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Thoughts of a Mad Man at 3 a.m.

by Brian Monge

THOUGHTS OF A MAD MAN AT 3 A.M. What keeps us awake at night? It’s almost never the comfort and delight of our successes. It’s almost never our inner-peace or self-validation, cradling us to sleep, bathing us in reassurance. No. What keeps us up at night is the chaos that harbors in our heads, about which no one else knows. It’s the voices of doubt and condemnation. The whispers of denial, rejection and screams of disappointmentâ??at 3 a.m. Or perhaps it’s anxiety’s laughter, ridiculing us through a small-cracked closet door. The shadows of our sins, haunting us and stalking us from just outside our windows. But through all the chaos, manifesting and uploading into our personal clouds, keeping us awakeâ??there is still the voice of hope. It is a voice that is desperate, demanding, even, to be heard. And that voice is the only thing that keeps us from going completely mad. Poet and writer, Brian Monge, has grown to the familiarity of lying awake in his bed, late into the night as heavy, reflective thoughts roam through his head. From the struggles of his alcoholism, leading him into the beds of jail cells and rehab centers; to his trials and determination to restore family relationships, and cultivate love; to the conflicts of running a small business, he grew compelled to convert his emotions and experiences into his poetry. It was a game-changer. Monge’s poetry and prose are personal, revealing and relatable. Embark on his journey of alcohol, jail, love and recovery. Enjoy its edgy truth and revelation. Be encouraged, empowered, and transported to your earned restful nights by his rhythmic stories and poetry.

**DISCLAIMER** There are a couple of pages that the format on the pages are not precise. And no matter what I do on my end, kindle publisher does not upload it correctly. I apologize in advance. I hope Kindle Publishing fixes this issue soon. Best regard, Brian Monge.

La Elegía Del Cuervo (Spanish Edition)

by Khorvus

Poemas, nocturnos y elegías; un vuelo lírico sobre los campos del amor, y el dolor de amar, con todas sus paradojas: la fuerza de la pasión y del deseo, el cariño, la ternura y el respeto; las dudas, amarguras y flaquezas; la esperanza, los anhelos, la creación poética. Un canto que desnuda el alma y eleva un himno a la mujer amada; a la mujer de carne y hueso, al ideal femenino que encarna, y que eleva al ser humano por encima de su dolor y su miseria.

Llueven Cerezas: PROSA POÃ?TICA (Spanish Edition)

by A. Sanh

Segunda colección de poemas y textos de prosa poética de A. Sanh, que, con un toque juvenil y moderno, habla de muchas vertientes de la vida incluyendo el amor, la amistad, el abuso de sustancias, la pasión e incluso cuestiones filosóficas.

Paper Temple

by Deanna Stinson

A book of short stories and magical poetry, including legends and modern themes of spirituality.

Wife Material

by Bryanna Mone’t

How many times have you heard a woman explain why she is worthy of being a wife? Did she mention how well she can make five course meals,raise children, work multiple jobs and sex a man like a porn star?How many times have you witnessed a man explaining why a woman wasn’t wife material? Probably more times than you can count!

In “Wife Material”, Bryanna Mone’t shatters the romanticized and picture perfect concept of what being meritorious of a diamond on a ring finger is. Each poem will take a toll on your emotions causing you to think, laugh, smile, possibly cry and even say, “Hmm”. She expresses that becoming a wife is more than cooking, cleaning and being docile.

What if we encouraged society to be accepting, protective and loving to women regardless of their age, shape or background that they came from? What if we held men to the standards of “husband material” in the same way that women are? 

Take your heels(or sneakers) off, let your hair do its thing, pour a cup of tea(or wine), and feast on poems that will make you ask;”What did she just say?!”  Bryanna Mone’t encourages women to be true to their desires,passions and sexuality through poetry, breaking free of limitations that have been placed on them.

“Wife Material” is Bryanna Mone’ts’ seventh book available on Amazon, Kindle and Createspace!

Premio Letterario Giacomo Zanella 2° Edizione: a cura di Nico Veladiano (Italian Edition)

by Comune di Monticello Conte Otto (Vicenza)

Suoni e Silenzi dell’Anima, un tema affascinate quello proposto nella seconda edizione del premio nazionale per racconti brevi intitolato a Giacomo Zanella.
I partecipanti, e sono stati davvero tanti, hanno avuto l’opportunità di sviluppare e raccontare fatti ed emozioni che nascono dal profondo dell’anima, coinvolgendo con altrettanta intensità anche il lettore.
Come assessore alla Cultura e come presidente della Giuria mi ritengo molto ripagata dal risultato che questo premio letterario ci porta, porta a tutto il nostro Comune.
Il racconto breve è un genere difficile. Si richiede, a chi scrive, la capacità di concentrare in un numero limitato di parole una storia con un senso compiuto, in grado di trasmettere delle sensazioni, dei messaggi, delle aspirazioni, dei sogni. Molti dei partecipanti hanno colto l’obiettivo in modo davvero splendido ed alcune testimonianze di queste grandi capacità espressive sono raccolte in questa antologia.
Come amministratore sono soddisfatta dei risultati ottenuti con questa iniziativa che non considero però un traguardo raggiunto ma solo un punto di passaggio, utile e gratificante, in direzione di una ulteriore crescita di un progetto che spero possa trovare crescenti consensi e visibilità non solo a livello locale e provinciale ma anche regionale e nazionale.
Un grazie sentito a tutti coloro che credono nella cultura, di cui il nostro premio letterario è una delle espressioni, e la sostengono e un grazie davvero con il cuore anche agli autori, quelli presenti in questa antologia e i tanti altri che non hanno potuto trovare spazio, per il loro impegno e l’attenzione nei confronti della nostra proposta.

Maria Luigia Michelazzo
Assessore alla Cultura
e presidente della Giuria

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