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The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery (Volume 23)

by Jerry West

The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery (#23 in the Happy Hollisters series)

An abandoned rock quarry, mysterious flying objects, and a valuable deposit of titanium lead the five Hollister childrenâ??Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sueâ??into their latest thrilling adventure.
When a package of instruments from a weather balloon is parachuted onto their front lawn, the Hollisters are baffled and very excited. Just what is the meaning of the orange parachute and its dangling white box? The Hollisters connect the balloon with the strange lights which have been appearing at night over their Shoreham home, and once again they start off on a trail of detection.
A chance visit to a local “rock hound,” a man who collects minerals, proves to be the clue to the puzzle. Then their detective work takes them to a fantastic, spooky rock quarry which turns out to be the location of a hidden laboratory for weather experiments and also the scene of an attempt to steal some valuable titanium.
As always, the Hollisters have several breath-taking experiences along the way to solving their mystery. Pam accidentally falls into the cold, green waters of the quarry pool where a monster is said to live! Pete and Ricky inspect an old-fashioned open cockpit airplane and suddenly find themselves flying in the sky without a pilotâ??without knowing how to land!
As the Castle Rock mystery thickens, the Hollisters make an unexpected visit to New York where they see their old friend Hootnanny Gandy who helps them get to the bottom of another fascinating adventure

First published in 1963, this charming mystery-adventure story, faithfully reproduced, is now available in paperback and eBook for the first time! Written for boys and girls between the ages of six and twelve, The Happy Hollisters are wholesome books, with an accent on humor and good, clean fun. Integrity always pays off and right wins over wrong. Parents, grandparents, and teachers love these books for their healthy celebration of life in simpler times. Kids are thrilled with the fast-paced action and will not want to put them down. The action-packed illustrations make the story – and the Hollister family – so vivid that the reader has a feeling of really sharing in on the adventures of this lovable and interesting family.

The Christmas Collection (Illustrated Edition)

by Louisa May Alcott

The Christmas Collection will accompany you throughout this magical Christmas period. more than 400+ illustrated novels, stories, poems, songs and Christmas legends that will delight both children and adult

Number Tracing Workbook for Preschoolers: Handwriting Practice Book for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Kids Ages 3-5

by Handwriting Workbooks

Have Fun while Learning how to Trace Numbers!

Number Tracing Workbook for Preschoolers is a fun handwriting workbook with step-by-step instructions on how to write every number.

Handwriting practice has never been easier. This Number Tracing Book includes handwriting paper with fun, playful images to keep your little ones entertained. Our number trace book starts out your child by tracing individual numbers, but also let them learning the easy maths.

This number tracing practice workbook comes with:

Step-by-Step Instructions to Trace Numbers

-Increasing levels of difficulty

Additional Number Tracing pages with challenging numbers out of numerical order

-Provides practice for easy maths. Learning the Basic Maths and more Activities such as Counting and coloring Coloring

Suitable for Preschool to Kindergarten and Homeschooling (ages 3-5)

-Perfectly sized at 8.5″ x 11″


by R.F. Kristi

Can one cat detective bring peace and harmony to a family divided within the Korean peninsula?

Inca the Siberian Kitty and her globetrotting furry family are off to South Korea with their human Mom. Mom has just created a fabulous new cheese and she has been invited by the famous French cookery school, Cordon Bleu Cookery to not only present her new cheese but also be the judge of a cookery competition between South and North Korean chefs.

Along with plenty of sightseeing and delicious cheese, the cats befriend a Korean dog and his master pining for his long-lost sister living in the North. What dangers await the group of animal detectives as they cross over from South to North Korea.

Picky Eater: (Childrens book about Selective Eating, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Ages 3-5, Baby Books, Kids Book, Bedtime Story)

by Michael Gordon

Have a picky eater? No problem! Written in beautiful rhyme, this is an excellent story that helps kids become better eaters and maintain healthy nutrition.

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

“Love it! This childrens book might even give kids the courage to try new foods. You can’t go wrong with Michael Gordon, and this is by far my favorite. ” — Mary

“This preschool book was the one that got my 4-year-old daughter hooked. I won’t read books to my kids unless I love them too, so I am happy that Michael Gordon one of my favorite children’s authors. ” — Amy

“Picky eater is a beautiful book for kids ages 3 to 5. It has the perfect storyline, and the illustrations are great, too. ” — Lauren

A little boy refuses to eat all the vegetables and fruits because he doesn’t like the way they look. Mom helps him to realize that when you actually eat the food, you often like it. Veggies make you feel great and grow really fast. In the end, our hero understands that being a picky eater is simply silly.

Warning! Cuteness overload, so be ready!
This kids book has a great bedtime story and fantastic illustrations that will make you happier or just put a smile on your face.

You and your kids will love this baby book…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.

The Angry Fire Breathing Shark That Saved The 12 Days Of Christmas : A Unique Christmas Books Your Kids Will Love!

by Susan Summers

The Angry Fire Breathing Shark that Saved the 12 Days of Christmas is an exciting children book that every child should read and will enjoy. It is a fantasy story about the 10-year old Anna, and her experience in a family of mother, step-father and one younger brother. Anna stumbles on a glowing stone and a shark, and this experience alters her life as she soon realizes that she has been chosen to save the twelve days of Christmas. Although she does not at first believe in her calling, she soon finds herself filling her destiny, overcoming certain creatures for there to be a successful and peaceful Christmas.

Witzebuch Kinder ab 8 Jahren: Die lustigsten Kinderwitze der Welt, perfekt für alle Kinder, die sich gerne totlachen und die Freunde mit den lustigsten Witzen unterhalten möchten! (German Edition)

by Markus Möglich

Sie wollen ihrem Kind ein tolles Buch zum totlachen zum Geburtstag schenken?

Oder will ihr Kind zu einer Geburtstagsfete gehen und hat noch nicht das richtige Geschenk gefunden?

Dann ist diese Sammlung der besten Witze der Welt das perfekte Geschenk!

In diesem Buch finden sich die lustigsten Witze, die perfekt für alle Kinder ab 8 Jahren geeignet sind!

Selbst Erwachsene werden mit diesem Buch nicht um das Lachen herumkommen.


Dieses Buch enthält:

  • Schulwitze (Lehrerwitze)
    • Alltagswitze
      • Doktorwitze
        • Tierwitze
          • Familienwitze
            • und noch viele mehr…

              Das ist das perfekte Geschenk für alle Kinder die sich gerne totlachen und die Freunde mit lustigen Witzen unterhalten möchten.


              Living in Fear

              by Tyler McPherson

              The entertaining and poignant tale of a terrified child and the monsters that haunt him.

              Fates Aflame

              by P. Anastasia

              A vast new world for Potterheads, Halfbloods, & fantasy enthusiasts, Fates Aflame combines adventure that will lift your spirits with a romance that will warm your heart.
              Lieutenant Valhara Hawksford has been uprooted from her space station and sent to Earth to adapt to an academy unlike her own. When a curse awakens, and she is suddenly imbued with the ability to conjure magic, she is torn between prophecy and duty. Creatures of ancient lore rise, putting the lives of those she loves in jeopardy. With newfound powers at hand and a dragon companion by her side, Valhara must face trial by fire…

              A mesmerizing standalone tale of Magic, Destiny, and friendship. Fates Aflame is a breathtaking adventure in the tradition of epics like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Percy Jackson.

              Fates Aflame is a standalone book, but you may continue the adventures in Fates Awoken and the all ages coloring book (separate purchase – ISBN 978-0-9974485-2-8).

              The Mystery of Treasure Island (The Mystery Series Book 6)

              by Paul Moxham

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              Are you up for a thrilling adventure?

              When a ferocious storm lashes the Caribbean, the small plane in which the Mystery Kids are flying is forced to land on a deserted island, but all is not as it seems.

              Follow the children as they flee an erupting volcano, are attacked by pirates, pursued by sharks, hunt for buried treasure, chase a thieving monkey, and more!

              Book 6 in the Mystery Series, this adventure novel is set in 1950’s Britain and will suit anyone who enjoys Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Famous Five.

              A Day at the ZOO: Bedtime story books for 3 – 5 years. [Animal books for kindergarten. Hidden picture books. Best kid picture books. Baby zoo animals. Top children’s book list] (What’s this 2)

              by Aaron Adams

              Take a look, bonus inside for you!

              Looking for a book with a cute bedtime story and colorfull picture? The book will not only help your baby fall asleep but will acquaint him with different colors, animals from the zoo.

              At the zoo, there is always lots to see.
              Come on everybody just follow me.
              We are going to have fun and play a game.
              Can you tell me which animal is not the same?

              • Beautifully illustrated throughout.
              • For young readers aged 3-5 years.
              • Teaches children to be observant and teaches them about the varying species of animals in their world.
              • Written in an easy to read rhyming format.
              • Bedtime story books for 3-5 years.

              A Day at the Zoo is a children’s illustration book that your little ones will find delightful. This is one of the best kid picture book by Aaron Adams.  Also can be used as an animal book for kindergarteners.

              Read animal book for kindergarten “A Day at the Zoo” to your children and see their faces light up when they search for all the different hidden animals.

              It follows a typical day visiting a zoo and the different animals that are seen. There are elephants, crocodiles, tigers, flamingoes and many more.

              This captivating children’s book is also an hidden picture book. Your children must search for the odd-one-out within the animals. A different animal is hidden in amongst them.

              Top children’s book list (by Aaron Adams):

              • Down on the farm
              • A Day at the Zoo

              This is one of list top children’s book picture books by Aaron Adams.

              What people saying about kids books by Aaron Adams:

              Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson

              Creatively written. This story is great for helping young children learn how to recognize various animals.

              Teacher, Miami, Florida

              Nice for beginning rhyming stories & cheerfully illustrated. A very charming story for children. And nice for the complimentary material.


              What a wonderful illustrated colorful book this is! I am buying it for my kids. It is a very positive, beautiful color and illustrations. My six year old is going to love this. If you would like your child to read a very cute story with little words that they can pronounce and rhyme this is i! Beautiful job.

              Amazon Customer

              Cute book, I think the poems are sweet and funny. The graphics are so colorful and appropriate – great job of illustrations.

              Other keywords to find children’s illustration books by Aaron Adams: 

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              Kidnapped From Berryhill Mountain (The Berryhill Mountain series Book 2)

              by Sue Cory Person

              A late-night helicopter landing draws Joey and Mattie to investigate Berryhill’s west mountain. The secret community they discover inside, marks them as disposable.
              Deeply-rooted in mystery, action, and adventure, Joey and Mattie take you to that secret place. I hope you enjoy the series. This is book two in The Berryhill Mountain series. ________________________________________________________

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