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My First Words In Arabic: (Arabic books for children)

by Bachar Karroum

“Losing a language is a major setback for everyone, because along with the language, you will also lose all of the poems, the stories, the songs. And those things are of immense importance to all of us as human beings.” â??Anthony Aristar

Arabic for Kids – Help Learn Arabic Words the Fun & Easy Way
Introduce your kid at an early age to your rich cultural heritage through their first words in Arabic, and help him/her inherit a connection with Arabic values, as well as a sense of belonging with your family and community. Embracing new cultures & languages is great but preserving your inheritance opens the door to a whole new world – My first words in Arabic could be a good starting point.

Who will find it helpful?
Designed for Arabic parents residing in English-speaking nations who want to introduce their kids to the fascinating Arabic language, this introductory book contains essentials Arabic words pertinent to colors, numbers, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, clothes, body parts, etc., and helps your kid build basic Arabic vocabulary – a great start to learn to speak Arabic

One of the most effective Learning Arabic Books for Children
Visual illustration for each word helps easily associate the word with an image, while the contextual grouping (like all farm animals in one group) further helps create some stories such that it becomes an interesting & effective learning experience for the kids.

Moreover, each word is written in English as well as Arabic to help easily correlate between the two. However, we understand that it might be difficult even for some parents to read/pronounce literary Arabic words, and hence, we have included 2 options to help ensure accurate Arabic pronunciations:

1. Literary Arabic
2. Phonetic Pronunciation or Transliteration

Introduction to Genetic Inheritance: Mathematical Version (Sede Series Book 2)

by Abdulateef Pedro-Salvador

Why is your child or ward bedwetting? Do you understand yourself? Do you understand your environment? These comprise the first lesson learnt guidance and counselling. A man’s environment is accessible to all and sundry but a man’s self. What is a man’s self? It is one’s genetic make-up. Life is living and living is life and which is the exchange of materials between a man or organism and his or its environment. So a man’s life is not complete and perfect without understanding one’s genetic make-up, that is one self. A man’s behaviour is a consequence of how one responds to the stimulus in one’s environment. A perfect understanding of one’s (self) genetic make -up enables one to comport one’s self in all situations or circumstances. This is one of the objectives of this book. Introduction to Genetic Inheritance explains and teaches you the origin and root of one’s deposition and characteristics, how to adapt to every situation, and cope with challenges. Know that the strength and weakness one has is inherited from one’s ancestors from whose experience you can learn. Wait, why are you diabetic, or suffering from arthritis? Why are you an albino? Why are you asthmatic, quarrelsome or kind? Such are questions your knowledge of genetic inheritance will enable you to address effectively. Do have a happy reading.

Cardiopulmonary Pathology Practice Questions: 35 Questions, Answers, and Rationales to Help Prepare for the TMC Exam (TMC Exam, Respiratory Study Guide, … RRT Practice Questions, RRT Exam)

by Johnny Lung

Are you preparing to take the TMC Exam?

Or do you just need some extra practice when it comes to learning about Pathology? Then this is the right book for you.

In the coming pages, you will find 35 practice questions in the exact format of the ones you’ll see on the actual TMC Exam, all covering the topic of Pathology. Each question contains the correct answer, along with a detailed rationale explaining why that answer is correct.

Pathology (the study of diseases) is definitely one of the most important sections on the TMC Exam. With that being said, it’s also one of the most difficult as well. This is not a reason to panic! It just means that you should certainly invest some of your time to truly learn and understand the concepts of Pathology. The good thing is, the practice questions in this book can help you do just that.

This book is broken into two sections. Section 1 is for practicing. It includes the question, answer, and rationale all on the same page, for an easy-to-read and learn review. Section 2 is for testing. It contains the same questions, however, the answer is no longer given. This way, you can quiz yourself to see what you’ve learned. This is great for practicing while on the go because you can highlight using the Kindle app. Then, you’ll be able to go back and see which questions you answered incorrectly.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Pathology to the next level and prepare to pass the TMC Exam on your very next attempt? Then let’s get started with some practice questions.

Banking and Financial Awareness: IBPS bank examinations – Practice Test papers – Part 001 (1000+ questions)

by Gauri Sankar

This handbook on “Banking and Financial Awareness” (Practice Test Papers – Part 001) has been exclusively prepared for the use of candidates who are appearing for various bank examinations in India and also the employees of banks who are aspiring for career progression in their respective organisations. This hand book consists of 34 practice test papers consisting of 1000+ questions along with answers. Efforts have been taken to provide the questions based upon the information collected from various books, magazines, newspapers, websites and journals. The practice test papers will be much helpful for those appearing for the final examinations conducted by IBPS for recruitment of clerks, officers and managers for various banks in India.

51 Ways to break the Internet: 51 Funny Jokes and one liners

by Box Of Books

“I’d buy joke books and try doing them at school; I always had jokes. That would be my go-to thing at parties: I’d be able to get through them if I just told enough jokes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t end up talking to anybody.” – Drew Carey

The very best in party jokes, icebreakers, and funny stories to tell at parties, gatherings, speaking engagements, or any occasion. It’s also an entertaining and wonderful read on a trip and makes a great gift for someone going on a long flight or train ride.

Here’s few jokes from the book:-

When cats are sad:-

Bartender: What’ll ya have?
Cat: Shot of rum.
[Bartender pours it]
[Cat slowly pushes it off the bar]
Cat: Another

Me: I have a bachelors degree.
waiter: so do I
bus boy: so do I
rat feeding on crumbs under the table: hey me too.

Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to!â?¦.unless you’re in prison.

Scroll up now and get it!

Death is a programme written by the Creator.: By Jason Evans. (jason series Book 1)


By Jason Evans. (words 6877)

Erfolg durch Achtsamkeit & Gelassenheit: Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit lernen und trainieren für mehr Glück, Geld, Erfolg aber weniger Stress im Alltag … mit dem richtigen Fokus. (German Edition)

by Geld Academy

Achtsamkeit & Gelassenheit sind sehr wichtig für jede Art von Erfolg, sei es im Alltag oder im Beruf. Achtsamkeit & Gelassenheit erleichtern Ihnen das Leben enorm. Für mehr Erfolg, mehr Zeit, mehr Glück und mehr Geld aber weniger Stress

In diesem Buch erfahren Sie, wie Sie Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit lernen und trainieren können

Wie Sie Ihr Leben in die richtigen Bahnen lenken.
Sie erfahren in diesem Buch was Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit bedeutet.
Wie Sie Achtsam und Gelassen die wichtigen Sachen spielend erledigen.
Wie Sie mit Disziplin und den richtigen Gewohnheiten den entscheidenden Schritt nach vorne machen in Ihrem Leben.

Hier einige Themen die in diesem Buch behandelt werden:
10 Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Achtsamkeit trainieren und verbessern können.
Wie Sie sich die Grundlagen der Achtsamkeit bewusst machen.
Wie Sie Probleme edel und weise angehen.
15 Tipps zu mehr Gelassenheit und Ausgeglichenheit.
14 Tipps für dauerhafte Selbstdisziplin.
Wie Sie Ihre innere Ruhe finden.
Und vieles mehr…..
Wenn Sie Ihre Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit beherschen wollen und dadurch Ihr Leben im Alltag und Beruf erfolgreicher gestalten wollen, dann ist Erfolg durch Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit genau das richtige Buch für Sie!

Ihr Nutzen wird mit der richtigen Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit enorm sein, und wird Ihr Leben sehr erleichtern. Dieses Buch hat schon vielen Menschen geholfen ihr Leben viel einfacher und erfolgreicher zu machen.

Wenn es Ihr Wunsch ist Erfolgreich und Glücklich zu werden und Sie die Macht der Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit beherschen wollen, dann ist Erfolg durch Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit genau das richtige Buch für Sie!

Starten Sie jetzt in Ihre Erfolgreiche und Glückliche Zukunft mit einen Klick auf den â??JETZT
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IBPS Bank examinations – Tips for interview: Tips for interview (Edition Book 2018)

by Gauri Sankar

Public sector banks in India namely; State Bank of India, Nationalized banks and Regional Rural Banks are recruiting probationary officers, specialist officers and clerks for which the graduates of all discipline are eligible. IBPS – Institute of Banking Personnel and Selection has been conducting examinations followed by interview for the selection of the above personnel. Nowadays on account of the public sector banks opening many branches in rural, semi urban, urban and cities, they require sizeable workforce for managing such branches and this apart, they also require personnel to fill up the vacancies on account of retirement of employees. This book contains exclusively the tips for those who are appearing for the interview process. Efforts have been taken to provide tips on the concepts of banking, economy, insurance, mutual fund and more so that the candidates can better perform during the course of interview and the materials have been provided in a simple manner so that the candidates are able to grasp the information at the shortest possible time.

Cuidado e saúde: compartilhando saberes (Portuguese Edition)

by Maria Cristina Carvalho Juliano

Este livro surgiu a partir de uma necessidade e da existência de um potencial. E o interessante é que ambos (necessidade e potencial) conviviam lado a lado, cruzavam cotidianamente pelos mesmos corredores e vielas sem se enxergar. O objetivo deste livro é de ser mais um espaço para dar visibilidade e voz aos atores sociais e sua produção de conhecimento possibilitando o compartilhamento dos saberes.
Sou Secretária de Município de Cidadania e Assistência Social da cidade do Rio Grande, extremo sul do Brasil. Em nossa cidade trabalhamos de verdade a construção de um trabalho intersetorial há quase vinte anos, é uma construção linda, profícua e sem fim. As políticas públicas a partir da Constituição de 1988 foram pensadas em sistemas no Brasil e isso foi um avanço SUS, SUAS, LDB, SISAN e outros. Todos esses sistemas são conquistas de movimentos sociais cada um com seu foco. Este fracionamento na luta por avanços na garantia de direitos demanda agora dos atores sociais a construção de caminhos para unir estes sistemas que possuem nomenclaturas, princípios, diretrizes e conceitos próprios, embora todos eles apontem para a sua incompletude e a necessidade de uma ação transversa. Quantas vezes nas nossas reuniões de rede precisamos dar pausas e traduzir nomenclaturas, alinhar conceitos, fazer análises históricas para avançarmos. O trabalho intersetorial / transversal demanda sair da nossa caixinha, da nossa zona de conforto e buscar o conhecimento das diferentes políticas públicas e isso demanda criatividade, encontros, tempo de trabalho sem resultados imediatos, como toda a revolução que leva a mudanças de paradigma e a uma integração real no fazer social.
Temos reunidos neste livro veteranos e jovens autores, de diferentes áreas do conhecimento (Direito, Pedagogia, Psicologia, Biblioteconomia, Enfermagem, Educação Física), unidos pelo brilho no olho e fé na vida. Boa leitura e bom aprendizado.

Cristina Juliano

Speed Reading in a Day

by Ramesh Roy

Many top institutions in the world are advising now to learn more books for enhancing and enriching knowledge, quality of life and position in the industry or society. The recommendation assumes that the comprehension follows the reading habit. speed reading is key to self-development and fast pace growth in one and all areas of our life. The book covers the benefits of the speed reading in brief and then describes many techniques which are proven to boost the reading speed.
Please take a resolve at this weekend or week to be a speed reader and take the full advantage of this guide for the mission of speed reading.

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