Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 Dec 18

Vacant Skies

by Derek Kontny

Keve Rivens is a Captain of an Akatora Navy Vessel. His job, although mundane for the most part, is to guard the star systems near the edge of human space. Since no alien species had ever been discovered, it is a mostly thankless and mind-numbing assignment. After a chance encounter with pirates however, he is forced to perform an unguided emergency jump. As he exits the jump with his ship barely intact, he crashes onto a world teeming with extraterrestrial life. Through his journey he must thread a fine line between his own exploration and the cultural contamination of a newly-discovered civilization.

Across The Horizon: Book 1: Ad Astra

by Alberto Calderon

It’s the year 2034. Planet Earth is in peril due the effects of the Mars-Tech War. Some of the surviving humans were selected to join a new colony on the Red Planet. Jayden Shepard, a former armed forces scientist was one of the lucky few, along with his friends Victoria Sanchez, a medical student, and Ethan Burton, a clone with special abilities. One day, during an exploration of the martian surface, the three of them make a discovery that would change them forever. They meet a historian from the planet Keeto and embark on a journey through the stars. On the other side of the galaxy, Orn Garrett, the corrupt chancellor of Sondar, starts to lose control of his government and the Bounty Hunter Syndicate is not happy with his recent failures. As Jayden and company traverse through space stations, new planets and countless alien species, they are getting dangerously close to becoming involved in intergalactic affairs. Across the Horizon – Ad Astra is a sci-fi adventure road-trip with a diverse cast of characters thrown into an unexpected journey. Filled with action, humor, and science fiction genre one liners, it is the perfect read for science fiction and fantasy fans.

Give of Yourself: A Bizarro Christmas Tale

by Lee Widener

A savagely satirical look at Christmas traditions in a science fiction setting where giving of yourself is taken to a literal extreme. This is not your typical Christmas story- this is Bizarro Fiction, so be prepared for weirdness!

Lee Widener’s latest excursion into Bizarro, following “David Bowie is Trying to Kill Me!” and “Rock N Roll Head Case,” is another example of his unique style of Bizarro Fiction. Follow the Flortwire family as they celebrate Christmas in a far future world even stranger than our own!

NOTE: This is a Kindle SINGLE, not a full novel, and in the great tradition of Christmas through the ages, it’s overpriced for the holidays!

THE OLIVE TREE: 12.25.2047

by G. R. de los Reyes

A dystopian holiday story set in a future where millions of Muslims have died in concentration camps across the world.

Galactic Imperium

by J. McGovern

In the far future, the galaxy is controlled by the Imperium, a galactic empire stretching across a million planets. The Imperium has enjoyed relative peace for centuries, but now war is on the horizon â?¦

A massive, unidentified ship is orbiting a mysterious planet in the outer reaches of the Paradonian Sector. Its purpose is unknown, but its actions can only be seen as hostile. The Imperial Navy fears the possibility of a serious rebellion.

Harlan Glitz, a convicted smuggler, is offered the chance of a full pardon. To earn his pardon, he must travel to the planet and find out the intentions of the alien ship. He is accompanied by his fellow convicts Tekka and Doland, as well as the beautiful but imperious Captain Alyce Wickham.

The unlikely crew travel to the Paradonian Sector in a ship salvaged from a scrapyard planet, seeking to discover the truth about the planet Chaos. But even a tough criminal like Harlan Glitz is unprepared for the terrible secret that the planet holds â?¦

Guardians of the Skyriders

by Florence Phillips

— What would you sacrifice to go home? Your child? —
*** Ruthless Outsider Sili yearns for the green valley of her childhood. She secretly plans yet another escape. This time, it is from the begrudging hospitality of the Clan, and she’s prepared to make a sacrifice no mother in her right mind would ever choose to make.
Steon, the Clan’s lonely last Guardian, couldn’t have less in common with her. She comes from a world he doesn’t understand; he loves a world she despises.
When the Raiders track Sili down and she descends into despair, her time with the Skyriders threatens not only Steon’s well-guarded heart but the very existence of the Clan.
Men and women, young and old, will need to find the Guardian within themselves in order to survive.

Book 2 of the Skyriders series (can be read as stand-alone)

Set in a 24th century version of our world, this heart-wrenching tale of grief, love, courage and redemption will captivate adult fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent series as well as Feminist Romance readers.

Dystopian Adventure and Romance with a Feminist slant.

*** Warning: This book is suitable for 18+ readers due to explicit sexual content. It contains scenes and references to sexual violence that may be triggering for survivors of sexual abuse.***

The Orphans Brigade By Mike Evans

by Mike Evans

This is a short story I wrote for an anthology. The Orphans takes place five years ago. This story is set in the future five years and is when the zombie apocalypse is full on and hopes are low!


by Inda Phyre

“Urim and Thummin: The Day of Judgment Is Here” is a writing to the world. It is a Book of Judgment. It is a Book of Instructions to the oppressors as well as to the oppressed. It is a book that tells of prophetic events that are happening now, as well as what is sure to come This is a book being offered to you as a way for you to somehow begin working to obtain your Salvation, if there is any. It tells of everyone’s fate. Everything in this book will surely come to pass, if you so dare lay your eyes upon the words. We are instructed from The Father in the True Heavens to write books that will “make people run from fear who read them.” This is one of those books.

Becoming Hero – Comics Character Kills His Author – First 10 Chapters

by Jen Finelli

Skye is the storm-tossed comic character out for revenge on the author who murdered his family.

Jace is the math-loving #blerd trying to escape his father’s deadly legacy.

When their worlds collide, Jace must choose between the real world he’s always hated, and the comic book world he’s always loved-and Skye must decide if killing his author will save his world, or damn his soul.

*Inside each book is a chance to win $100*


Skye’s a comic book superhero with a gun in his hand and a gripe against his author. Every girl Skye’s ever dated is either dead or trying to take over the world, and in the series finale, Skye’s best friend kills him. â?¨â?¨Or so he thinks. The weapon meant to disintegrate Skye lands him in his author’s universe. With a shot at revenge.

Skye, meet Jace. Jacen Howard’s a brilliant #blerd math whiz and comics aficionado-but at his West Baltimore high school that’s a bad thing, and if the bullying isn’t bad enough, Jace’s cop-father regularly pisses off the neighbors. Jace doesn’t see himself as a hero; he’s just trying to survive.

Jace might be just the hero Skye needs.

But Skye won’t open up when Jace tries to ease him out of PTSD, and the author’s still torturing his friends. As Skye’s mood swings and nightmares escalate, Jace realizes that if he doesn’t uncover his roommate’s real identity soon, Skye will hurt someone-and Skye’s still deciding if murder will save his world, or damn his soul.

Scarlet Angel

by C. A. Wilke

Discovering her past could destroy her future.

When a suppressed memory resurfaces and sets Scarlett on a mission to find a life she’d long forgotten, she is sucked into the dark underworld of corporate espionage, organized crime and hired killers.

Soon, she discovers that the mission to protect her friends is more difficult than she ever expected. But is worth becoming the kind of monster she is trying to stop?

Praise for Scarlet Angel:
“…full of action and the characters are strong and believable. Scarlet Angel is a great read.” – Lori Bradley
“Original and compelling main character. A lot of action. A very nice combination of mystery and tech sci-fi. Great fun.” – Bradley A. Daughtry

Clan of the Skyriders

by Florence Phillips

— How far would you run to escape the past? —
Traumatised and aloof, Hunter Efalaa would rather die than breed on cue, as is the rule in her Clan.
When disaster strikes her rural community, she makes a desperate bid for freedom on the back of her giant bird. She has no food or water, and nowhere to go, but she has broken the Clan’s most important rule, and now she can never go back.
As Efalaa runs from the past, her childhood friend, Morgunn, makes a last-ditch attempt to hold on to it. Abandoned and heartbroken, he fights to save what’s left of the Clan from extinction.
Efalaa is a survivor. But winter is looming and Raiders roam the Wastelands. The devastating secret she conceals leads her to the exact fate she ran from and may well also claim her life.
Set in a 24th century version of our world, this gripping tale of love, survival and resilience will captivate adult fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent series as well as Feminist Romance readers.

Dystopian Adventure and Romance with a Feminist slant.

*** Warning: This book is suitable for 18+ readers due to explicit sexual content. It contains scenes and references to sexual violence that may be triggering for survivors of sexual abuse.***

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