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Navigating Through the Valleys of Success: A Perspective in Perseverance

by Cleon Joseph

Navigating Through the Valleys of Success – A Perspective in the Perseverance of it is an inspirational piece meant to empower anyone with a dream to find the meaning of success. Many people give up on their entrepreneurial passions due to finances, economy, personal tragedies, guilt, negative influences and stressful work environments that seem impossible to escape. Author, Cleon Joseph welcomes readers into his walk to show how faith orchestrated human influence to guide him out of his valleys. He also illustrates how difficult circumstances in the “valleys” of his journey were the sharpening tools to forge his climb to the success. This book is meant to encourage readers to never give up on their dreams. God has a plan for success for everyone, but the blueprint begins in the valley.

The Wandering Jewess: A German Millennial’s Memoir

by Zerlina Alter

“The Wandering Jewess” is the soulful memoir of a Jewish Millennial aiming to build a career in Europe, yet also understand it from the perspective of an outsider. Wandering the European, American and Asian continents, the young German finds her unique way in a world of unpaid internships, wealth of choice and magical opportunity. In dramatic romantic encounters she sense that the apple cannot escape the tree – heritage will always fundamentally shape our choices in love and life. Using humor to transform tragedy into strength, the cosmopolitan granddaughter of Holocaust survivors transmits insights through experience, the most reliable guide there is.

Travel Tales and Adventures with Mr. Tilt

by Garry. A. Hammond

After travelling around the world for the best part of a decade Mr. Tilt has compiled a selection of his most entertaining, astonishing and fascinating true stories from those times. In the hope that these might provide amusement as well as guidance to others, and as a reminder to himself of his past.

This autobiographical account of events experienced in South America, Asia, Australia and many more parts of the world reveal how often the fortune of good luck guides both the novice and the most seasoned travellers through adventures of discovery and self-exploration.

125 Fun And Interesting Facts About Lionel Messi

by Adam Snyder

Are you a big Lionel Messi fan? If so, then you will greatly enjoy this ebook.

In this ebook you will get 125 fun and interesting facts about Lionel Messi.

Here are some of the things you will learn;

1. What Lionel Messi’s income is on a per day basis.
2. Which two citizenship’s Messi holds.
3. Which charity Messi supports the most.
4. And more….

If you are ready to read these fun and interesting facts, then act now, you will not be disappointed.

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