Free philosophy Kindle books for 12 Dec 18

The Way of Life

by Ryan Zeedyk

The Way of Life takes the reader on a journey through their own mind and consciousness. Based on the eight thousand year old Eastern wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, it brings a modern, Western context to it that can be applied in your life today.

Inside you will find the freedom to follow your own path in life while being pointed repeatedly to the cause of all suffering. You will be shown clearly how observation of yourself leads to the end of suffering, and given practical advice on how to properly do so.

Written in a simplistic and easy-to-follow manner, this book lays out some of the most complex issues of spirituality, religion, philosophy, and psychology like patches on a quilt. By weaving the golden thread of Truth through each of these, the reader is left with a tapestry of joy that can be worn at all times to live in the moment, at peace, and flowing with the way of life.

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The Irony Of A Nation: A Perspective On Moving Nigeria Forward

by Ibikunle Fayemi

It is tragic that Nigeria is backward as a country. No steady electricity for the majority is a sign of backwardness. But it is more tragic that we don’t realize that the thoughts, the beliefs, that produced that backwardness reside inside our heads. And we continue to tenaciously hang on to them. We continue to cherish them. And the majority continues to live unfulfilling live, while the minority continues to splurge with wealth obtained by unmerited favor. It is well. Isn’t it?

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