Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Dec 18

The Jade Pirate (Elizabeth Latimer Pirate Hunter, book two 2)

by Deborah Cannon

Everyone agrees that Elizabeth Latimer’s dad drowned in a vicious squall while out sailing. But when he turns up alive in China four years later and is kidnapped by a modern day pirate who threatens to sell the secret of the Vortex to the Chinese government, Liz leaps into the past to chase down the kidnapper, only to learn that he has married the pirate witch Mrs. Cheng. Her mission: to fix the timeline and reunite Mrs. Cheng with her true love.

This sequel to THE PIRATE VORTEX is book two of the Elizabeth Latimer, Pirate Hunter series, a time-travel pirate adventure, featuring teen fencing champ Elizabeth Latimer who plays matchmaker to history’s pirates.

Endgame (The Wielders of Arantha Book 3)

by Patrick Hodges

Go to Mount Calabur. Stand on the Nexus. Win the game.

Eons ago, a game to determine galactic dominance began.

Now, on the distant world of Elystra, that game is reaching its conclusion.

Two mighty armies clash: on one side, Elzaria the Lightning-Wielder, backed by her brother’s army, is poised to claim the third Stone and final victory. On the other, Earth pilot Maeve and her allies are all that stands in her way.

With the fate of the entire galaxy at stake, who will emerge victorious? And who will have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Northern Light

by Gregory R. Korpela

Have you seen the end of the world?

A family of three on a month-long road trip to the most remote regions of northern British Columbia enjoy their scenic vacation until a group of unfamiliar men arrives at their isolated camp demanding their food and fuel. During their encounter, Katerina’s husband, Greyson, is shot and her son, Jay, is kidnapped. As Katerina struggles to save her husband and reunite their family, they discover that the world around them has descended into chaos, following an unprecedented disaster.

During their absence from civilization, the world has been bombarded by an unprecedented solar storm, causing widespread failure of communication systems and power grids around the globe. With no help forthcoming from the authorities, police or hospitals, they find they must rely on their own knowledge and wits to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, Jack, a troubled math teacher on a marathon road trip across America, continues his journey, hell-bent on completing a mission that only he can understand.

2166 – DEVLIN’S WAR (War of Alien Aggression, Book Eight)

by A.D. Bloom

Devlin’s Privateers and the battleship UNS Guerrero enlist the aid of the Shediri to breach space and transit to the home system of their newest enemy, the Ekkai. If Commodore Ram Devlin wants to prevent the freshly completed Privateer and UN fleet from annihilating all life on the enemy homeworld, then there’s no option for him but to advance ahead of the Earth invasion forces to engage the sprawling and stealthy Ekkai home fleet in battle and beat them into surrender with Task Force Liberty.

$2.99 box set books 1-5 The War of Alien Aggression (550 pages, the complete war with the Squidies from the first shot to the last) available now. AUDIOBOOK version of The War of Alien Aggression now available from 6-8 box set, The Liberty Fleet, available nowClick author link to see all books.In chronological order: Hardway (Book 1) Kamikaze (Book 2) Lancer (Book 3)Dreadnought 2165 (Book 3.5) Taipan (Book 4) Combat Salvage 2165 (Book 4.5) Cozen’s War (Book 5) 2166 – Force Liberty (Book 6) 2166 – Battle of Shedir (Book 7) 2166 – Devlin’s War (Book 8)Pirates of Alcyone (Book 8.5)The Otherworld Rebellion (Book 9)

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