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Chicken Culprit: (Backyard Farming Mystery Series) (Cozy Mystery) (A Backyard Farming Mystery Book 1)

by Vikki Walton

Check Out the First Book in the New Backyard Farming Mystery Series


Finally healing after her heart-breaking divorce, Anne Freemont is ready to put the painful past behind her.

Discovering an old Victorian for sale in the small mountain town of Carolan Springs may be just what she needs. The beauty of Colorado beckons, so Anne heads west to start her new life.

Yet, before Anne’scompletely settled in, her neighbor is found dead in his compost pile. What’s worse is that Anne’s quirky young neighbor, Kandi Jenkins, could be the killer. When Kandi begs for her help, Anne feels she has no choice but to help the young woman.

However, she finds herself quickly at odds with the local sheriff. And while she uncovers more of the community’s secrets, she’s also exploring her awakening feelings for Sam Powers, the town’s deputy coroner.

Once Anne starts looking at who could be the real killer, the suspect list keeps getting longer and longer. It seems that Carolan Springs is a place of many secrets. But who would want to murder Ralph and who’s willing to kill again to keep their secret?

Cast of Characters

  • Stewart Rogers: Ralph’s nephew who’s always turning up unexpectedly.
  • Hope Boswell: Doctor and herbalist who’s come home to care for her ailing mother.
  • Faith Boswell: Dealing with early onset dementia, she still has what some call second sight.
  • Eliza de French: An Ethiopian woman whose beauty hides an ugly secret.
  • Jeff Jenkins: Kandi’s goal-oriented husband who often travels for work.

Ë?Ë?Ë? First Book in The Backyard Farming Cozy Mystery Series

Chicken Culprit introduces us to Anne Fremont, a divorcee starting over in the fictional town of Carolan Springs, Colorado. With a diverse cast of characters, the locale isn’t short of personalities and suspects.

With a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that women of a certain age can relate to, Chicken Culprit takes a look at love, loss and the impact of the past in our lives.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Q&A with the Author

1.Why did you decide to write a mystery series around homesteading?

Mysteries have always been my favorite genre since I received my first set of Nancy Drew books. When I finally decided to write my own I knew I wanted to write about something I love and that’s homesteading or backyard farming. I live in the suburbs but our landscaping is a combination of permaculture food guilds, gardens and Xeriscape. We have chickens and are beekeepers. My chicken, Rusty, was a character in her own right. Now she’s one in my first book.

2.What advice would you give to someone who wants to start backyard farming?

Decide what you want the most and do that first. Then add to it. Don’t do too much at once. You can use the simple quiz on my website to help determine the top three things for your havenstead.

3.What’s a havenstead?

I believe that your home should be your haven. Homesteading has been around for hundreds of years. Now you can create your own havenstead.

4.Can you give us a glimpse into the next book?

Sure! Someone and possibly a couple of someone’s are going to die. It will feature another part of homesteading and that’s around the food production side of things. In this case the main star will be the elderberry plant. The book after that will feature bees.

5.What do you hope your reader’s take away from your book?

It’s not great literature. It’s a short book in simple language. I hope people will enjoy it as a light read with a touch of humor, a spotlight on the human condition, and learn a bit about chickens and eggs.

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The Inverted Pyramid (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 2)

by A.C. Fuller

Journalist Alex Vane is always hunting for the truth. But now the truth may cost him his life…

After exposing a low-level congressman for accepting bribes, Alex attends a conference and runs into an old friend–and flame–Media Studies Professor Camila Gray. But just as they begin to reconnect, Alex’s business partner disappears, leaving Alex only one clue: the name of a hacker who was recently murdered. A source hints at a vaster conspiracy, one that may reach all the way up to the fast-approaching presidential election.

Alex and Camila travel to Alex’s hometown to find answers, where they race to untangle the connections between the dead hacker and the disappearance of Alex’s partner. But all the while, a mysterious source is pulling the strings of their investigation, of the election, and possibly of their lives.

Note on Series Order: The Inverted Pyramid works as a standalone, but it will be more enjoyable if you’ve read book one in the series, The Anonymous Source. In case you want to start at the beginning, I’ve put The Anonymous Source ebook on sale until 1/1/19.

Series List (can be read as standalones or chronologically): The Anonymous Source (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 1)
The Inverted Pyramid (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 2)
The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3)The Shadow File (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 4)The Last Journalist (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 5)

Blood Silence: A gripping killer thriller (McRyan Mystery Thriller Series Book) (McRyan Mystery Series Book 6)

by Roger Stelljes

They will do anything to buy your silence.
She held her breath… her arms were shaking… and it felt as if her heart was going to explode out of her chest.

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery Series
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Go away, she thought. You’re done. You think you’ve killed meâ??now leave.

Tainted water. Dead bodies. Blood silence.
A high-powered lawyer and his beautiful client are brutally murdered in a lake house in a suburb west of Minneapolis. Two people are executed behind a bar in Washington DC. The two cases are separated by a thousand miles and connected by one man – Mac McRyan. In a tale of money and blood that hits a little too close to home, Mac is forced to confront his tumultuous past. Blood Silence is a web of unsettling twists, startling turns and unforeseen redemption with each chapter adding a layer of intrigue that will pull you in further.

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FIRST CASE: Murder Alley – Book 1
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FATALLY BOUND – Book 5 – USA Today Bestseller
BLOOD SILENCE – Book 6 – USA Today Bestseller
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STAKEOUT: A Case From The Dick Files – Short Story
FIREBALL – Book 8 – New release – NOW AVAILABLE

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What readers are saying about Blood Silence:

“Wow!! Just wow! This has to be the best McRyan book I’ve readâ?¦I really enjoyed the twist and turns this book had to offer.”

“This book takes the reader on one wild ride, with the suspense not letting up until the very end. Mac is one part Lucas Davenport and one part Mitch Rapp – and it just does not get any better than that!”

“Sex, power, money, and murder keep you wanting to keep reading until you finish it and then wishing there were still more to read! Great story with all the elements of a fantastic read.”

“Two thumbs up, way up for this one!” Five stars and then some.

“Couldn’t put it down! Everything else I had to do just sat until I finished this book. Compelling, thrilling, good tale, all ends wrapped up, with a thoughtful ending.”

“Roger Stelljes is exceptional. His plots twist, turn and keep you glued to the book. Minnesota has produced two mystery writers of extreme talent, Vince Flynn and Roger Stelljes. Keep ’em coming, Roger!”

“Another Mac McRyan excellent read!!! I wish Mr. Stelljes could write faster because I love his books and can’t wait till the next one. He never disappoints.”

“A book that drew me right in. A well-written story – and you just have to like Mac!! I’ll read more of Mr. Stelljes’ books. Loved this one!!!”

The Third Rule: a gripping CSI Mystery Thriller (Eddie Collins Book 1)

by Andrew Barrett

Looking for your new favourite CSI mystery? Then discover the unmissable The Third Rule today.

Propelled by a wave of atrocities, the government introduces a severe code of capital punishment. They designed The Rules to rid England of serious crime, but they failed. They said The Rules were infallible, but they lied.

Christian Ledger, an innocent man and a talented artist is charged with a fatal stabbing. Christian is heading for the â??slaughterhouse’ because no one will listen to his pleas. Is the secret he carries enough to save his life?

CSI Eddie Collins, a reluctant hero with one failed suicide attempt behind him, suddenly wants to live when the police hunt him down for shooting a colleague. And now he’s on the government’s list too, and he’s running. But they’re getting closer by the minuteâ?¦

What everyone is saying about The Third Rule:

“This is the first time I have read this author and WOW from the first page I was hooked.” Peggy Beaver – Reviewer

“It kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages as quickly as possible, never knowing what is going to be thrown at me next.” Sue Blanchard – Reviewer

If you like fast-paced and gripping crime thrillers with a strong forensic element, you’ll love Andrew Barrett’s The Third Rule. It will appeal to fans of authors like Kathy Reichs, Robert Bryndza and Angela Marsons.

Ripples (The Blake Harte Mysteries Book 3)

by Robert Innes

When Detective Sergeant Blake Harte is given the opportunity of a relaxing week away at a spa manor, he jumps at the opportunity. He can take one person with him – and who more than Harrison Baxter deserves time away from Harmschapel after everything he has been through?

But once at the Manor of the Lakes, the rest and relaxation they both crave is quickly brought to an end, when Blake and Harrison witness a man being murdered, by a mysterious hooded figure who appears to have the ability to walk on water.

How is it possible for someone to defy the laws of physics? And Blake’s problems are only just beginning. The visit to the manor finds him coming face to face with figures from his past – and one in particular who could ruin any chance of Blake and Harrison ever being happy together.

The ripple effect is well and truly in playâ?¦

The Luck Theory

by Erik Hamre

John, an esteemed professor in experimental mathematics, is working on a ground-breaking new theory when he wins the lotto jackpot. Twenty-four hours later he is dead and the question is: Who killed him?
We follow Sean, a retired Special Forces veteran, in his quest to hunt down his brother’s killer before he ends up in jail, or in a coffin himself. But in order to be successful Sean has to confront a past he has long tried to forget.
Three years earlier, Sean introduced John to some government agents. That introduction ruined a lot of people’s lives, including Sean’s.
Will John’s death provide Sean an opportunity to finally redeem himself, or will it lead to his ultimate downfall?

Missing Lynx (The Lynx Series Book 2)

by Fiona Quinn

Lynx Thought Her Job Would Keep Her Safe

Lexi Sobado, code named Lynx, is settling into a new job at Iniquus. The new position is satisfying: sort the random puzzles her team hands her to solve crimes, and, occasionally, support her team in the field – planting transmitters, sleight-of -hand, cracking a safe every once in a while, but nothing that would call for daring deeds of do or die. At least that’s how her contract reads.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Person Lynx Trusts Most Can’t Help Her

Sadly, Lexi’s life does’t ever follow her carefully laid plans. Spyder McGraw, Lexi’s long-time family-friend and mentor, shows up in town, bringing more questions than answers. A new neighbor, Maria Rodriguez, moves into Lexi’s neighborhood – their pasts dangerously linked together. And grief as Lexi mourns her late husband, Angel, tangles itself around her feelings for Striker Rheas. At work, at home, in her heart, Lexi can’t seem to find the sense of peace and security that she craves.

Ë?Ë?Ë? As old enemies surface, Lynx will fight until her last breath.

Just as Lexi seems to move in the right direction, she becomes a pawn in a deadly international game. Lexi’s teammates scramble to find her before it’s too late. Lexi is fighting for her life.

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The Glass Cook (Alex Landon Case Files Book 1)

by Gavin Reese

THE GLASS COOK – An Alex Landon Case File

Powerful addictions are measured in lives lost.
Dry Creek Patrol Officer Alex Landon is about to be promoted to Narcotics Detective. With only a few weekend graveyard shifts left in his Patrol tenure, he learns DCPD’s narcotics unit and the DEA believe the source of a high-grade methamphetamine is operating in Dry Creek.
Alex has already seen how the cost of powerful addictions are measured in lives lost: victims addicted and overdosed, conspirators and rivals killed, informants murdered.
When Alex and his mentor, Javier Ramirez, are tasked with helping track down the meth source, they go about the nasty business of wading through society’s gutters. Few lives in that underworld survive the mere perception of betrayal or weakness, and Alex fears their time is running out to prevent a new wave of death and despair from spreading across central Arizona.

The Enemies Series:
Book 1: Enemies Domestic
Book 2: Enemies Foreign

The Alex Landon Case Files:
Book 1: The Glass Cook
Book 2: Room Number Three
Book 3: The Debt Collectors
Book 4: The Misery Merchant


Romance Books For Adults: 4 Steamy Romance Stories

by Brooke Kinsley

This Generous Box Set contains Rising Author Brooke Kinsley’s Best Stories at a discounted price.
Her 4 best selling stories. More than 700.000 words for you to enjoy.

Boss Me Please by Brooke Kinsley

When math genius Stephanie gets a scholarship to the prestigious Knightswood University in London, she’s both excited and terrified. She’ll have to leave everything behind in Kansas, but she’ll be finally appreciated for her intelligence. Finding herself plunged into the center of English university life, she soon becomes popular and finds her footing as one of the school’s most gifted students.

What she doesn’t know is that billionaire and previous Knightswood student, Fredrick Milton is volunteering in her class in a bid to source the most talented mathematicians.
When a mysterious test is placed in front of her and she finds herself getting top marks, she’s soon pushed into his orbit. She can’t deny how handsome he is and he has eyes for her too!
But when the two find themselves alone in her dorm will things finally heat up, or will Fredrick’s big mouth land him in trouble?

Too Curious Series by Brooke Kinsley

I’m twenty-one and dying to leave home. Thankfully, the opportunity of a lifetime comes along when I’m accepted as an intern for the world’s most handsome and scandalous billionaire, Trevor Wylde.

“Don’t go! He’s a sex maniac, a womanizer!”

Everyone told me not to go but the warnings just made it even more exciting. I start work and he notices me straight away, inviting me to secret, sexy party where he shows me the time of my life.

But is he hiding an insidious secret?

Who is the mysterious Ophelia who’s hell bent on hating me?

And what’s going on with the mysterious robes I find in Trevor’s bedroom?

I know I should stay away from him but I can’t! He drives me crazy like no other man has ever done. But I have a secretâ?¦ Will it scare him away? Or will it turn him on even more?

Insta Love by Brooke Kinsley

Paige Manning has the seemingly perfect life, a respectable husband, a nice house in the suburbs and an easy job. But it doesn’t matter how many people envy her, she still can’t shake the feeling that everything’s wrong and of course, husband, Arthur is at the center of her troubles.

With her life in turmoil, she finds herself casting her mind back to being a teenager when the real love of her life, Sean was in her arms. If only their relationship wasn’t harboring not one, but two dark secrets. Things that could never let her sleep easy againâ?¦

With an aching desire to resolve the past, she seeks out Sean, now a successful psychiatrist. Posing as a patient, she reveals all and soon he can’t stop himself from falling in love again. But after eight years, life is increasingly complicated and both of them will have to learn to face the impossible.

Will Sean be able to stop himself falling into old Dominating Patterns? Or will Paige be only too happy to be his Little Girl again?

Sex Prescribed by Brooke Kinsley


I always thought I was the luckiest girl in the world being engaged to my childhood sweetheart. In fact, there’s nothing I love more than rushing home to him after a hard shift at the hospital. Except today I found out he’s a dirtbag, and he’s had someone else in our bed while I saved lives.
All I wanted to do was escape to my mom’s house but if things couldn’t get any worse, some asshole crashes into me and I find myself staring out through my shattered windshield at a kind stranger saving my life.
But who is he? And could his eyes be any bluer?


I may be a billionaire and world famous biomechanics inventor but I’m a doctor first and all I’ve ever wanted to do was save lives. Making my way home after a long shift at Normont Memorial Hospital, but when a car crash takes place on the highway, I know my help is needed.

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