes)

    by Seasons Press

    It is 2018, and the holidays are here!

    Are you looking for some really delicious VEGAN recipes for your slow cooker this Christmas season?

    Well, these recipes are going to be what you are looking for!


    • Sweet Potato and Split Pea Soup
    • Sweet Potato Apple Soup
    • Pepper Pineapple Chili
    • Green Curried Chickpea
    • Caribbean Black Bean Soup
    • Stuffed Squash
    • 3-Pepper and Bean Chili
    • White Italian Bean Soup
    • Vegetable Broth
    • Moroccan-spiced Butternut Squash
    • Slow-cooker Spaghetti Squash
    • Slow Slaw
    • Coconut Vegetables
    • Green Beans
    • Lemon-Ginger Beets
    • Cauliflower Rice
    • White Bean Chili
    • Cauliflower Zucchini Noodle

    Vegan Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes #3 (Vegan Holiday Recipes)

    by Seasons Press

    Tis the season!

    If you are vegan, or just looking for some delicious non meat slow cooker recipes for the holidays, then this is exactly what you are looking for!


    • Vegetable Casserole
    • Red Lentil Dahl
    • Rice and Raisin-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
    • Mexicali Rice
    • Corn Chowder
    • Spiced Curried Lentil Stew with Cashew Nuts
    • Vegan Tangine
    • Slow Roasted Savory Tomatoes
    • Spicy Tomato Dip
    • Chocolate Fruit Kabobs
    • Dried Tomatoes and Beans
    • Vegetable Curry
    • Minestrone Stew
    • Mushroom and Lentil Barley Stew

    Vegan Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes #2 (Vegan Holiday Recipes)

    by Seasons Press

    Tis the season to be Vegan!

    This collection of slow cooker recipes are perfect for you’re Vegan holiday season!


    • Roasted Asparagus Avocado Soup
    • Maple Glazed Pecans
    • Creamy Pumpkin Soup
    • Barley Risotto
    • Sweet and Sour
    • Indian Style Curry Soup
    • Slow Roasted Beets
    • Red Beans and Rice
    • Bok Choy
    • Artichokes
    • Ratatouille with Chickpeas
    • Mediterranean Style Vegetables
    • Sweet Acorn Squash with Apples

    Growing Raspberries In Your Garden – How To Grow Organic Raspberries, Growing and Preserving: Canning, Preserving Berries, Backyard Berries, Square Foot Gardening, Square Foot, Own Berries, Raspberry

    by Martha McDowell

    Discover How To Grow Raspberries Indoor!

    This book is filled with great tips and suggestions to help make your raspberry harvest a full and healthy one.

    You will be given examples of different kinds of raspberries this well help you to find one that is most suited to the climate you live in.

    I also share how to make homemade raspberry jam and health benefits of raspberries.

    More people in the world today are looking for more natural approaches to things such as where their food sources are coming from.
    Many of us our concerned with all the chemicals that are being sprayed on our foods, and also what types of effects they may be having on our health.
    This is one of the reasons more people are looking into growing their own fruits and vegetables so they know they are not contaminated by any chemical sprays.
    Others just enjoy gardening as a way of relaxing or find it to be a satisfying hobby.
    Whatever your personal reasons are for wanting to grow your own raspberries I hope the information in my book will help you with giving you helpful information on how to be successful in growing raspberries.

    â??â??Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…â??â??

    • â??Growing Raspberries
    • â??Planting & Caring for Raspberries
    • â??Harvesting Raspberries
    • â??Prevention & Control of Fungi Diseases
    • â??Making Raspberry Jam
    • â??Health Benefits of Raspberries

    Download your copy today!

    Take action right away to learn how to grow raspberries and make tasty homemade raspberry jam in the book “Growing Raspberries In Your Garden – How To Grow Organic Raspberries, Growing and Preserving” !

    © 2014 All Rights Reserved !

    Tags: Canning, Grow Organic, Organic Berries, Grow Berries Indoor, Grow Raspberries, Diabetes Cure, Pregnancy, Cancer Cure, Canning, Preserving Berries, Organic, Square Foot Gardening, Raspberry Jam, Own Berries, Raspberry

    Keto Recipes from Appetizers to Drinks: Holiday and Daily Keto Diet Menu

    by Karla Bro

    From breakfast and dinner to desserts and snacks, these keto recipes will be sure to inspire ideas for your next meal. There are the detailed cooking instructions with pictures of ready meals, information about calories, servings in our book.

    The Keto diet is not only a way to put your body in order. These ketogenic dishes can be really tasty editions to the holiday table. Thanks to our recipes, you can surprise your guests.

    • Your holiday table will be varied.
    • Your guests will be delighted.
    • You did not have to change your diet.

    Also, our keto cookbook will be your assistant for every day meals. You will find many useful recipes in this diet cookbook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time, the ketogenic diet will not take a lot of time for you to prepare tasty and healthy dishes. Enjoy your meal.

    There are a lot of easy and interesting keto holiday recipes in our recipe cookbook. They are worth to taste.

    Ketogenic Appetizers

    Find the perfect appetizer and stay on your low-carb diet at the same time.

    • Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Casserole with Artichokes
    • Avocado Chicken Roll

    Keto Salads

    A gorgeous collection of the best Keto Salad Recipes for all of your low carb picnic and BBQ needs this season!

    • Keto Caesar Salat
    • Walnuts Fennel and Goat Cheese Green Bean Salad
    • Bacon Avocado and Goat-Cheese Salad
    • Avocado and Chicken Salad with Bacon

    The Recipes of Main Ketogenic Dishes

    • Salmon and Asparagus with Onion-Mushroom Sauce
    • Lamb Leg with Rosemary and Garlyc
    • Stuffed Pork Tenderloi Wrapped in Bacon

    Nutella Recipes (The Essential Kitchen Series Book 100)

    by Heather Hope

    This fun cookbook is filled with creative recipes all centered around Nutella! How can you go wrong?
    Learn how to make delicious treats that showcase the delicious flavor of Nutella. Your friends and family will surely be impressed. So go ahead and download Nutella Recipes today. You won’t be disappointed!

    If you’re looking for more recipes check out


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    The Ultimate Mini Instant Pot Cookbook: 5 Ingredients Or Less Quick, Easy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes Made For 3-Quart

    by Jessica Robins

    Do you have a Mini Instant Pot or wanna have one?

    Do you want to have easy and delicious foods made just in 5 ingredients or less?

    Do you want to be professional about using instant pot pressure cooker?

    If yes for any of above questions, then this book is for you!

    There are all sorts of amazing kitchen gadgets out there today, but one truly outshines them all: the instant pot. Your instant pot is the key to eating healthy meals on demand. It does literally everything you could wish for, from Steam, to pressure cooking, to making yoghurt. Some models even bake breads and boil eggs without a fuss. It is every single modern cooking gadget rolled into one easy package!

    No need to be an expert chef. No need to have all evening to yourself. You don’t even need much money! These delicious and simple recipes are easy for anyone to pull off, and you will not miss your old fast food and microwave lifestyle. So whether you are a busy family, a working professional, or a student, the instant pot will be your kitchen friend for many years to come.

    Grab this book right NOW!

    Air Fry Cookbook: Complete Fry Guide for Delicious and Healthy Food With Minimum Calories

    by Scott Erwin

    Have you decided to have the healthy lifestyle? Start with the nourishment. We
    are what we eat. For all those who love fried dishes, the air cooker has been invented.
    This cool air fryer cookbook is waiting for you to guide and help with your new
    diet. Forget about plenty of diseases because of the no oil fryer.

    Yea, yeaâ?¦ no oil is required for air fryer meals. Learn the air fryer basics now to become an amazing
    cook in the future. Now the healthy frying is available for everyone. Just enjoy your
    air fryer delicious meals and be exhilarated.

    This collection of air fryer recipes contains breakfast and lunch, dinner and of
    course air fryer dessert ideas. No matter what are you going to cook – is it meat, fish
    or vegetarian frying. The dry fryer will help you to make the best ever dish for any

    Start the new stage of you live with the health fryer. Don’t waste time on
    cooking greasy dishes and cleaning all the utensils. Use the air fryer to simplify
    cooking process and figure out its other benefits.

    Säure Basen Diät: Der Schlüssel zu einem neuen Lebensgefühl (German Edition)

    by Julia Wolff

    S�URE BASEN DI�T: Der Schlüssel zu einem neuen Lebensgefühl

    Falsche Ernährung, wenig Bewegung und verschiedene Umweltgifte können zu einer �bersäuerung des Körpers führen und der Gesundheit schaden. In diesem Ratgeber erfahren Sie, wie Sie einer �bersäuerung ganz einfach mit der richtigen Ernährung vorbeugen.


    • Sie fühlen sich erschöpft und müde?
    • Sie springen am Morgen nicht aus dem Bett und möchten am liebsten noch für zwei bis drei Stunden weiter schlafen?
    • Sie fühlen sich oft schlapp und haben wenig Energie?
    • Sie möchten Ihre Ernährung umstellen und sich schnell wieder besser fühlen?

    Wenn Sie einige dieser Fragen mit JA beantworten können, dann wird Ihnen dieses Säure Basen Diät dabei helfen, dass Sie sich schnell wieder energiegeladen fühlen.


    • GESUNDHEIT PUR: Die Säure Basen Diät enthält viele, leckere basische Rezepte. Basische Rezepte reduzieren die Säuren in Ihrem Körper. Dadurch bekommt jede Zelle Ihres Körper Energie und Gesundheit.
    • GENUSS IN JEDEM REZEPT: Jedes Rezept wurde von unserem Experten- und Küchenteam gekocht, getestet und für dieses Buch zugelassen.
    • SCHNELLE REZEPTE: Die Rezepte können Sie schnell zubereiten, somit sparen Sie Zeit und haben für Ihre Hobbies mehr Zeit.
    • VIELE INFORMATIONEN Ã?BER DIE BASISCHE ERNÃ?HRUNG: Die Säure Basen Diät enthält neben den Rezepten viele Informationen über die basische Ernährung. Somit erlangen Sie Experten-Wissen in diesem Bereich.
    • â?¦ und vieles, vieles mehr!

    Bringen Sie das EXTRA an Gesundheit in Ihren Körper mit der Säure Basen Diät.

    Au�erdem erfahren Sie in der Säure Basen Diät�

    • â?¦was genau basische Ernährung eigentlich ist.
    • â?¦den Unterschied zwischen basischer Ernährung und traditionellem Essen.
    • â?¦die Vorteile von Säure Basen Kochen.
    • â?¦alle Rezepte mit genauen Mengenangaben.
    • â?¦viele Tipps zum Thema Säure Basen Kochen.
    • â?¦und vieles, vieles mehr!

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    100 Seafood Recipes: 100 of the Best and Most Delicious Seafood Recipes Combined in An Ultimate Seafood Guide to Fish, Salmon, and Flounder (Essential Kitchen Series Book 112)

    by Sarah Sophia

    100 of the Best and Most Delicious Seafood Recipes Combined in An Ultimate Seafood Guide to Fish, Salmon, and Flounder
    Fish is perhaps the most versatile meat used in cooking today. It’s a healthy choice and fits almost any budget. In today’s modern society our bodies are bombarded with high-calorie, processed foods, many of them reliant on grains, legumes and high-fat dairy products. To counterbalance these dietary intakes, fish is a healthy alternative and promotes a strong heart and active digestive system.

    Eating for Life

    There is a reason why seafood is included in every heart-healthy diet currently available. It helps promote weight loss, reduces blood pressure, and is delicious cooked in a number of different ways. Here’s just a small sample of the recipes we’ve included:
    MahiMahi & Potato Stew
    Bell peppers & Seafood Stew
    Baked Seafood with Pasta
    Baked Seafood with Turkish Cheese
    Crispy Flounder and Roasted Tomatoes
    Breaded Flounder Fillets
    Mom’s Fried Fish

    Something for Everyone

    The 100 Seafood Recipes Cookbookincludes100 glorious fish-based recipes to tempt your palate. Each recipe caters to all skill levels and tastes, using an assortment of delicious seafood’s. Eat well and reduce your blood pressure in the process. The recipes are straightforward and mouth-wateringly delicious.

    If you can follow simple directions and set aside a few minutes a day you can achieve great success by mastering these recipes. Learn what thousands have already discovered: your body is a food-processing machine; give it what it wants and what’s best for it – but don’t give up the taste!

    A Wealth of Dietary Information

    It’s your body; you’ll need it for a lifetime. This wonderful addition to your cooking library will help you eat healthier, and soon you’ll feel and be stronger simply by eating more fish products.

    Adopt a healthy attitude and buy this cookbook today!

    You’ll have absolutely no regrets, but will be thrilled with the results you achieve. When you purchase today, you will also get access to a special free gift from The Essential Kitchen Series ($97 Value).

    The Low Carb Bible: Easy to Make Low Carb Recipes for Extreme Weight Loss and Health

    by Martha Stone

    Losing weight and eating healthy are synonymous. You cannot do one without the other. However, what most people don’t realize is how beneficial a low carb diet can be for those trying to lose weight.

    If you want to shed a few pounds by following a low carb diet, then the Low Carb Bible is the cookbook for you. Inside of this book, you will learn how to lose weight with the help of delicious low carb recipes such as:

    – Loaded Burgers
    – Beef and Broccoli
    – Traditional Swedish Meatballs
    – Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas
    – Barbecue Baby Back Ribs
    – Lemon Pork Noodle Bowls
    – Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff
    – Homemade Meatloaf
    – and even more!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Grab a copy of the Low Carb Bible and start your own weight loss journey with healthy low carb recipes today!

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    The art of low-price cooking. Feel like a chief even with a tight budget

    by Colin Cole

    Are you annoyed by those hilarious dish ideas that include plenty of exotic ingredients, which names you cannot even pronounce? We are. So, here is an amazing healthy recipe book. This is not one of thousands of healthy cookbooks with expensive meals. And believe me or not they are cheap healthy meals. There is no need to spend a fortune to make family dinner, use our cheap dinner ideas. Everyone will be impressed by unforgettable flavor of your cheap dinners.

    Learn more how to cook budget meals. This healthy cookbook is going to teach you how to save money and use healthy food recipes. This is very easy healthy cookbook for your understanding. All the healthy recipes include detailed information about preparation and cooking advice.

    These easy healthy recipes are perfect for everybody and for any occasion. Just few well known ingredients and your meal time will be delicious. Assure yourself of greatness of these cheap and easy meals. Enjoy cooking for your loved, taking care of them and saving money on food for your amazing future vacations. Bon appetite!

    Buddha Bowls: Gesunde Ernährung und leichte Kost aus der Schüssel (Bonus: �ber 50 leckere und leicht umsetzbare Bowl Rezepte für den schnellen Start!) (German Edition)

    by Mario Baumann

    Buddha Bowls – Gesunde Ernährung und leichte Kost aus der Schüssel – BONUS: Ã?ber 50 leckere und leicht umsetzbare Bowl Rezepte für den schnellen Start!

    �� Für eine kurze Zeit zum vergünstigten Preis von nur 0,99� statt 4,99� für das Ebook
    Und nur 9,99â?¬ statt 12,99â?¬ für das Taschenbuch – Jetzt zuschlagen !

    â?? Du möchtest dich gesund, nahrhaft und lecker ernähren ?!

    â?? Du möchtest eine perfekt ausgewogene Zusammenstellung aus gesunden Kohlenhydraten, Fetten und Proteinen ?!

    â?? Du möchtest einen informativen Ratgeber mit fundiertem Wissen ?!

    â?? Du möchtest über 50 leckere Bowl Rezepte um sofort zu starten ?!

    â?? Du möchtest Buddha Bowl Rezepte für Frühstück, Hauptmahlzeit und Dessert in veganer und vegetarischer Form, aber auch mit Fleisch ?!

    â?ºâ?ºâ?º Dann bist du hier endlich fündig geworden !! â??â??â??

    Mario Baumann – der Erfolgsautor im Segment Ernährung und Diäten hat mit diesem Ratgeber wieder einmal ins Schwarze getroffen.

    Der neue Food Trend aus den USA und Asien!

    Mahlzeiten die nicht nur gesund, nahrhaft und lecker sind, sondern gleichzeitig auch sehr dekorativ.

    Perfekt ausgewogene Zusammenstellung aus gesunden Kohlenhydraten, Fetten und Proteinen.

    In diesem neuen Ratgeber des Erfolgsautors Mario Baumann erfährst Du nicht nur Hintergrundwissen zu dieser gesunden Ernährung, Du erhältst auch wertvolle Tipps und Tricks mit denen Du leckere Mahlzeiten in den Buddha Schalen zaubern kannst.

    Zusätzlich bekommst Du über 50 leicht umsetzbare und sehr leckere Rezepte für den schnellen Start.

    Hier ist wirklich für jeden etwas dabei. Egal ob vegan, vegetarisch oder mit Fleisch.

    Die Rezepte umfassen Frühstücks-Bowls, Dessert-Bowls und Hauptmahlzeit-Bowls.

    Dazu gibt es richtig leckere Dressing-Rezepte.

    Du siehst, deiner bewussten und gesunden Ernährung steht nichts mehr im Wege.

    In diesem Buch geht der Autor Mario Baumann auf folgende Dinge ein:

    â?? Das Geheimnis hinter der Buddha Bowl

    â?? Darum ist die Buddha Bowl toll

    â?? Zusammensetzung der Buddha Bowl

    â?? Buddha Bowl Anleitung

    â?? Tools und Check für deine Küche

    â?? Wo bekommst du die Lebensmittel

    â?? BONUS: über 50 leckere und leicht umsetzbare Buddha Bowl Rezepte

    Und vieles mehrâ?¦.. !!!!

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    Corn Cookbook: Delicious & Easy Corn Recipes

    by Gordon Rock

    Did you know that corn can be enjoyed at any time in the year?

    That’s right! So, you can start thinking of creative ways to use your corn before they are even ready in the garden.

    If you find yourself searching for brand new ideas then this Corn Cookbook will present you with 30 amazingly fresh ideas for your freshly picked corn.

    The best things about these recipes are that you can also easily substitute fresh corn with canned or frozen corn and still end up with a delicious end product.

    Dive into these delicious corn recipes that can be used in any course of your meal. Grab a copy of this Corn cookbook today and let’s start making magic!


    5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook: Delicious, Healthy, and Easy Slow Cooker Meals for you to Enjoy!

    by Steve Shields

    Enjoy this collection of healthy and delicious Slow Cooker recipes. I chose all of the easiest recipes in my collection and put them in one simple cookbook for you! 5 Ingredients or less!

    Juicing Recipes Cookbook: Juicing Recipes Cookbook: Top 50 Simple And Delicious Juicing Recipes That Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great (Delicious Recipes Book 14)

    by Teresa Moore

    Juicing Recipes Cookbook: Top 50 Simple And Delicious Juicing Recipes That Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great

    Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier!
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    This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals!

    Juice is a liquid food product obtained as a result of extraction of edible ripe fruits of vegetable or fruit crops. Juice is popular in almost all countries of the world. The most common juices squeezed from edible fruits of benign, ripe fruits and vegetables. However, there are juices derived from stems, roots, leaves of various herbs used in food. Juices from grapes and cherries are considered to be juices with almost the same composition.Natural juice is a source of glucose, fructose, minerals. Sookie is a priceless treasure that nature has given us. Humanity was extremely fortunate during the spin cycle everything useful that contains in the fruit – vitamins, minerals, mineral substances enter into the juice. And all toxins, herbicides and all bad remain in the cake.

    Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes

    • Cranberry juice with honey
    • Black currant and sea buckthorn juice
    • Apples and persimmons in pear juice
    • Natural cucumber juice
    • Juice from zucchini, beet and black currant
    • Cucumber-tomato-pepper juice

    Do You Want To?
    Make Delicious Meals?
    Save your time?

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    KETO DESSERTS: YOUR ULTIMATE 320 KETOGENIC DESSERT RECIPES (dessert cookbooks, weight loss, weight loss recipes, paleo, keto, ketogenic, keto diet, healthy cookbook, diabetes recipes, desserts)

    by SierraReef Press



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    The Ketogenic diet, also known as the Keto diet, is a low carb high fat diet that reduces carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat. Your body then becomes efficient at burning fat for energy in a process known as ketosis. This makes the keto diet effective for weight loss. Besides weight loss, other benefits of the keto diet include:

    – Increased levels of HDL – The Good Cholesterol!
    – Reduced Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels thus good for preventing diabetes
    – Decreased Triglycerides thus good for preventing heart disease

    This amazing cookbook contains 320 keto desserts from keto muffins, keto fat bombs, keto pies, keto ice creams, keto brownies, keto cup cakes, keto cakes plus so much more! Creating a collection of decadently delicious keto desserts, low-carb appetizers, and high-fat go-to snacks for you while on a keto diet.

    Simply super keto desserts for your body’s energy needs.

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