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by Jose Rafael Prieto

Soul takes us on the tumultuous journey of a multiracial family rooted in the nightmarish slavery of the Puerto Rico of the 1800s. It plunges us into traditional Yoruba religion and its spiritual philosophy ruled by the Orisas in which many slaves believed. As modern descendants of that family living in 1980s New York City, a mother and her 26 year old son play out the drastic and painful drama of their present and their past.
Pepe never imagined his mother, María, terminally ill with cancer. When he becomes her ally and champion, after years of a strained relationship, she becomes his greatest life lesson. While their new dynamic resurrects their demons, it also creates the possibility for necessary reconciliation, forgiveness, and a new opportunity for finally loving each other.
Ultimately, it is María’s newly acquired lens on life, their ancestry and the history of their family’s resilient legacy that offers the promise of a new vision for living for Pepe and for those who will follow him. It is from a new state of being that the life Pepe has lived thus far, and all on which his mother María looks back, redefines them for the better, forever.

Forbidden Flame: (Quest For The West Series BOOK 2)

by S. K. McClafferty

When Catherine Breaux sets out to find her brother’s killer, getting set upon by bandits along the Natchez Trace is not in her plans. When all seems lost, a mysterious stranger comes pounding out of the night to scatter the outlaws. Wealthy planter, Jase St. Claire’s timely appearance is a mixed blessing. St. Claire saved Catherine from ravishment at the hands of the outlaws. . . now who will save her from him?

Forbidden Flame, is the second book in the Quest For The West Series.

Saga of Halfred the Sigskald

by Felix Dahn

Nigh upon fifty winters ago, there was growing up in the North a boy named Halfred. In Iceland, on the Hamund Fjord, stood the splendid hall of his father, Hamund. At that time, so the heathen people believe, elves and goblins still moved about freely among the Northern nations. And many say that an elf, who had been friendly to the powerful Hamund, drew near to the shield cradle of the boy Halfred, and for his first food laid wild honey upon his lips, and saidâ?? “Victory shall be thine in harpingâ?? Victory shall be thine in singingâ?? Sigskald shall all nations name thee.” But this is a mere idle tale of the heathen people. And Halfred grew, and was strong and beautiful. He sat often alone on the cliffs, and listened how the wind played in rifts in the crags, and he would fain have tuned his harp to the same strain, and because he could not do it he was filled with fury…

Adelsblut (Die Deutschlands Bürgerkrieg Saga ( Historische Romane ) 1) (German Edition)

by Markus Willinger

Neuerscheinung: “Die Jahre des Schicksals” – jetzt im Handel!
Die Deutschlands Bürgerkrieg Saga – Die Bücher rund um den DreiÃ?igjähren Krieg
Bestseller in der Kategorie Historische Romane

â??Krieg ist ein Feind, der sich nicht in der Schlacht besiegen lässt.”

Deutschland 1618: Das Reich ist gespalten. Protestanten und Katholiken stehen einander hasserfüllt und verständnislos gegenüber. Väter verachten ihre Söhne, Brüder wechseln kein Wort mehr, und Geliebte wenden sich von einander ab.
Mit der protestantischen Union und der katholischen Liga haben das katholische Bayern und die protestantische Pfalz eigene Militärallianzen gegründet. Beide Parteien sind bis an die Zähne bewaffnet und bereit ihren Glauben mit allen Mitteln zu verteidigen. Auf beiden Seiten gewinnen die Fanatiker und Radikalen an Einfluss und fordern die andere Seite zu vernichten.

In dieser angespannten Lage wird der katholische Ferdinand der neue König des protestantischen Böhmen. Ferdinand ist entschlossen seine protestantischen Untertanten mit allen Mitteln wieder zum Katholizismus zu bekehren. Der böhmische Adel dagegen will Ferdinands Herrschaft beenden.
Auch wenn sie damit riskieren ganz Deutschland ins Chaos zu stürzen.

Die Geschichte des Drei�igjährigen Krieges

Erzählt aus der Sicht von fünf Personen. Maria Elenaora, der Prinzessin von Brandenburg. Albrecht von Wallenstein, einem mährischen Offizier, Richard von Hoheneck, einem böhmischen Diplomaten, Martin di Simoni, einem fanatischen Priester und Ferdinand von Habsburg, dem Thronerben des Reichs.

Die Erfolgsmischung aus Liebe, Krieg und Politik. Bestseller 2018 in der Kategorie: Historische Romane / Bücher


â??Ein historisches Epos mit einem deutschen Setting? Mutig. Katholiken vs. Protestanten? Gefährlich. Die Geschichte? Genial!”

â??Dieser Roman hat das Potential der Auftakt zu einer der besten historischen Serien Deutschlands zu werden.”

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Beste Grü�e

Das Zaptosteam

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Kilmeny of The Orchard: classic

by L. M. Montgomery

A young man named Eric Marshall goes to teach a school on Prince Edward Island and meets Kilmeny, a mute girl who has perfect hearing. He sees her when he is walking through an old orchard and hears her playing the violin. He visits her a number of times and gradually falls in love with her. When he proposes she rejects him, even though she loves him in return â?¦


by Wilhelm Carl Grimm

I.Hans in Luck II.The Travelling Musicians III.The Golden Bird IV.The Fisherman and His Wife V.The Tom-tit and the Bear VI.The Twelve Dancing Princesses VII.Rose-bud VIII.Tom Thumb IX.The Grateful Beasts X.Jorinda and Jorindel XI.The Wonderful Musician XII.The Queen Bee XIII.The Dog and the Sparrow XIV.Frederick and Catherine XV.The Three Children of Fortune XVI.King Grisley-beard XVII.The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet XVIII.Snow-drop XIX.The Elves and the Shoemaker XX.The Turnip XXI.Old Sultan XXII.The Lady and the Lion XXIII.The Jew in the Bush XXIIV.The King of the Golden Mountain XXV.The Golden Goose XXVI.Mrs. Fox XXVII.Hansel and Grettel XXVIII.The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs XXIX.The Frog-prince XXX.The Fox and the Horse XXXI.Rumpel-stilts-kin XXXII.The Goose-girl XXXIII.Faithful John XXXIV.The Blue Light XXXV.Ashputtel XXXVI.The Young Giant and the Tailor XXXVII.The Crows and the Soldier XXXVIII.Pee-wit XXXIX.Hans and His Wife Grettel XL.Cherry, or the Frog-bride XLI.Mother Holle XLII.The Water of Life XLIII.Peter the Goatherd XLIV.The Four Clever Brothers XLV.The Elfin Grove XLVI.The Salad XLVII.The Nose XLVIII.The Five Servants XLIX.Cat-skin L.The Robber-bridegroom LI.The Three Sluggards LII.The Seven Ravens LIII.Roland and May-bird LIV.The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage LV â?¦

Justified Treason (Justified Treason, Book 1): Endless Horizon Pirate Stories

by Cristi Taijeron

“I could ask you a million questions and hear your story a thousand times, but there is nothing to be said that will justify this dreadful act of treason.”
The words from my father upon learning of my arrest. The message relayed to him was laced with fallacy, but the truth would suit him no better. He is a nobleman; one of the wealthiest and best-known plantation owners in Port Royal. He will never understand that it had been my dream to travel the world, nor will he ever accept that I have fallen deeply in love with the notorious buccaneer, Sterling Bentley.
The world I fled will not forgive the fact that I chased a wanted man, and my unacceptable dream, off my sheltered veranda and across the high seasâ??same as I will never regret the risk I took. While sailing a tall ship, engaging in sea battle, secretly siding with pirates, and forging a forbidden romance, I experienced life and love in a bold and daring light. Unwilling to step back into the silent shadow that had been chosen for me, I shall withstand my punishment with my head held high, confident that my treason was justified.

-Charlotte Wetherby-

The Crest (The Prophesy Saga Book 1)

by Jerena Tobiasen

In the fall of 1914, Gerhard Lange excitedly receives orders from the Kaiserliche Deutsche Armee. He and his best friend, Otto Schmidt, are to join Germany’s battle with France. The young men quickly learn that there is no glory in war.

At the end of World War I, Gerhard and Otto return home broken men, and work alongside their fathers to restore the farming community they fought so valiantly to protect. Life remains tenuous as another war looms.

Concerned about the safety of their families, the Langes and Schmidts relocate to Bavaria. Once again, Gerhard’s commitment to his country is challenged, and he and his son, Paul, find themselves serving in an army led by a tyrant. Despite the oppression of serving on the Eastern Front, a light is cast in Paul’s direction when he encounters Ilse-Renata Chemiker.

As war rages around him, Gerhard worries about his family and how he will ensure the future of the Lange legacy.

The Prophecy saga spans over 70 years, and is a story of war, prejudice, migration, crime, love, and heartbreak. Each story is an intriguing, fast moving, historical fiction written from the perspective of the people involved. The Crest is dedicated to those folks who are forced to fight for what they believe in, to keep their family and their country safe.

Together, The Crest, The Emerald and The Destiny tell of the challenges and changes that external forces place on everyday people who are forced to rise above their own expectations to meet family obligations and responsibilities, no matter how reluctant they may be to do so. They provide the reader with an opportunity to consider life from an alternate perspective.

City of Serpents: an Inspector Alastair Ransom 18th Century Mystery

by Robert W. Walker

Inspector Alastair Ransom, Chicago PD is back, pulled from a poker game when his snitch is found murdered in a back alley. The seemingly unimportant victim comes to full-blown life and recognition as Alastair uncovers the clues to his murder. With each new revelation, Henry Bosch, aka Dot’n’Carry (due to the sound of his wooden leg) becomes more real to Ransom than when he was alive. The old veteran of the Civil War, town drunk, gambler, hobo and storyteller, who’d become a staple of life on Chicago’s streets, in death, becomes Inspector Ransom’s latest obsession, and far more than just another case to be solved. Serpents slither in and out of the ongoing case, as do the women in Ransom’s life.

Said to be the best Inspector Ransom yet, the loss of his snitch, Henry Bosch, does more to soften Ransom than even Ransom could have imagined. However, by end of the story to catch Bosch’s killer or killers, Ransom himself is implicated in as series of murders, and going to trial for a third time on such charges holds no charm for either Alastair or his lover, Dr. Jane Tewes. Or for any of his close friends for that matter,as all of his closest supporters are gravely concerned–Philo Keane, his crime photographer, Dr. Christian Fenger, Chicago Medical Examiner and Surgeon, Thom Carmichael, journalist, Dr. Gabrielle Tewes, Assistant M.E. and Jane’s daughter, and finally, Dr. Jane Tewes, Surgeon and love of Ransom’s life. All the principle players are back in a story that leads into Ransom’s eventually finding himself on the doomed ship TITANIC, as this fifth book in the City Series takes Ransom to the already published sixth title in series — Titanic 2012 – Curse of RMS Titanic, wherein Ransom rides the Titanic to the bottom of the sea to effectively end the series at six books. Begun with City for Ransom, Shadows in the White City, City of the Absent, City of Lies, now City of Serpents, and finally Titanic 2012, the books are best read in that order.

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