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The Last Girl (Sand & Fog Series Book 7)

by Susan Ward

We were a scandal waiting to happen. But I didn’t care.

For years my life had already been an unending downward spiral. Then my grandfather, Jack, gave me an apartment no one knew about. A secret bequest after his death, and the brief note that accompanied the gift sent me running to Italy.

I’d gone to Venice to find peace, knowing I was weak, and instead I found him.

He was magnificent, brilliant, jaded, and white-hot danger. I was consumed by him as I’ve never been by anything or anyone. Vibrant and unrelenting wakefulness burned inside me when he was near.

And he became everything I craved and all I lived for.

Letting go of us was inevitable, even as it tormented me to tear us apart.

THE SAND & FOG SERIES is about the Manzone family, filled with passionate loyalty, enduring hope, and forever love.

Each book in this series is carefully written so that you can understand and not feel lost even if you haven’t read the other books in the series. You can start the Sand & Fog Series with The Last Girl. But be warned: the characters cross-over from book to book and it’s easy for readers to fall in love and become addicted to my other spunky heroines & swoon-worthy heroes and binge read for days!

Endless Love (Soul Brothers Book 1)

by D.M. Mortier

Her Husband Ruthlessly Murdered By Her Own Family

Horrified and devastated upon witnessing the brutal murder of her husband at the hands of her family, Zara Hamilton narrowly escaped with her life, and that of her unborn son, intact. For years she lived in anguish, anger, and mourning over her husband’s death, while struggling single-handedly to raise their son.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He Vowed To Destroy Those Who Killed His Wife

Jaden Hamilton has loved Zara for as long as forever. He was first drawn to her as a friend and mentor in high school; recognizing that their love had grown to the forever kind, he married her. Jaden was shattered when she died, and vowed to destroy Zara’s family following their violent assault on him, and their role in his wife’s death.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Shocking Discovery

Years later, he was stunned to discover his wife alive and well in another country. After being beaten, shot, and left for dead, how can he ever forgive her for not trying to gain justice for him, for depriving him of his son’s formative years, and for his years of torment? Consumed with rage and utter contempt, Jaden was determined to execute his own brand of revenge and justice upon Zara and her family.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Can She Prove To Him Her Endless Love?

The years of fending for herself and raising their son made Zara a strong, independent, confident woman. Certain of her ability to overcome an angry, stubborn husband, who had once loved her so fiercely, she fought to regain his love and trust. With no pride or safety net, she was determined to prove that he was her first love, her endless love.

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Ikar odeia Celeste por tê-lo abandonado quando ele sofreu um grave acidente de automóvel.
Celeste odeia Ikar por tê-la abandonado quando ela ficou grávida.
Espere! Há uma grande contradição nessa história!
“A Grande Contradição” poderia ser uma verdadeira tragédia se não fosse pelo bom humor com que é contada. Leia e compreenda como o ódio entre os dois personagens é a maquiagem de um amor verdadeiro que une o presente e o passado. Saiba como o destino transformou a vida desse casal.
A narrativa é contada com uma linguagem simples e profunda, composta por uma sintaxe própria da autora Michele Machado Fernandes. Trata-se de uma história completa, porém não se esgota em si mesma, pois, sendo parte da série O Desafio dos Nove Gatos, se eleva junto aos outros livros e séries da coleção Contos de Samsara.
Leia e veja segredos serem revelados!

Global Warming: A Novel

by Antonio J. Hopson

Julian is aworkaholic-romantic who returns to school to take a course which examines thenuances of global warming. What hedoesn’t expect, on his very first day, is to fall for the stunningly beautiful Allison,a twenty-year-old student in his class.

As a delicate relationshipslowly develops between the two, and Julian believes that he is falling inlove, his hopes are suddenly and cruelly dashed with the revelation thatAllison is engaged and soon to be married.

But Julian isn’t the kind of guy who gives up without a fight and he sets out to seduce Allison, risking all,including his job, to impress her and win her for himself. During a final exam, dressed as a dictator, he reads a treaty on the social economics of climate change, threaded with stanzas from a divine poem written centuries ago by Sappho.

Allison is certainly impressed by his courtship and his tenacity. But even with Julian’s cynical friend by his side, helping him every step of the way, will it be enough to persuade her to change her mind about getting married?And even if she does, is Julian the right man for her.

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