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The Creature on Crenshaw Road (Gulf Coast Paranormal Book 9)

by M.L. Bullock

“Pack your mosquito spray, Cassidy. We’re going after Bigfoot.”

Midas, Cassidy and the Gulf Coast Paranormal team take on a new client, one with a disturbing problem. Reports of tree knocks, scratch marks, screams in the woods and even a missing hunter have made Crenshaw Road a frightening place to live. Midas isn’t quite sure what he’s up against, but he agrees to help Aaron’s grandmother Nina get to the bottom of it all. The investigation takes a surprising turn when an unknown entity appears and the team is put to the test, in more ways than one. Will the answers lead them to the Creature on Crenshaw Road?

The Creature on Crenshaw Road is Book Nine in the Gulf Coast Paranormal Series.

Vermin Anthology

by Lee Johnston

Only the brave should read on and face these tales of horror

A disturbing collection of short stories to make your skin crawl.
Giant leeches.
A sewer system brimming with flesh eating monsters.
An infestation that could end the world.
And many moreâ?¦

I Hate Fairy Tales

by Cassidy Hoffman

A new retelling on classic fairy tales.

Snow White is a spoiled princess who wants everything her way. She hates her new stepmother and stepsister. When her father is murdered, her life takes a unexpected turn. She must learn to survive and find out who is behind her father’s murder.

Jack Frost: The cold demon

by Robert Bennett

The bar was crowded and laughter and chatter was the only sound to be heard. The bar was the only one in Shane village and it was a small place. There was a bar at one end going all the way along. Tables and chairs were scattered around the floor and there was a pool table to one side and a juke box that was never on.
The jumping hare was the place to be for the villagers at the weekends and this day was no exception. Helen laughed and looked across the crowded bar and smiled she was having a great time with her friend Jenny. Helen Westwood was twenty six years old and had a good job as a manager in a store in Claremorris. She had long ginger hair and a freckled face which was pretty and thin. She was slim and had a nice figure and kept herself in trim.
Her friend Jenny had long blonde hair and blue eyes set in a chubby face. Compared to Helen was rather over weight but a nice looking girl never the less. They were chatting with a couple of farm hands Russell and Kenny. They had known each other for a long time and grew up together. The evening wore on and the girls continued to chat and have fun.


Helen waited for the taxi with Jenny and they saw the two farm hands walking away together “Bye boys see you soon,” shouted Helen and they both waved at her.
“When is this taxi coming its bloody freezing,” Jenny complained.
It was true the night was cold and there was frost on the ground.
“Hope I don’t get a bloody maniac who drives like sterling moss in this icy weather,” Jenny moaned.
“Oh Jenny please stop moaning you are like an old woman,” Helen said laughing and then the taxi turned up.
“You sure you don’t want a ride home with me,” Jenny asked she lived farther away than Helen.
“No I will be fine its only ten minutes down the road for me,” Helen said and shut the taxi door, and waved to her friend. The taxi pulled away and Helen watched it until it disappeared in the distance.


Helen started to walk down the country lane on both sides were bushes and trees. She took out a small pen torch and turned it on and walked a little faster. Her breath came out as steam and the cold was biting. She had the feeling that she was being watched and looked around at the bushes and trees. Maybe it was just a cow or a sheep there were plenty of them in the fields.
She wrapped the scarf tight around her throat, and was thankful for the warm item. Then she stopped and stared she was sure that she saw a white face looking at her from the bushes. It got colder and she shivered and then walked into the bushes.
She walked a short way across a field and came to a group of trees. She un-wrapped her scarf and climbed the nearest tree, and then crawled along a thick branch. She tied the scarf around the branch and then around her neck. She looked down and saw a white faced man clapping his hands and then she jumped.

The Days After: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (The Days After Book One)

by Eileen Cruz

The end of the world started with an infection…

that quickly turned normal humans into crazed flesh-eating monsters.

When a horde of the Infected attack Selena’s bus, she must fight or give up and let the monsters rip her apart.

Selena is a fighter and survives the attack but the Infected aren’t the only dangers threatening her.

There are others….

who want to destroy humankind and rise as a powerful New Order.

In the days after, Selena will learn who she really is and discover abilities she never knew she had, abilities she will need if she is to save the world from the Infected and the New Order.

The Master of Ballantrae

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Set in Scotland during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, in the exotic French Indies, and in the North American wilderness, the story has as its hero one of the most compelling yet horrifying studies of evil in nineteenth-century fictionâ??James Durie, Master of Ballantrae. The Master is about his infective influenceâ??on his younger, less attractive brother Henry; on Henry’s wife Alison; and on those narrators whom Stevenson so skilfully employs to present their experiences of this charming, ruthless, and evil man.

Beth and the White Horse: A Paranormal Story

by Beverly Conant

Beth needs to get away from her family. She has no idea that her little adventure would change someone’s life forever.

The Fetus and Other Stories

by Jeremy Thompson

A tragic turn of events leaves a pregnant woman slumped dead on her staircase. From her corpse, a fetus emerges. But this is no ordinary fetus. Our boyish survivor possesses bizarre half-formed powers: partial invisibility, chill wave generation, the ability to slither cobra-like upon his crushed legs, plus one heck of a punch.

Who is this child? Some kind of superhero? The first sign of the Apocalypse? Just buy the damn book already.

Then, in three sci-fi horror tales:

Giant flesh-hungry beetles! An undead body donor! A nostalgia-driven man who discovers that the past is far worse than remembered!

What malevolent thread links these occurrences? Investutech, that’s what, the number one threat to our multiverse.

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