Free humour Kindle books for 12 Dec 18

Her Country Star Fake Fiancé: Christmas Romance Series

by Sarah Gay

Gracie May Sawyer can’t wait to get home to the Smokies for Christmas to announce her engagement to her dreamy Italian fiancé. Only one thing stands in her way of her happily ever after, and that is the guy she’s had a crush on since the sixth grade, her brother’s best friend and country music superstar, Cash Jackson. When she attends Cash’s concert to gain closure, destiny is not kind when she finds herself accidentally fake-engaged to her childhood crush.

Cash Jackson’s country music tour has come to an end, as will his career if he can’t resurrect his dead muse. His label has given him until the first of the year to come up with new material. When his best friend’s kid sister, Gracie Sawyer, shows up at his last concert in Asheville, North Carolina, they share a passionate kiss, which may just be the inspiration he needs. The only problem is she’s engaged to another man.

Additional books in the series:
Her Hollywood Fake Fiancé by Taylor Hart
Her Billionaire Boss Fake Fiancé by Cami Checketts
Her Crazy Rich Fake Fiancé by Jennifer Youngblood
Her TV Bachelor Fake Fiancé by Kimberly Krey
His Wedding Date Fake Fiancée by Lucy McConnell

Tips for Hello Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Tips – How to not get Caught?

by Caitlin Fowler

Hello Neighbor is all about finding your way through a maze of rooms and discovering the secrets that your neighbor has hidden inside his basement. But, if you want to make it down to the basement, you’ll need your wits about you as you strategize the best ways to get in and out without being detected. If you make use of the tips that we’ll provide below, then you should have a greater chance of staying out of sight and remaining undetected. Of course, sometimes practice makes perfect,
so don’t be afraid to take chances and make mistakes sometimes.

Fortnite Battle Royale Ultimate Guide: Increase your chances of survival for both beginners and advanced players

by Josh Hall

Are you tired of not winning you Fortnite Battle Royale games?
Looking for a detailed guide and explanation of how to become better at the game?
Want to learn new tricks and tips about Fortnite Battle Royale and how to unlock outfits and skins, or want to explore all the secrets and Easter Eggs?

Then this book is for you!

This book provides a good introduction to the game as a whole for beginners and advanced players. This book will guide you through everything – starting from how to install the game and its system requirements and best settings, through movement, environment, resources, building, landing places and weapons, to unlocking new and premium items, skins, outfits and more.

I am Josh Hall, a professional gamer, and I have written the best Fortnite Battle Royale guide!

This book includes:

  • General overview of Fortnite Battle Royale and introduction to the game
  • System requirements
  • How to download and install the game and commonly found errors and their fixes and workarounds
  • Graphics settings as well as best competitive settings
  • Beginner’s guide – movement, environment, map, resources, controls, starting location, best places to land, weapons, The Storm, health
  • Crafting and building in Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Season 4 weekly challenges
  • How to get Twitch Prime packs, the Golden Umbrella and Glider
  • How to unlock new outfits and skins
  • Best Fortnite Battle Royale streamers
  • How to rocker ride and Jetpack guide
  • Secrets and Easter Eggs
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to become the best player in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Scroll up, hit that buy button!

Jornada nas Estrelas: Todas as curiosidades da série Clássica e original de Star Trek (Portuguese Edition)

by M. Miguel

Se você já não é tão jovem assim, deve ter saudades da série clássica, a original, do seriado Jornada nas Estrelas (Star Trek), que foi gravado entre 1966 e 1969.
Quem não se lembra do Capitão Kirk, do Sr. Spock, do Dr. McCoy, de Sulu, de Uhura, de Chekov, de Scott, entre outros?
Neste livro contaremos todas as curiosidades da série clássica. Você verá imagens raras, saberá por onde andam os artistas atualmente. Saberá curiosidades de filmagens, de tudo por trás das câmeras e também das idéias incríveis usadas nos episódios, muitas delas que acabaram se tornando realidade nos dias de hoje.
Star Trek – Série Clássica faz sucesso até os dias de hoje, com inúmeras continuações mais modernas, porém a série original é inesquecível, tanto pela força do elenco, como pela novidade que gerou na época de sua criação.
Venha conosco relembrar e descobrir coisas incríveis sobre esta série, com ilustrações da época e 80 curiosidades imperdíveis. Bom divertimento!

Jokes For Mom: Terribly Good jokes for mom | Great Mom gifts, Mom Birthday Gifts

by Share The Love Gifts

Q. Why is sleeping so easy?

A. Because you can do it with your eyes closed.

Jokes for moms is packed full of clean but truly terrible jokes. You only get one mom, so why not give her the gift of laughter that she can share with the whole family.

The book is an ideal present for mom, as the giver can write who it’s from on the cover, and she can think of you while telling a cheesy joke.

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