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Fortnite For Kids Book: How to Draw Fortnite 2019 (Unofficial Fortnite Book)

by Ludix Publishing

The most comprehensive How to Draw FORTNITE SKINS Book for kids! This Fortnite For Kids book gives you amazing Skins to draw. Every mini drawing lesson is broken down into easy to follow step by step instructions, so that all budding artists can create a masterpiece. This book is perfect for kids 9-12 +, but kids age 6-8 with a high interest in art will be able to follow our diagrams easily as well.The Fortnite For Kids Book: How to Draw Fortnite 2019 Book is the only book you’ll need to turn your kids’ creativity into artistic confidence!

Capsule Wardrobe: A comprehensive guide on how to dress well, avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and look your absolute best in clothing you already own. (wardrobe capsule, wardrobe malfunction, book)

by Nancy Rose

Is your closet jam-packed and yet you have absolutely nothing to wear? Can you describe your personal style in one sentence? If someone grabbed a random piece from your closet right now, how likely is it that it would be something you love and wear regularly?

Our choice of clothing reflects not only our fashion sense but also our personality. For example, you can easily distinguish between a serious, conservative business person and an artistic free spirit simply by the way they are dressed. In either of these cases, and everything in between, the majority of people tend to either try to keep up with the latest fashion trends, or they try to make a statement by breaking fashion norms.  
Like it or not, the common tendency among women is to buy clothing and accessories on a whim. Although men are capable of this as well, it seems to be a problem that is much more prevalent for women. When we see something we like, we buy it even if we don’t know when or where to wear it. To justify these impulse purchases we simply tell ourselves that we’ll find some use for it in the future,. Because of this reckless habit, we have piles of clothes in our closets waiting to be worn. 
How many times have you found yourself frustrated looking for the right clothes to wear? Why is it that after digging through your closet for half an hour, you still can’t find “anything good to wear?” If this describes a scenario that you’re all-too familiar with, then it’s time to admit it: you have a wardrobe problem that needs to be addressed immediately. 
This may sound far-fetched, but a wardrobe problem can negatively affect your day by causing a great deal of unnecessary anxiety. If you haven’t picked out your outfit the night before, you find yourself stressed out first thing in the morning as you try to determine what to wear. This is not exactly the best way to start your day.  After work has concluded, you may have realized that the stress caused by your dysfunctional wardrobe has caused more damage to your day than you could ever expect. Armed with this realization, you know it’s time to do something drastic. 
Perhaps by now you have already thought of throwing away everything in your closet and starting a whole new wardrobe from scratch. Well that’s a start, but what’s next? Chances are it won’t be long before you resume your old habit of filling up your closet with useless clothes and, voila! You’re back at it with the same old  wardrobe dilemmas. 
Here’s a better solution: 

A capsule wardrobe is the answer to your problems!

Although it may be hard to believe that just a few dozen well-chosen clothing items and accessories can keep a woman properly dressed for any occasion, that’s exactly what a capsule wardrobe does. Not only will it prevent you from buying the wrong clothes, it will also spare you from the stress caused by having a dysfunctional wardrobe with too many choices. With this book, you will understand how to create the wardrobe combination of your dreams and say goodbye to your frustrations. It’s time to clean up your closet, declutter your mind, and spice up your personal style.

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Searching for Elvis: Looking Through America’s Heartland for an Icon

by Vince Iuliano

A true-life trek through little towns in America, looking for a rock star.

Long Live the King of Rock n Roll!

Not just any rock star of course — we’re on the trail of THE most famous rock star of them all!
Had Elvis faked his own death?
Sightings had begun to increase in the last 5 years since the King’s alleged-death.Tabloids ran pictures of him in front of a movie theater with a recently released poster behind him. Rumours abounded. A local private investigator told People that he had tracked the very-much alive Elvis to Kokomo, Indiana.
Most tellingly, cassette tapes of the King’s voice – laconic, unhurried – had begun to surface. Was the King alive?
Had he faked his own death to drop out of the hamster wheel that success and his manager had set him on?
The author of “Searching for Elvis” sets off alone in the summer of 1982 to personally investigate the matter. Perhaps a non-professional investigator might have dumb luck in stumbling across the King’s path, he wonders. Armed with camera equipment, tape machines, and a stack of Elvis cassettes , the young author sets off on an impossible journey …: to find evidence that the King is still alive! Long live the King!

Ostensibly to write a short essay or article meant for Rolling Stone magazine (which the magazine did not sanction and in fact turned down), this is a record of that trip over thirty years ago…

500,000 Elvis Readers Can’t Be Wrong…

This is a brief bold account of a summer spent chasing a ghost. There were enough hints in the wind to suggest that Elvis was still alive! Pictures, hints, records featurning Elvis sound-alikes, newspaper accounts. When i arrived at Graceland, Uncle Vester was manning the gates, Elvis’ grandmother was still living upstairs, and Elvis and Priscilla had horses still parked in the field behind the new racquetball courts. There was a recent picture of Elvis still sitting in his kitchen and looking out at his gravesite and misspelled name I was particularly conscious of him as i scanned the windows that sunny far-away Friday afternoon.

VY TYGGER P� TIDENS KNOKLER.: Theaterstück. Norwegeisch/Englisch/Deutsch (Norwegian Edition)

by Jonas Corell Petersen

VY TIGGER PÃ? TIDENS KNOKLER – Jonas Corell Petersen
DE: WIR NAGEN AN DEN KNOCHEN DER ZEIT – Ã?bersetzer: Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel
EN: WE CHEW THE KNUCKLES OF TIME – Translator: Charlotte Barslund

Editor: Union des Théâtres de l´Europe

TERRORisms is a cooperation project led by the “Union des Théâtres de l´Europe” with the support of the “Culture” programme of the European Union. Developed in collaboration between five theatres in Stuttgart, Oslo, Belgrade, Tel Aviv and Reims, the TERRORisms project resulted in the creation of five original plays dealing with the issue of terrorism.

Written over the period of 2013 through 2015, the plays by Fritz Kater in Stuttgart, Milena MarkoviÄ? in Belgrade, Maya Arad in Tel Aviv, Jonas Corell Petersen in Oslo and Aiat Fayez in Reims led to the organisation of a series of world premieres, production exchanges, meetings, conferences and discussions all around Europe and beyond.

These five plays â?? the original version and their translations into English and German â?? are now available as an eBook, for free.

How To Write A Song: Songwriting: Learn To Write A Song In 24 Hours Or Less (Songwriting, Writing better lyrics, Writing melodies, Songwriting exercises Book 1)

by Kathy Cho

Learn to write a song under strict time constraints

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You’re about to discover how to write a song in a short amount of time. While the number of words in a song isn’t exceptionally long, it’s easy to get caught up in the structure and writer’s block that holds up the finished product. This will give tips and tricks to fight your way through that.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • Control your writing
  • Keep from getting distracted
  • Look at a song from different directions
  • Set goals and parameters and work towards them
  • Use your failures to build a successful song
  • Fight the dreaded writer’s block
  • Brainstorm new song ideas
  • Build your own tools to help you succeed further down the line
  • Much, much more!

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Collection of Vietnamese women’s camisole with lotus flower and grapefruit blossom

by Robert E. Jefferson

Collection of Vietnamese women’s camisole with lotus flower and grapefruit blossom

Sing Like a Star: The Ultimate Singing Guide to Go from Amateur to Pro!

by Diane Hall

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Do You Watch Beyonce and Michael Bublé Sing and Wonder If You Could Do It Better?

Singing like the professionals takes practice and dedication – that’s the only reason you’re not already performing like a superstar. Wouldn’t it be great if you could train your voice to have the power and depth of your idols and the strength to sing any song you wanted?

This book will help you improve your singing voice – from raw talent to the dulcet tones of a superstar.

I’ve spent my career training singers, and now I’m here to help YOU improve YOUR voice

Hi, I’m Diane Hall. I’ve been a singing coach for over two decades and have trained a long list of budding singers to reach their true potential, helping them take their talent to the stage, the recording room or even the opera.

Are You Ready to Sing with the Power and Appeal of a Professional?

Now it’s your turn: I want to help you understand every component of your voice and show you how to use your whole body to power it, so that every note you sing is as pure and sweet as a nightingale.

Give Me TWO WEEKS and I’ll Triple the Power of Your Voice

Give me four and I’ll help you reach a professional standard of singing, ready to hit auditions or perform in front of an audience. By the time you implement the exercises in this guide, you’ll have turned your talent into a career-making skill.

In this book, we’ll cover:

  • Techniques to improve your breathing control to take charge of your voice.
  • The posture of a true singer.
  • How to get rid of nervousness and perform like a pro.
  • Exercises to improve your tone, power and range.
  • And much, much more.

If You Don’t Read this Guide, You Will Not be Able to Rely on Your Voice to Ring Out True.

This method has been proven to work – a hundred times over! I’m going to show you how to sing like a professional – you are ten times more likely to win auditions and sing clearly on stage and in the recording room if you follow this method than if you don’t. All it takes is a few easy steps and you’ll notice a difference within days, and all for the cost of a music CD.

Improve Your Voice in Less than a Week… or Your Money Back!

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Collection of Vietnamese women’s ao dai and lotus flower

by Owen H. Cole

Collection of Vietnamese women’s ao dai and lotus flower

INSTAFOOD DIE BESTEN REZEPTE ZUM TEILEN AUF INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & CO : Mit Bonus: Die richtigen Accessoires: kleine Ursache â?? groÃ?e Wirkung! (German Edition)

by Laura Fern

Mit Bonus: Die richtigen Accessoires: kleine Ursache – groÃ?e Wirkung!

Welche Gerichte kommen im Internet am besten rüber – wie fotografiere ich richtig – und wie kann ich mit ein paar Kleinigkeiten erstaunliche Effekte erzielen – das und noch vieles mehr erklärt Laura Fern, Köchin und Fotografin aus Leidenschaft, in diesem Buch.

Artania: The Pharaoh’s Cry (The Artania Chronicles Book 1)

by Laurie Woodward

Eleven-year-old Bartholomew can’t go to school, play outside or worst of all, make art.

So, he sketches in secret. After he meets the skateboarding painter, Alexander DeVinci, they’re yanked into another realm by a magical painting.

Their own world is very different in comparison to Artania: a world with living paintings and sculptures. They soon learn that Artania is on the verge of destruction, and Bartholomew’s art is the only thing that can save it.

With both gods and goddesses at his side, Bartholomew braves battles, duels and skateboarding escapes. But even with his growing powers, can he defeat the evil Sickhert’s army and bring art back to the world?

Praise for Artania – The Pharaoh’s Cry:

“A fantastical journey into an art born world full of prophecies, enchanted creatures, and wishes that come true.” – Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

“What a splendid concept – thrusting two young protagonists into a world of adventure informed by the great ideas of art.” – Leland Douglas, Amazon review

An Interpretative Study And Critical Edition Process Of Variations On Two Rows For Percussion And Strings, By Eleazar De Carvalho (Portuguese Edition)

by Fernando Hashimoto

O livro apresenta o processo de uma edição crítica e um estudo interpretativo da obra Variations on Two Rows for Percussion and Strings, de Eleazar de Carvalho, que é considerado o primeiro concerto brasileiro para percussão e orquestra.

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