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Negotiations with God

by R.W. Sowrider

What if after this life, you got to live another one? What if you were able to negotiate the terms of that life with a God? What if that God was a dick?!

Good-natured Rowen finds himself in this exact situation. Face-to-face with the crocodile-headed God, Delemor, Rowen gets to negotiate his next life and live it out with the hope of ascending to the highest heaven, Empyrean.

But will Delemor deem his life worthy of ascent? Will he sentence Rowen to an eternity in Hell? Or will he grant him another chance to live somewhere else in the saga of time to get it right?

Based on actual historical figures and events, as well as actual Gods and supernatural beings, Negotiations with God recounts Rowen’s journey, from leader of the 14th century Children’s Crusade to the most trusted advisor of the last Emperor of Russia, with a little human sacrifice along the way.

An entertaining and savage satire of history, humanity, and the heavens, you will love this ribald and irreverent comedy or go to Hell.

Buy Negotiations with God now to see what happens when we see the light.

WARNING: This book contains strong language and adult scenarios. Ages 17 and over.

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American MaleWhore in Tokyo (2014) – by Rowen Boozewell with John Box as main character
The Stars’ Fault (2016) – by John Box
Negotiations with God (2018) – by R.W. Sowrider with Rowen as main character

Dragon Got Your Tongue: Paranormal Dating Agency (Dragon Guard Book 24)

by Julia Mills

The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills, and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It’s up to you. ENJOY!

Take one fed-up Queen of the lions, add one foolhardy Dragon Guardsman then mix-in the wildest matchmaker in the universe and you’ve got a rollercoaster ride of mayhem, mischief and mate-trimony.

Savannah’s tried everything to find the mate she’s meant to spend her life with and quite frankly, she’d rather be declawed than meet another crazy male cat.

Hayes’ clan is full of lovebirds instead of dragons and be honest, he’s disgusted by the whole damn thing.
But Fate won’t be deniedâ?¦right?

When her Pride is threatened and his Clan is called in to help, there’ll be more than flying fur and soaring scales.

This Queen has met her match and she’ll get no say in the matter.
After all, her Dragon’s got her Tongueâ?¦

Dragons of Umora: Volume I (Books 1-10)

by Sarah J. Stone

The first ten bestselling novels in the Dragons of Umora series!

Cole – The youngest prince of Umora comes to conquer earth and prove his claim to the throne. Unexpectedly finding his mate changes everything.

Alexander – In love with a half-human who has the power to take down all of Umoraâ?¦ can Alexander and Ariel’s relationship survive their haunting past?

Peter – Brought back from the dead, nothing is as he remembered. Can he find true love?

Nicholas – Searching the galaxy for his long lost love, can Nicholas save Rosa before it’s too late?

Spencer – With the throne of Umora finally secure, the dragons can finally live in peaceâ?¦or so they think.

The All-Seeing Eye (The Arete Series Book 2)

by Rae Else

If your future could be foretold, what would you ask?

After the assassination of the Triad, the arete world is in freefall and the human death toll is rising. El, still reeling from the loss of her grandma, has no choice but to continue on the path she has started.

Guided by a graeae traitor with the gift of foresight, she makes her way to Greece. There she makes an alliance with her estranged family, the Carrases, some of the most powerful arete in the world.

El must navigate a maze of agendas, fighting to keep herself and those she loves alive. As she discovers more about her family and the skeletons in their closet, myth becomes ever more important. 

For here in the heart of the arete world, myth still lives … and hungers. 

The All-Seeing Eye is the second book in The Arete Series, a mesmerising YA urban fantasy tale. If you enjoy Greek myths with labyrinthine twists and turns, blood magic and ancient history, then you’ll love this series. 

Tides of Time, a companion e-short is included with the book.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and unearth the magic of the ancient world today.

A Solitary Stone (The Stone Wall Book 1)

by Diane Lindmark

Once again Bretony finds itself on the brink of war, General Grey Stone, the head of the king’s army, shocks his men by resigning and passing the reins to his eldest son, the new General Black Stone. This causes Black Stone and his brother Andrew to come into possession of a family secret so well kept, no one even knew of its existence. Now, as Black Stone and his brothers march to war, he finds more on his mind than just the war. The more the Stone Brothers learn about their family secret, the more it changes their lives, and their relationships with others.

What’s In A Name?: Tales from the Lost Horizon

by Michael Eging

A quest borne of a feckless promise!

A troop of elf rangers must outsmart the dangers that lurk deep in the heart of Thunderer to make good the King’s wedding commitment to his blushing bride. Armed with mystical knowledge, they face a danger that has bedeviled the most intrepid of adventurers for centuries!

This action packed short story will leave you wondering what’s in a name?

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