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Game Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance

by Van Cole

His Secret Is About To Come Out

Danny is an emerging hockey star who is finally setting the world alight after years of toiling in the second string. But with this new role comes more attention, and it will be harder for him to hide his secret from the world, the fact that he is gay.

It’s a secret he’s kept from all of his teammates and he hates the thought of them finding out the truth. It wouldn’t be an issue, if his best friend hadn’t returned home and found him again. Danny hasn’t seen Matty ever since he left town after graduation. Now he’s back, looking for a place to live and Danny is all too happy to offer him a room.

But Danny has always harbored a crush on Matty. Seeing him again makes it clear that this wasn’t just a teenage dream. Can Danny keep a hold on his feelings? And what will he do when a rival finds out the truth and threatens to end his career?

Dragonâ??s Fire: Gay Dragon Shifter Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

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In this collection you will find:

Dragon’s Little Surprise: Gay MPREG Shifter Romance
Dragon Love: Gay MPREG Shifter Romance
Dragon Birth (Dragon Love Book 2): Gay MPREG Shifter Romance
Claiming His Lover: MM Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

God and the State

by Mikhail Bakunin

God and the State is an unfinished manuscript by the Russian anarchist philosopher Mikhail Bakunin, published posthumously in 1882. The work criticises Christianity and the then-burgeoning technocracy movement from a materialist, anarchist and individualist perspective.

The Mikhail Bakunin Collection

by Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin was a Russian revolutionary anarchist and founder of collectivist anarchism. He is considered among the most influential figures of anarchism and one of the principal founders of the social anarchist tradition.

I Canâ??t Breathe: Donald Trump Needs to be Impeached Reflected in Hearts and Minds of Most Americans

by Dave Masko

I Can’t Breathe, by Dave Masko. He is amoral, erratic and “continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic,” writes an anonymous messenger in the odious Trump administration warning America that Donald Trump is a real meathead. Thus, it is clear once again that the Trump White House is an ever-accumulating picture of fear and chaos, writes famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in a new book that paints Donald Trump as having the mentality and temperament of a 5th grader; while others who know Trump is a fool playing president think impeachment is the only solution to save America from this 72-year-old nut-job. For instance, an anonymous Op-Ed published in the New York Times Sept, 5, 2018 features the headline: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” The Op-Ed claims that America is no longer governed by Trump but a group of loyal Americans who are block the president’s actions because Trump acts the fool; while the anonymous writer calls it, Trump’s “worst inclinations.” This need to overrule and actively undermine Trump is not a surprise given the fact that this odious Vietnam War draft dodger has only served the evil “Trump brand” during the seven decades of his Richie-rich life in New York City. The aim of this special “new journalism” Kindle e-book is to spotlight the dirty underbelly of Trump authoritarianism that is making good and patriotic Americans “sick in their soul” because “Trump craps on American values and democracy each and every day he plays president in our White House,” says Brenda Cortez of Portland, Oregon, who likes to remind people that at age 78 she participated in the Women’s March on Washington and ongoing “Impeach Trump” rallies here in downtown Portland. Meanwhile, the metaphor “I Can’t Breathe” reflects a picture of America that cannot be under Trump because nobody wants to ride this crazy â??king’s’ highway of fear and loathing that strangles our freedom each and every day there’s more weird scenes in the Trump White House. Consider this “new journalism” special report that’s filled with anecdotes like: seniors Americans this reporter has interviewed purposely avoid looking at this “nut-job president” whenever Trump rants on television. “I hate to say this but I literally cannot stand to look, hear or know anything about Donald Trump because we all know he’s so toxic that just the mention of his name sucks your soul and makes you weep for America,” explains 81-year-old senior Betty Warren of Newport, Oregon. The old woman shared her angst after watching the funeral of Senator John McCain on TV. “It seemed to me that all the good people mourning Senator McCain in the National Cathedral were all linked in solidarity for one thing: to condemn the dysfunctional and chaotic Trump administration,” added the retired high school history teacher. “My fellow seniors here in this nondescript care center may disagree on last night’s dinner offering if it were good or bad, but we all come together and agree that Trump has been hopelessly out of his depth in playing president. What we see and know in our hearts and senior Americans is Trump likes to humiliate women and people of color; while Trump is always motivating himself with these grievances that seem to be part of his style of deception so Trump won’t get the blame. You asked â??can I breathe metaphorically in a country ruled by this would be king Trump and I say hell yes because I and my fellow seniors really do fell Trump is causing serious harm to American values and democracy.” The consistency in those who decry Trump is virtually impossible to explain away as pie in the sky because 72-year-old New York City con-man Donald Trump has an infamous record of dirty tricks and casino money laundering that goes back decades and decades; while Trump’s dealings through the years know that negative stories after always followed Trump because he’s created an art out of humiliating people.

Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches: Innovative Methods and Applications (Life Course Research and Social Policies Book 10)

This open access book provides innovative methods and original applications of sequence analysis (SA) and related methods for analysing longitudinal data describing life trajectories such as professional careers, family paths, the succession of health statuses, or the time use. The applications as well as the methodological contributions proposed in this book pay special attention to the combined use of SA and other methods for longitudinal data such as event history analysis, Markov modelling, and sequence network. The methodological contributions in this book include among others original propositions for measuring the precarity of work trajectories, Markov-based methods for clustering sequences, fuzzy and monothetic clustering of sequences, network-based SA, joint use of SA and hidden Markov models, and of SA and survival models. The applications cover the comparison of gendered occupational trajectories in Germany, the study of the changes in women market participation in Denmark, the study of typical day of dual-earner couples in Italy, of mobility patterns in Togo, of internet addiction in Switzerland, and of the quality of employment career after a first unemployment spell. As such this book provides a wealth of information for social scientists interested in quantitative life course analysis, and all those working in sociology, demography, economics, health, psychology, social policy, and statistics.

Data-Driven Policy Impact Evaluation: How Access to Microdata is Transforming Policy Design

In the light of better and more detailed administrative databases, this open access book provides statistical tools for evaluating the effects of public policies advocated by governments and public institutions. Experts from academia, national statistics offices and various research centers present modern econometric methods for an efficient data-driven policy evaluation and monitoring, assess the causal effects of policy measures and report on best practices of successful data management and usage. Topics include data confidentiality, data linkage, and national practices in policy areas such as public health, education and employment. It offers scholars as well as practitioners from public administrations, consultancy firms and nongovernmental organizations insights into counterfactual impact evaluation methods and the potential of data-based policy and program evaluation. 

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