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Enriching Abandon: Clean Amish and Billionaire Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A packet of letters filled with secrets and lies, lead Billionaire Levi Hendricks to an Amish Community in Pennsylvania. Where he not only finds family, but also love. For a minute he seems ready to put aside the tragedies of the past. But crimes of the past cast long shadows, and the secrets Levi carries threatens to eclipse the happiness he has found.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Bizarre and Unexplained

by Brenda Bone

The bizarre surrounds us. Science has all the answers, right? Wrong! Since the beginning of time mysterious creatures, weird events and numerous other anomalies baffled even the wisest of intellectuals or experts. Let’s take a look at the unanswerable…at that which is BIZARRE AND UNEXPLAINED:


1.The Old Hag
2.Haunted Dolls
3.Bad Little Boys
4.Ghoulish Little Girls
5.Magic Mirrors
6.Shadow People, Shadow Pets
7.Blood-Sucking Vampires
8.Psychic Vampires
9.Peculiar Places
10.Freaky Faces
11.Cursed Cars
12.Evil Clowns
13.Creepy Castles
14.Not So Sweet Dreams
15.Cursed Clothing
16.Weird Warnings
17.Haunted Ships and Lighthouses
18.Mysterious Mermaids
19.Mountain Ghosts
20.Another Time, Another Place
21.Human Magnets
22.Psychic Cats
23.Soldier Ghosts
24.The Jersey Devil
25.The Mystic Unicorn
26.Moonlight and Monsters
27.Pacts With The Devil
28.Friday The 13th
29.Nasty Gnomes
30.Fanciful Fairies
31.Unearthly Love
32.Killer Caterpillars
33.Spring-Heeled Jack
34.Haunted Hotels and Inns
35.Mother Shipton
36.Voodoo Hoodoo
37.The Walking Dead
38.Wolfman, Werewolf
39.Wicked Witches
40.Melon Heads and Midgets
41.Coincidence or Destiny?
42.Cursed Jewels
43.The Evil Eye
44.Crystal Skulls
45.Giant Birds
46.Sacred Stones
47.Devil Dogs, Demon Cats
48.Hellish Highways
49.Bizarre Beasts & Giants
50.Strange Sea Creatures

Good Medicine For the Crushed Spirit: A 7-Day Devotional to Renew,Refresh and Restore

by Victoria Owolabi

Good Medicine for the crushed spirit is inspired by Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” The tough seasons come and sometimes we forget who we really are, this 7-day devotional has been written to remind us of our solid Identity in Christ.

Game of Love: Clean Amish and Football Romance Story

by Alexis Fernando

Isaac and Katie are two young adults from the Amish community settled in Ohio, USA. They have been friends since childhood and are expected to marry and settle down as a happy couple. However, Isaac has slightly different interests.

He is an avid football fan, owing allegiance to the Cleveland Browns. When an opportunity presents itself, he signs up for the NFL sports camp in Cleveland and runs away from home when he gets accepted. Nobody in the family knows anything except for Katie, who eventually has to spill the beans upon being questioned.

Five years later, Isaac appears in the headlines as the first-ever Amish player to make it through to the NFL team of the Cleveland Browns. Katie is at the stadium to see her beloved friend in action. But what will be the reaction of the elders in the community? Will they be able to look beyond their short-sightedness and acknowledge Isaac for his achievements or will he be another casualty of spiritual high-handedness?

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

How to Be An Effective Christian: Working in the full power of the gospel that change lives

by Chinedu David

About this Book: How to be an Effective Christian

This book is about silencing the voice of the flesh to allow the spirit to gain control over your life. You will learn how a Christian can be effective in the things of the spirit.

Just as the scripture says in the book of Zechariah 4:6 “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”

An effective Christian is one who is led by the spirit of God. It’s not so much as how big the role you play in the house of God. But how much of God that you possess in your spirit.

The Bible told us: For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14 KJV.

If you are not led of the spirit, you cannot be effective in your Christian work. The life you live as a Christian is not your own. So also is the role you play in the house of God. It’s chosen for you by God.

This Book Contains:
* Steps to effective Christianity
* The power of an effective Christian
* The habits of an effective Christian
* Lifestyle of an effective Christian
* The faith of an effective Christian
* To do list of an effective Christian
* And many more…

Document Insights:
* Number of characters: 56,388
* Number of words: 10,666
* Number of sentences: 865
* Total reading time: 42 mins 39 sec
* Total speaking time: 1 hr 22 sec

Readability: This book is simple and easy to read. And it’s likely to be understood by someone with at least a 6th grade education (Age 11).

The Little Seed: A Parable

by Randy Hartwell

The Little Seed tells the story of a small seed as she learns about her destiny and place in the world and matures along that journey. Young readers will be drawn by the engaging story and rich illustrations, while older ones will be challenged and encouraged by the thought-provoking parable presented as the seed contemplates her experiences and begins to understand the purpose for which she was created. The story’s layers of meaning will, hopefully, entice readers to return again and again to the simplicity of its message: waiting for wisdom, learning what it means to â??grow’ in faith, and understanding that everyone has a purpose in living.The book features illustrations by Sydney Durrett, an up-and-coming young artist who works out of her own studio, Durrett Designs, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sydney’s beautiful creations will make this book a treasure for any library!

The Promise: A Story of Faith, Love, and Forgiveness

by John Stone

This begins as a story about love and romance. But when the relationship between John and Tiffany ends, chaos begins to emerge. Caught in the middle is their son. This child is ruthlessly kidnapped from his father, and would then endure years of abuse. This child’s father would be forced to endure years of stalking, harassment, threats, false accusations, and even an attempt on his life. He would endure all of this, all for the love of his son.
In this book, which is based on a dramatic true story, a father must face countless challenges when his son’s mother, who has Borderline Personality Disorder, stops at nothing in her attempt to dismantle his life. Little does she know, that God has promised this young father that He would someday bring his son back home to him. Come with us as we take you through this man’s journey of faith. Feel the love that he has for his son as he risks his life and his freedom in order to be with him. And let us take you all the way to the end of this journey, where God’s promise is fulfilled, and forgiveness reigns.

Effective Strategies For Christians Seasoning the World That You Can Use Starting Today

by Raymond Doward

The Church in many instances are people with good taste that is exemplified through fashion clothing, fancy cars snd luxurious homes which is not a criticism because Christians are entitled to the good life also.The true test is do they taste good when hungry people are looking for hope and satisfaction? For the Christian the world must be willing to taste and see if God is good based upon mutual interactions and relationships with them just like a buffet filled with good food waiting for human interaction. Is the world willing to try Jesus? to try church? to try reading the bible or try praise and worship? It will be based upon how well the church seasons them.

Winter’s Past: Inspirational Romance (Second Chance Series Book 1)

by Mary E Hanks

Could a second chance change their story?

Ty Williams knows all about regrets that can gnaw at a person and make life miserable. But ever since he found redemption in God’s love, and since he became a man of stronger character, he’s been hoping and praying for the chance to make amends. If only he could find his ex-wife and apologize for his past mistakes, he could move on with his life. Or maybe, just maybe, she might find it in her heart to forgive him. Then anything could happen!

Winter Cowan manages her past by ignoring it. A decade after her crushing breakup with Ty, she has a new calling in her life, is focused on helping others, and has kept her short, disastrous marriage a secret. But when the ministry team she travels with has a scheduling change, and she finds herself speaking at a conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idahoâ??Ty’s hometownâ??her past might not be able to remain in the past any longer. Especially when Ty shows up with a request. How could he ask such a thing of her?

“The subject of divorce and a failed marriage was approached with grit and reality.” Cindy
“â??Winter’s Past’ is a beautiful story of love and 2nd chances. The characters were so endearing and real in the struggles they faced.” LetsRead

In this Second Chance Series, couples face marital problems and temptations that could tear their relationships apart, yet in the midst of heartache marriage restoration emerges as a possibility. What will it take for these couples in crisis to rediscover the love that drew them together in the first place? Is marriage reconciliation possible? Or is it already too late?

Read all the inspirational Christian romances by Mary E Hanks:

Second Chance Series
Winter’s Past (Book 1)
April’s Storm (Book 2)
Summer’s Dream (Book 3)
Autumn’s Break (Book 4)
Season’s Flame (Book 5)

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